Seized by the Wind

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Chapter 1075

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Title: Seized by the Wind
Japanese title: 風の確保
(Kaze no Kakuho)
Original release: June 9th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #28/2021
Volume: 101
Anime adaptation: Episode 1099: Chihaya Hagiwara, Goddess of the Wind (Part 2)
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Seized by the Wind (風の確保 Kaze no Kakuho?) is the 1075th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #28/2021 on June 9th, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.








Conan has seen through the trick of the kidnappers: Their car is painted with a type of thermochromic paint, which changes color when heated to about 30 degrees (°C). The kidnappers doused the car with the hot tea they had bought at the convenience store. In addition, they used the dark blue parasol to shield the color change from passersby, making it look like they were just cleaning their car. Conan suspects that the thermal color changes from white to dark blue because the distraction with the umbrella would thus be maximally effective. In fact, a dark blue Camry has just recently passed the checkpoint. Since the body will soon cool down using this method, the color will also gradually change again, which should make the car currently blue and white. That would be the end of Conan's mission, says Chihaya, and he can leave the rest to the police, who will take the car out of circulation at the next checkpoint.

While Chihaya is still giving instructions to her colleagues, Conan receives a message from Ran: News is circulating on the internet that President Nanjou has been arrested, including a photo of him getting into the patrol car. In fact, he was only taken to the station for questioning, but the problem is the photo. As soon as the kidnappers see the picture, they will realize that they have kidnapped the wrong person and get rid of the professor. Now that time is running out, Conan gets back on the motorcycle with Chihaya and the chase is on again.

Meanwhile, Jugo Yokomizo explains to Ran, Sonoko and Kogoro the connection Chihaya has to Conan: she is the older sister of Kenji Hagiwara, who was killed by a bomber seven years ago. His friend Jinpei Matsuda also met his death at the hands of the same bomber. But in the Toto Tower bombing, Conan was able to thwart the perpetrator, which eventually led to his arrest. According to Yokomizo, however, it would be dangerous for Chihaya to meet Conan, as Chihaya always emphasized that she wanted to meet Conan at all costs to show her gratitude for avenging her brother - even willing to risk her own life.

Meanwhile, Chihaya remembers how she once almost missed a concert date with her friend Shinobu Oe because Kenji's friend Matsuda had crashed her phone. However, Kenji felt that she should not give up so easily, went to the concert with her, and found her friend there, even without having to contact her by phone. Conan also mentioned earlier that it was too early to give up, which reminded Chihaya of her late brother.

Conan and Chihaya come to a crossroads, so they would have to decide in which direction to continue the pursuit. But Conan does not leave it to chance, and asks Chihaya to perform a stoppie. So Conan stands elevated on the back end of the motorcycle, is able to use his telescopic lenses to survey the streets, and finds the kidnappers' car. Chihaya returns the motorcycle to the normal position and asks Conan to wrap his arms around her waist and sit tight. With this, Conan is handcuffed to her and Chihaya can go full throttle without hesitation.

Just at that moment, the kidnappers read about the headline about Nanjou on the internet. They want to kill the professor and leave him behind in a back alley, but Chihaya has already caught up with them and tells them via loudspeaker to stop immediately. Daiya Chien pulls out a gun and shoots Chihaya, but the shot only grazes her helmet. Daiya now wants to shoot from the sunroof, but Chihaya catapults herself into the air by braking and colliding with the rear of the car, somersaulting with the motorcycle and slamming her front wheel into the kidnapper's face, immediately sending him back into the car. Rokue is intimidated enough by this to stop the car and turn herself in.

The kidnappers are taken away and Professor Agasa is taken to the hospital; the shot in his leg did not injure the leg artery, so his life is out of danger. The case is over, but Chihaya gets another telling off from Yokomizo. Stoppies and wheelies on the open road and the hard violence against the kidnapper are actually already against the rules, but it is even worse to race through the area with a child on the back of the police motorcycle. But Yokomizo offers to report that Chihaya really only had the helmet of one of her colleagues strapped to her back, which is why it only looked to passersby and other drivers like there was a child with Chihaya. Chihaya questions Yokomizo's intentions behind this favor: Does he perhaps want her to go out to dinner with him after all, even though she declined his last invitation? Yokomizo blushes and says that he does not need to listen to such insolence from Chihaya, who is four years younger. In any case, he will sell the story to her superior as he suggested, saying she is welcome to thank him. As he leaves, Chihaya looks at Conan and thinks that she has paid her debt to him.




Shonen Sunday #28/2021.
  • The issue of Shonen Sunday #28/2021 shows Chihaya blinking while patting Conan, who is wearing helmet.


Chihaya Hagiwara, Goddess of the Wind (episodes 1098-1099)

  • The anime adds some scenes:
  • Agasa ask Conan if he found something matter after Chihaya salutes him.
  • Sonoko asking first about the men accompanying Nanjo.
  • A big screen annoucing the news that Nanjo is with the police.
  • Jugo tell Kogoro to put on the sirene after hearing about the kidnappers' position.
  • Ran, Sonoko, and Jugo reacting to Chihaya doing stoppie.
  • Some dialogues changes:
  • Chihaya specified the fine Agasa got in the manga, while in the anime she only scold and warn him.
  • Because Sonoko ask about the men accompany Nanjo first in the anime, Nanjo only says that those men are bodyguards. In the manga, he said that without being asked and thought that the bodyguards are a bit much.
  • In the manga, Agasa knew the car model, and the car is white. In the anime, Agasa doesn't know the car model and the car is yellow.
  • In the manga, Kogoro's rental car is a Nissan Sentra, while in the anime, it is his usual Toyota Crown.

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  1. Summary translated from the German version of September 23, 2023.

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