Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower

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Nintendo DS: Game 2

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Title: Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 消えた博士とまちがいさがしの塔
(Meitantei Konan: Kieta Hakase to Machigai Sagashi no Tō)
System: Nintendo DS
Release date: Flag of Japan April 3, 2008
Genre(s): Picture Search/Adventure
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Website: http://www.bandaigames.
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Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower is a game for Nintendo DS.




The general gameplay is to spot the difference between the top and bottom picture on the DS screens. The player have to draw a complete circle to mark it. The picture chosen are all from various part of the anime.

The game ofters three modes to choose from:

  • Story Mode: The player goes through the tower. Each floor consisted of four areas. Each area contains four stages, plus a special stage.

Each stage consisted of ten randomly selected pictures, from a set amount set for that stage. The player only have 10 seconds to find the difference to move on to the next picture. If the time runs out or the player circle the wrong spot. It counts as a miss and they player move on to the next picture.

The game end if either the player played all ten rounds or get missed four times. They game then display the score (out of 100) and the avarage time the player tooks to spot the difference. And gave rank based on their performace. Which is either one, two, or three stars.

The special stage, on the other hand. Including distractions that players need to get rid of to see the full picture or to be able to mark the spot. For example, the special stages of the first tower, either Kogoro, Sonoko, and two generic characters will appear in the middle of the screen. And the player have to continously spinning using the stylus to make them dizzy and drop out. So they can see the full picture. These distractions will begin to appear in the regular stages starting with the second floor.

In the fourth area of the tower, instead of a special stage at the end, a boss stage will take its place. Unlike regular stages, here the player need to find five spots in 30 seconds. with additional distractions. For example, in the first boss stage, only part of the top screen is visible. Making it harder to see the differences.

  • Gallery Mode: The player can choose the picture from a collection to play. Unlike the story mode. The player have to find five spots instead of one. There's no time limit, instead there's a timer counting how long the player takes to find all the spots.
  • Connect Mode: The player can connect to other DS to play the multiplayer.


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