Detective Conan: The Suspicious Gorgeous Train

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Title: Detective Conan: The Suspicious Gorgeous Train
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 疑惑の豪華列車
(Meitantei Konan: Giwaku no Gōka Ressha)
System: Game Boy
Release date: Flag of Japan August 7, 1998[1]
Genre(s): Mystery/Adventure
Developer: Bandai
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The Suspicious Gorgeous Train is a game for the Game Boy, and the second Game Boy game in the series.



In this game, you play as Conan, and you, Ran, Kogoro, the Detective Boys, and Heiji Hattori are all on a train where three different cases are ready to unfold. Use the evidence you encounter on the way and corner the culprits!


Though you play the game as Conan, you can get help and clues from various characters, including Kogoro, Heiji, and the Detective Boys.

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There are three different cases which can occur on the train, depending on the character the player talks to first. These cases are:

- VIP Murder Case (VIP 殺人事件) In this case, the president of the "Japanesque" company is found hanged in his room.

- Cocktail Glass Murder Case (カクテルグラス殺人事件) While at the bar, a woman is given poison- but by whom?

- Romance Murder Case (ロマンス殺人事件) A young man is framed for the murder of his fiancee.


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