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Title: Detective Conan: Mystery Town
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン ミステリータウン (Meitantei Konan: Misterī Taun)
System: Cell phone
Release date: Flag of Japan April 14, 2015[1]
Genre(s): Town building RPG
Publisher: Cybird
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Detective Conan: Mystery Town is a town building RPG for iOS and Android devices.[2]


These are only the characters found in the tutorial. Part of the gameplay is collecting as many different characters and variations of characters as possible!

Full character list (wip) in alphabetical order:


Conan and friends need the player's help to solve cases in Mystery Town by collecting characters and building up the town.


Gameplay is divided into three distinct parts: Town Planning, Story Mission, and Case & Investigation.

Town Planning

Town Planning (街づくり Machi-zukuri?) is the main screen of the game where players select buildings and decorations to buy from the shop and place them wherever they'd like in Mystery Town. Buildings in Mystery Town either provide coins (コイン koin?) or character points (キャラポイント kyara pointo?), represented by milk bottles. Buildings can be leveled up using building points (建物ポイント tatemono pointo?), represented by wooden logs, earned by solving cases. Once a building reaches its max level, players can upgrade (グレードアップ gurēdo appu?) their building to the next stage (if applicable) by selecting the building in the upgrade menu and then selecting an identical building that is not maxed out yet. The two buildings will then merge into one and provide the player with more coins or character points than before. On this screen, the player can also level up their characters using their character points. Similar to the buildings, if a character reaches its max level, the player can upgrade the character (if applicable) by selecting the character upgrade menu, selecting an identical character that has not reached its max level, and merging the two characters together.

Story Mission

Story Mission (ストーリーミッション Sutōrii Misshon?) is where the player solves cases or accomplishes tasks provided to them by clicking on Story (ストーリー Sutōrii?) on the left-hand side of their screen. Most of the cases the player is required to solve come from the Mouri Detective Agency building, while tasks might require the player to collect a certain number of coins, build a specific building, or similar. Upon successful completion of a mission, the player is usually rewarded with coins, character points, diamonds (ダイヤ daiya?), or other items and then is able to view part of an original story with specific characters.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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Episode 8

Case & Investigation

Case & Investigation (事件&調査 Jiken & Chōsa?) is where the player solves cases from the Mouri Detective Agency (毛利探偵事務所 Mōri Tantei Jimusho?), the Police Box (交番 Kōban?), or from the Police Station (警察署 Keisatsusho?). Cases are solved by players selecting their own Detective Boys (探偵団 Tantei-dan?) and those characters defeating the culprit using a rock, paper, scissors game setup within a certain number of turns. Each character is assigned either a rock, paper, or scissors symbol and those symbols will either enable the character to do more damage, normal damage, or less damage depending on what symbol the culprit of the case is. Characters can also do more damage if they are paired up with specific characters in specific costumes. Solving cases provides the player with case points (事件ポイント jiken pointo?), represented by keys, which they can save up and use to buy more characters from the gachapon (ガチャ gacha?) menu.



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