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The High-Lows.jpg

Japanese name: ザ・ハイロウズ
Date of creation: 1995
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Genres: Punk rock
Years active: 1995-2005
Labels: Kitty MME: 1995-2000
Universal Music: 2000-2004
BMG Japan/Happysong Records: 2004-2005
Website: high-lows.net

↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓ (ザ・ハイロウズ Za Hai-Rōzu?) was a popular Japanese punk rock band that was formed in 1995. The band stopped all activities in November 2005 and broke up.


[edit] Members

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Incidentally, Kōmoto and Mashima used to be The Blue Hearts members. In August 2006, Kōmoto and Mashima created a new band, The Cro-Magnons.

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