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Hiroshi Agasa

Hiroshi Agasa is an inventor who specializes in making various gadgets, some useful and others relatively hairbrained. All of the gadgets that Conan uses are made by him.

Agasa jetpack.PNG

Agasa tries out and then crashes a prototype jetpack in the Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case[1] and in its TV Special adaptation. (AO gadget).

Agasa Disguise suit.PNG

Agasa's disguise suit sits on his shoulders and makes him appear to be a very large member of the Black Organization as part of a prank in the Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case.[2]

Tropical rainbow bomb.PNG

The Tropical Rainbow bomb is an explosive with a rainbow lightshow that was used to demolish the Haido Art museum in Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2.[3] It was mentioned later in Emergency Situation 252.

DCS060 Open it all device.jpg

Agasa opened a kidnapper's car with an open it all device in Detective Conan Special Case Strange Kidnapping.

DCS073 X-ray metal detector device.jpg

Agasa built an X-ray metal detector device in order to verify Shinichi's deduction in Detective Conan Special Case Kaitou #808's Collection, disguising himself as a gardener and making it look like an arch of flowers.

Ham and eggs machine.PNG

Agasa's ham and eggs machines broke down just before Ikkaku Rock's Disappearing Fish case. [4]

Goemon bath robot.PNG

Agasa made a small bath helper robot ironically shaped like Goemon in a tub to provide spoken information about the temperature and chemical makeup of hotsprings or baths when activated in water. The ones he sold to Pension Kobo in Hakone malfunctioned in The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room.[5]

Agasa Scissors.jpeg

Agasa made a scissors that makes a snipping sound when the handles join together which appeared in File 948.

Earwing Aid.jpeg

Agasa made a wireless hearing aid called Earwing Aid that appeared in File 1035. But soon it ran into issues where it became difficult but great make our sounds properly.

Kaitou Kid

Kaito Kuroba, Toichi Kuroba, and Konosuke Jii are all inventors. Many of their gadgets are used for Kaitou Kid heists, but others also double as magic props or pranks. The Magic Kaito 1412 anime implies that Hiroshi Agasa is the inventor of some of these gadgets.

MK binoculars2.PNG

Augmented reality night vision binoculars can identify threats to Kaitou Kid and display relevant information overlaying the magnified view.[6]

Laser spotting goggles.PNG

Laser spotting goggles detect motion sensing beams so they can be avoided.[7]

Grappling gun 2.PNG

A large grappling gun was used to fire a rope to connect to Tohto Tower and escape in A Witch Sheds No Tears.

Suction cup gun.PNG

Suction cup gun. (Chap 16 around page 12 or so). Also comes in a wrist mounted variety which appears in Red Tear pg 24.

MK9 6.png

Escape balloon. Repeat gadget. The propeller variety appears in MK chapter 17 (Akako's gift and others)

Dove microphone.PNG

Kaitou Kid can attach small microphones to the legs of his trained doves to eavesdrop. One dove and mic was used to listen to information about the Imperial Easter Egg in The Last Wizard of the Century.

EP 76 smoke bombs.PNG

Smoke bombs. Repeat gadget. Disguised as various objects, such as gems (MK Ep 1) or pearls (Black Pearl Heist) (Shown).

MK KO Spray 2.PNG

Sleeping gas. Spray can version shown. (Clocktower/Black Star 2 pg 3)

Inflatable dummy3.PNG

Inflatable dummy. Repeat Gadget. Comes in explosive and attached-to-a-remote-controlled-glider varieties. Various degrees of realism. Kaito Kuroba dummy shown.

Fake Kaito head.PNG

One of Kaito Kuroba's school gags is to mount a fake head between his legs while he stands on his hands. With his pants and shirt swapped, it looks like Kaito is holding his hands behind his head. The fake head can shoot confetti and pop its eyes out to frighten people. Kaito used the trick to peek at Aoko's panties and then to trick Jii in The Revived Phantom Thief.

MK8 building check.PNG

Konosuke Jii's architecture examination software allows Kaito Kuroba to examine 3D building wireframes for security weaknesses and access and escape points.

Black Organization

This is a list of gadgets used by the Black Organization.

BO infrared thermographer.png

Infrared thermographers were used by Chianti, Korn, and Vodka to take pictures of the heat signatures of FBI agents in vans in Clash of Red and Black. Images are then transmitted remotely to a computer for analysis.

BO spy camera V1.png

Small spy cameras are a staple of the Black Organization's gadget arsenal. Kir was required to wear a spy camera shaped like a pin that transmits signals to a television in Gin's Porsche in Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out.

BO tracking device.png

A tiny tracking device normally used for locating animals was placed on Kir when she was new to the Black Organization. Ethan Hondou said these are routinely used to monitor new members. It is seen in a flashback in Clash of Red and Black.

BO listening device.png

A small listening device is slipped in Jodie Starling's sleeve cuff by Bourbon in Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap‎.

BO bug detector.png

Bug detectors are used to find tracking and listening devices. The handheld variety shown to the left is used by Bourbon in Detectives' Nocturne. Vodka used a wand-shaped detector in Reunion with the Black Organization.

BO smoke can 704.png

Remote activated smoke emitting canisters are used to simulate fire in The Jet-Black Mystery Train.

BO sleeping gas phone V2.png

Sleeping gas devices can knock out people in nearby enclosed spaces. A trick phone containing sleeping gas is used by Vermouth to knock out Conan in a car in Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night.

BO bomb with tracking device.png

There are many bomb variants the Black Organization uses. Plastic explosive based bombs seem to be the most common, although gunpowder has been used as well.[8]
The one shown on the left is a timed and booby-trapped variety which is difficult to disarm quickly. The small size means it is not very powerful, but many detonating simultaneously could destroy a whole building. It also contains a hidden tracking device. The Black Organization forced the FBI to retrieve many of these small bombs from gifts to patients in a hospital as part of a gambit to locate Kir in Clash of Red and Black. Kir later set one to countdown and blow up the interior of Akai's Chevrolet, disfiguring a corpse to make it mostly unidentifiable.

BO phone number finding software.png

A phone number tracing program developed for the Black Organization can pin down phone numbers in 20 seconds. It is used by Gin to try to find Shiho's phone number in Countdown to Heaven while Haibara had been calling her sister's messaging machine from Agasa's landline.

Night Baron Software.jpg

A computer virus which has been used by the Black Organization to protect sensitive data.

Samizu Kichiemon


Detective Conan

BO wind flow between city buildings simulator.png

A phone application which can calculate the flow of wind of between buildings given current weather conditions is used by Bourbon to find a receipt which had blown away in Sweet and Cold Delivery Service. It is unclear whether the maker of the application is the Black Organization or the Japanese Secret Police, but it is unlikely for either group to have prepared a phone application solely for the purpose of finding stray paper. It is speculated by some fans that this application's primary use may be to help snipers adjust their aim for tricky street crosswinds.

Magic Kaito

  • To add: various gadgets used by Nakamori and associates in hairbrained schemes to catch Kaitou Kid.

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