Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Meeting of Two Great Detectives

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Title: Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Meeting of Two Great Detectives
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン&金田一少年の事件簿 めぐりあう2人の名探偵
(Meitantei Konan & Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo: Meguriau Futari no Meitantei)
System: Nintendo DS
Release date: Flag of Japan February 5, 2009
Genre(s): Mystery/Adventure
Age range: A: All Ages
Developer: Spike Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Website: http://www.bandaigames.
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Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Meeting of Two Great Detectives is a game for Nintendo DS. It was released on February 5, 2009. An English fan translation was released by the Detective Conan Translation Project on June 29, 2015.





After receiving a distressing correspondence from a former classmate requesting his presence, high school detective Hajime Kindaichi travels to Twilight Island to investigate the anguish behind the letter. Meanwhile, as fate would have it, Conan Edogawa has been introduced to a modern folktale by Professor Agasa, on an island in the south that serves as a premiere tourist resort, inhabitants have been mysteriously disappearing for extended periods of time before suddenly returning without explanation. What's more: When they disappear, they are transported to an alternate version of that very same island. Intrigued, Conan consents to investigate the case while his companions vacation at the tourist trap known as Twilight Island. As the mystery deepens and it becomes clear their two cases are more related than it first seemed, a grand case unfolds that requires the unmatched reasoning powers of both young detectives.

Detailed story

Chapter 1

Conan, Ran, Kogoro, the Detective Boys and Professor Agasa arrive on Twilight Island after hearing from a folktale from the professor. At the same time, Kindaichi, Miyuki and Inspector Kenmochi also set foot on the island, but for a different reason. They came to investigate a mysterious case that was to happen in a letter sent to them by former classmate Misa Toba. They first try to find her by interrogating the manager of the shop where Toba worked, Suguru Kawasaki, and Ryoko Hamada, her co-worker. The two reveal that Toba was spirited away as part of a string of mysterious disappearances on the island that started just recently. After getting to know Kindaichi's detective skills, the two ask Kindaichi and his friends to search for Misa, which they do. They first interrogate a couple who redirects them to the Coal Blue restaurant, where they find a fisherman, who recommends them to go investigate at the beach. At the beach, they meet the officer of the island, Shigezo Kumada, who says that he is currently trying to find the truth behind the disappearances, but he asks them to not pursue their investigation, as it would tarnish the island's reputation. Before leaving, he suggests them to visit the local folk museum, where there are old artefacts about the island's history. At the museum, they learn from investigative journalist Toru Sasayama that there was a mysterious case from 25 years ago that is believed to be the root of these recent missing people. After returning to the inn, Kindaichi decides to go back to the museum at night along with Kenmochi because he had a weird feeling when he first went inside the museum. After avoiding the guard, they enter inside, but suddenly, both fall unconscious and disappear. Did they get spirited away ?

The next morning, the Detective Boys and professor Agasa go out of the inn and meet the hostess, Sanae Tachibana, who asks them a favor, to look after two guests that went missing the previous night. Tachibana also says that the third guest of their group went to the folk museum to look after them. Conan and the Detective Boys go to the folk museum and stumble upon the third guest, who is revealed to be Miyuki. She asks them to help her find Kenmochi and Kindaichi and gives them the information she learned from Sasayama the day before. The group first goes to Fukado to ask Ryoko for information and she tells them that the reason Misa went to the island was because her mother, who died years ago, was from Twilight Island. Ryoko then redirects them to Tachibana, as she lived for a longer time on the island. As the arrive at the inn, Tachibana dashes towards them and says that a young girl's body was discovered at the lighthouse. Conan and Miyuki head to the lighthouse, fearing it might be Misa, while the Detective Boys go inform Kogoro. On site, they find out the body was in fact the one of Misa Toba.



Location: Twilight Island lighthouse
Victim: Misa Toba
Age: 16/17 years old
Time: 1 AM
Cause of death: Fell to death ?
Suspects: Susumu Kawasaki, Ryoko Hamada and Masanori Yamamoto

At the crime scene are Officer Kumada and Kawasaki. Conan decides to investigate around the body and sees a rock with Misa's blood on it, as well as a white substance that looks like paint. Ran and Kogoro then arrive and the latter punishes the poor kid for wandering about. Officer Kumada then tells Kogoro that the police won't be able to arrive until the next day. There is also a mysterious watch in Misa's pocket, a watch for men with the screen showing 1 + 11 = (1<1<0 in the fan translation). On the observation deck, there is a bench with paint peeling off, which Conan finds out to be related to the rock. He and Kogoro then deduce that she was murdered by dropping the rock from the observation deck on her. A witness is then introduced to the detectives, the fisherman Kindaichi saw the previous day, Goro Ota. He says that he witnessed the victim arguing with a man in yellow the previous at 10 PM. The second witness, Ako Momozono, is introduced next. She, as the mayor's secretary, forces Conan and Kogoro to stop investigating on the mayor's orders and asks them to leave the island the next day.

Back at the inn, they inquire Tachibana about mayor Hioki, whom she says is an extremely powerful man who controls the island along with four others, the VIPs. Through his Detective Boys badge (Kindaichi found one before he disappeared and kept it in his pocket), Conan is able to communicate with Kindaichi, but since he doesn't trust kids, Conan has to talk to him with Shinichi's voice. From what Kindaichi says, it seems that he spawned on an alternate version of the island. Conan, Miyuki, Ran and the Detective Boys then investigate Misa's room and find out through her diary that she knew she was in danger. She also said over and over the sentence Do not repeat the tragedy from 25 years ago. There is also a picture of what seems to be Misa's mother. In Ryoko's room, Genta finds a picture of young Ryoko with her father, and while Conan puts back the picture after grounding Genta, he finds the closet to be strange, although not being able to pinpoint what it was. On Miyuki's suggestion, they head to the folk museum to find Sasayama. Sasayama had found in the meantime that 25 years ago, someone named Keiichi Ichinose had committed suicide in the public library. After leaving the library, they meet Ryoko, who tells them that the man Misa was arguing with was most likely Masanori Yamamoto.

When they arrive at Bar Beitie, which Yamamoto owns, they meet regular customer Yuki Kakuda who says that Yamamoto was absent. He also confirms that Yamamoto was related to Misa and that he liked to wear yellow. Conan and Kogoro then meet Yamamoto, who lies about having an alibi, but after having his alibi busted, still insists that he didn't kill her, saying that his coat was sent to the cleaners that day. Yamamoto is also able to identify the watch found as being Kawasaki's, even though the latter denied seeeing that watch when he was interrogated the previous day. Back at Fukado, Kawasaki confesses about the watch being his and confirms that Yamamoto sent his coat to his cleaner shop. He also says he didn't kill Misa, and that his watch and a mannequin in his store had been stolen. Kawasaki also says that the watch can be used as an alarm, but that he didn't set it, because he had nothing planned at 1 AM, which was the time the alarm was set to. Piecing the clues together, Conan deduces the culprit called Misa to the lighthouse, and made her pick up the watch when the alarm went off at 1 AM, and as she was picking the watch, they dropped the rock from the observation deck onto her. Conan also realized the 1 + 11 = message on the watch was most likely a dying message from Misa. Back at the lighthouse, Conan finds, through Officer Kumada, that a bucket that was supposed to be on the observation deck was found at the bottom of the lighthouse, filled with water. With this new evidence, Conan theorizes that the culprit had probably made a pulley with the bucket and the rock to kill Misa, which makes the crime possible for anyone (he previously thought the culprit needed a lot of strength to lift the rock). Conan then heads to Twilight Elementary School to search about the daughter of the man who killed himself 25 years ago, Keiko Ichinose. He had just been informed of her existence after Haibara asked Sasayama about new details of the past case. He meets the school janitor, who tells him files from over 25 years ago are most likely in the old building. Inside the building, Conan finds a picture of Keiichi Ichinose, who turns out to have been the principal of the school. By seeing the picture, he realizes Keiichi Ichinose looks exactly like Ryoko's father from the picture in her room. After leaving the building, he stumbles upon Kawasaki, who shows him a bag he had found in Fukado's dump. It contained a pulley and a rope, which could have been used in Misa's murder. Before leaving, Kawasaki also says that it is strange that the bag was there, since the dump is only accessible by employees.

The next day, Conan, trough Kogoro's voice, calls everyone to the lighthouse. He thens stuns Kogoro and starts revealing the truth behind Misa's murder.

After solving the case, Conan contacts Agasa, who says that he learned something through an old newspaper that luckily survived. The tragedy 25 years ago was that all the VIPs had died that year. In the newspaper, there was also a piece of paper stuck that said "Please free us from the 25 year curse of Twilight Island". Conan then manages to call Kindaichi through the badge and Kindaichi says that he too has been pulled into a murder case.


By order of appearance.

  • Chapter 2

    Kindaichi wakes up on the beach of Twilight Island, albeit another "version of the island". After trying to recall how he got there, he finds a piece of paper saying "Please free us from the 25 year curse of Twilight Island". After going around the island and seeing nobody, Kindaichi concludes that it isn't Twilight Island, even though the buildings are the same, since the state of the buildings are much different. In downtown, Kindaichi meets Kazuo Fukuhara, a coal miner, and follows him to the coal mine, where the main operations of the island are taking place. At the coal mine, Fukuhara runs away and Kindaichi finds an old storage building. Inside, he stumbles upon a handcuffed Kenmochi and delivers him. As soon as they set foot outside the storage, they are cornered by a group of armed men. Their boss reveals themselves as Ryuhei Hioki, the owner of the coal mine. Hioki confirms that the island is "Twilight Island", but the two won't believe him, as the island is decrepit and only houses a coal mine. The pair then escape into the forest and Kindaichi finds a badge in his pocket. With it, he is able to join Miyuki and Conan, even though he doesn't know him and distrusts him for being a kid. Conan calls him again with Shinichi's voice and reassures him. Both get updated on their situation and Kindaichi learns that Misa was murdered. After the call ends, Hioki and his henchmen have caught up with Kindaichi and Kenmochi. Kindaichi manages to trick Hioki into believing the transmitter will be able to reach the MPD, but breaks the device in doing so. Hioki lets them get away in exchange for them not "calling the police on him and his miners".



    Location: "Twilight Island" library
    Victim: Keiichi Ichinose
    Time: Morning
    Cause of death: Gunshot wound from pistol
    Suspects: Receptionist, librarian A and librarian B

    Kindaichi and Kenmochi then go to the library to look up for clues about the island, as they can't escape it (they went to the port earlier, but there weren't any functioning ships). At the library, which they find out is still quite modern, the receptionist tells them that someone else came here looking for clues, someone more elegantly dressed. They try to use the reception's phone, but it is only a local line. While they are arguing with the receptionist, they hear a gunshot and head to the office, where the sound came from. Inside, there was a dead man, the same one who came before them to ask for clues. Next to the body is found a pistol and what seems to be a suicide note. There is also a fan on the desk next to where the man was sitting ; It has a hole in it, made by the gun, and was set to high. Kindaichi deduces it must have been a murder, since the suicide note was found on the table, but with the fan set at high, it should have been blown to the ground. Thus, the note was placed after the fan got shot, which means after the man's death. Since it is a murder, the pair gather the suspects, which are the three employees that were in the building, as there was no visitor : the receptionist, a male librarian and a female librarian. The female librarian has an alibi, since she was on the second floor during the murder, which happened on the first floor, and to get down, she would have to pass Kindaichi and the others in the lobby. She was also on a call with the receptionist at that time. The male librarian says that he stayed in the backyard all day, and that it would've been impossible to get inside without being seen by the receptionist. Since he was sleeping outside, nobody could confirm his alibi. The receptionist also has an alibi, since she was calling the female librarian and she stayed with the visitors in the lobby. Hioki then arrives in the library and says that the two will face consequences since they still didn't stop minding about his business. After revealing the new murder case to him, he accepts to have a thruce with them. Kindaichi and Kenmochi end up leaving the library, as Hioki asks them to investigate another day.


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  • Chapter 3


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  • Gameplay


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