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  1. Not bad, enjoying this website so far. Pretty fun to talk to other fans.

  2. I agree with this. The fact that Shinichi is reckless really contributes a lot to the story for me. To me it just shows that despite his superior intellegence he can't be perfect. Also when people find out his identity, or he gets hurt as a result, the story has no choice but to get more intense. So yeah, keep it up Shinichi
  3. Then feel free to call me Schwarz >_>

  4. Of course I'll accept your friend request XD

  5. It took me a little bit to think of a reply for this To be honest, Shinichi is a bit reckless in hiding his identity. If he weren't at all then he wouldn't take any risks whatsoever (he would kill off his old identity and even refuse to solve cases if it meant he might be revealed). However, if Shinichi did do that not only would the series be boring, but we would probably not like him as much as a character. I think the proper way to describe him is that he has a strong sense of justice. Meaning he will risk his identity in order to solve a case, or save a life, because that's just the kind of guy he is. Sometimes his actions may seem a bit reckless to us but I don't think he really makes the wrong decision.
  6. LOL! Don't kill me with your puns!
  7. Schwa

    give Baby names

    If Shinichi hooks up with Ran (which I assume would be at the end of the series), I can seriously see their kid being called Conan Kudo.
  8. Well I do use the term useless very loosely. I really didn't expect that to be taken too seriously, Sonoko just kind of bugs me I guess
  9. Ah ok, guess I should've re-worded that.
  10. ==================================================== Play Nice Please This is the kind of topic that leads to lots of arguments. While it is okay to argue, please be civil to other users even if you disagree with them. If you start a flamewar or are rude to other users you may be sanctioned by the moderators. Thanks, The Mod Team ==================================================== I noticed there was already a thread for your favourite characters, so I just wanna know which characters don't you guys like? Personally: -Sonoko: So useless... -Yamamura: So annoyingly useless... -Genta: Lol, Genta. So stupid! He's kinda been growing on me though as the episodes go by. -Yokomizo Juugo: His attitude pisses me off. -Eisuke: K, really Eisuke? Stop acting like your not a girl in disguise. The fact that I think Eisuke is the cutest boy in the series (and I am a straight male) is enough reason for me to dislike him for making me feel so weird! Also feel free to fight me if i mentioned a character you like.
  11. Yumi <3 Also no votes for Chianti LOL!
  12. In regards to Haibara still not being able to make a permanent antidote to APTX, in my opinion even if she did manage to create it, it won't really be all that useful. Shinichi got lucky when he survived the poison because he could take on the identity of Conan and hide himself from the BO. If he took the antidote now he would just be targeted. So maybe it's possible Haibara has almost finished the cure but sees no reason to tell Conan yet. Regarding Shinichi not telling Ran the truth, this most likely just has to do with the whole concept of the storyline. While it may be true that by not telling her the truth that Shinichi is protecting Ran, it's really not all that serious since like 6+ other people already know his identity. The main reasons she can't find out is because the story would just be boring/awkward (imagine a case where Conan doesn't have to pretend to be a child to fool Ran anymore and so he can just solve the case himself without using Mouri). Also Shinichi said a couple times already that he "won't tell Ran how he feels untill he gets his original body back", and I believe he'll do just that. Also I think I noticed a bit of a plothole. When Kaitou Kid was first introduced to the series Conan had never heard of him before. Yet in one of the specials they showed a little duel between Shinichi (before he was turned into Conan) and Kid, are we supposed to believe he forgot about that ? (Although this is just from the anime, if this isn't canon then I guess it would make sense).
  13. Woah, Gin and Sherry as a couple? Yet another possible scenario I didn't think about until coming to this forum. What would you even call them? GinSherr? ...Anyways, I really can't see them having any kind of important relationship. I think Gin is just a cold-blooded killer who just wants Sherry dead for betraying the organization, nothing more.
  14. Man, I never even suspected Agasa until coming to this forum. And yanno what? Despite hearing all these theories, in my mind there is just no way that my buddy the professor could have been the antagonist the entire time. Plus I like Agasa, he's such a good character. If he turned evil all of a sudden I would be sad
  15. I guess I'm what you people call a ShinRan. I really can't see Shinichi getting his body back, ignoring the fact Ran has been waiting for him for like 20 years, and just falling in love with Haibara. That being said, even if this scenario didn't exist, I still prefer Ran to Haibara
  16. Great pic! We'll probably be seeing her at the DC finale!
  17. There was an episode titled "Ran's Suspicions", which was I think the fourth time in the anime where Ran almost found out Conan. There wasn't really any crime in it (not counting a flashback with Shinichi). I'm not sure if its above episode 500 or not though.
  18. I started watching the series in subs, and up until now continue to do so. I checked out the dub once and it just felt weird to me. It made sense that they changed the names to English ones (I can't even pronounce Shinichi without feeling like an idiot), but honestly just the thought of people in Japan speaking perfect English with names like "Jimmy" and "Rachel" felt so weird to me. I guess I just prefer to watch anime in Japanese. The conversations flow better (despite me not being close to fluent in Japanese), and I feel like I'm learning a little bit of their culture. So yeah, subs ftw
  19. I HOPE Akai is alive cuz i feel like the FBI is outmatched by the BO without him. Conan, while as smart as him isn't exactly as offensively threatening. Also yeah, his death just seemed too sudden. He arrived at the scene seeming like he had a trick up his sleve, then just got pwned. Though maybe he is dead and the author is just trolling us with Scar Akai
  20. Thanks for the welcome :D

  21. Thanks for the welcome ^^

  22. Schwa

    Okiya Subaru?

    I really have no idea who Okiya could be, but I do have a weird feeling that he has chemistry with Haibara. Maybe a family member or a possible lover? But that's only a guess.
  23. I've always liked Shinichi a lot, and I thought it was interesting to see him intereact with the people he knew as a little kid. But recently it is starting to feel like Conan and him are two different people, which is just weird. (Is it also weird I think Shinichi is smarter than Conan? lol)
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