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Nintendo DS: Game 1

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Title: Detective Conan: Detective Power Trainer
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 探偵力トレーナー
(Meitantei Konan: Tantei-ryoku Torēnā)
System: Nintendo DS
Release date: Flag of Japan April 5, 2007[1]
Genre(s): Puzzle
Age range: A: All Ages
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Website: http://www.bandaigames.
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Detective Conan: Detective Power Trainer is a game for Nintendo DS.



Professor Agasa has developed another gadget for Conan. The handheld creation (reminiscent of a Nintendo DS) is known as the RAMPO-meter, coming from "Rehearsal and Measuring-Purpose Operating System". The gadget is intended to sharpen the user's skills as a detective by challenging them with training exercises for five areas: Judgement, Concentration, Memory, Analysis, and Observation. Using the RAMPO-meter, aim to become a great detective!


There are twenty-five different training exercises in total. Each of the five detective skills tested has four games to test it, and there are five different "Rival Showdown" games.

Judgement games

  • Rock Paper Scissors Match - Challenge the Detective Boys in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Find the Culprit- The culprit of a case has escaped into a crowd. From four possibilities, find the largest crowd quickly.
  • Identify the Suspect - Using information given to you by Ran, eliminate the three innocent people to find the true culprit.
  • Fingerprint Evidence - From up to six possibilities, match the fingerprint to the one that appears on the screen.

Memory games

  • Chase the Escaping Car - A car's number plate will be shown onscreen, then disappear. Replicate the number to find the car.
  • The Witnessed True Culprit - An image of the culprit's face will appear on screen for a moment. Assemble the face that appeared from memory, choosing from the features given to you.
  • Watch the Security Code - You see a hand type in a security code on a panel of numbered buttons. Memorize the code.
  • Assemble the Alibis - Memorize the alibis and faces of each suspect, and find the alibi given to you by a certain suspect.

Observation games

  • Find Conan - In a large garden, Conan will flash onto the screen in different poses. You will be shown a particular pose, and must match the location where it took place.
  • The Riddle of the Mechanical Door - To open a mechanical door, statues must be turned according to a diagram. Compare the layout of the statues to that of the diagram and turn the statue that doesn't match.
  • The Stolen Jewel - There are many kinds of jewels on a grid. A hand will travel across the grid and take some. Remember which were stolen and replace them in the grid.
  • Which Key is it? - You will be shown the mechanism of a lock. Choose from four possible keys and find the one that matches the mechanism.

Analysis games

  • The Torn Letter - A letter has had a piece torn from it. Choose the piece that was torn by looking carefully at the shape of the tear.
  • The Professor's Word Puzzles - Professor Agasa will give you an arrangement of letters and a clue as to what they will mean when correctly unscrambled. Choose the correct word from a list.
  • The Missed-out Confession Letter - A confession letter behind a bombing case is given to you, but here and there, letters are missed out. Work out the missing letters from the context.
  • The Desperate Bomb Defusal - Solve the code that's shown on screen and enter the numbers to defuse the bomb.

Concentration games

  • Follow the Escape Route - The culprits have escaped! Receive directions from Ran and track down the place where they are.
  • Which is the Murder Scene? - Dark windows are momentarily illuminated, revealing a silhouette behind each. Pick the window behind which there is a murder occurring.
  • Put Kogoro to Sleep - As Kogoro appears on screen, align the crosshairs of Conan's watch with his head and fire.
  • The Many-Voiced Detective - An image of a Conan character will slide across the screen. Set Conan's bow-tie voice modulator to that character's voice before they move off the side of the screen.

Rival Showdown games

  • Mismatched Balloons - Balloons appear on the upper screen, in a certain colour and with the name of another colour written on it. Burst the balloons on the lower screen that correspond to the written colour before your rival can.
  • The Room where the Culprit Lurks - Four rooms are shown with men, women, boys and girls occupying them. From a message given to you (for example, "The room with the most males") you must pick out the room before your rival can.
  • See Through the Disguise - You are shown a photo of a suspect and told what element s of disguise they are or are not wearing. Pick the correct disguise from the four possibilities before your rival can.
  • The Hidden Code - You are shown a pattern and asked to work out the missing piece by judging from the shapes and colours of the surrounding pieces. As ever, you must find it before your rival does.
  • The Forgotten Suspect - You are shown photographs of several suspects, as well as their names. Then, you are given a list of possible names and the photo of one suspect. Remember that suspect's name before your rival does.

Gameplay modes

There are four different gameplay modes- "Measuring", "Training", "Rival Showdown", and "Case Files".

In Measuring mode, you are given one test from each category, and then given an average score according to your progress, called "Detective Points" or DP. Your DP are then used to advance across a path where certain events occur- you can unlock a new case for the Case Files mode or take part in a Rival Showdown. Your score is stored and can be viewed in the Data option on the main menu. Here, you can see a graph of your highest scores over the past seven days, or view how you cope with individual topics on the Radar Graph.

Training mode allows you to choose freely from any problem you have encountered in the Case Files mode and try to improve your score at them. Depending on your score, you are given a bronze, siver, or gold coin.

Once you have faced a rival detective in Measuring mode, the Rival Showdown mode is unlocked. Here, you challenge a rival detective in one of the five games outlined above. As you progress though the game, you unlock more difficult rivals. The complete list of rivals is as follows: The Detective Boys, Kogoro Mouri, Professor Agasa, Ai Haibara, Heiji Hattori, Conan Edogawa, Shinichi Kudo, Kaitou Kid, and Yusaku Kudo. The last three rivals must be unlocked by inputting a special code found on the game's website.

The Case Files mode gives you four different scenarios which each include five exercises, linked together by a story. Once a case is completed on a low difficulty level, the higher level is unlocked.

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