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  1. My top 5? That'll be a challenge.... But I'll give it a whirl! (No order whatsoever!) Ranma 1/2 (Takahashi is a genius for turning everything into a martial art, even TEA CEREMONIES!!!) Inuyasha (My very first manga, so it has a special place in my heart, plus it's violent) Detective Conan (Need I say why?) Love Hina (Makes me laugh everytime, but these days makes me a little nervous cuz SAT's are coming soon and I want to get into a good college. Wish me luck Keitaro!) Negima! (Who doesn't love a 10 year old magical teacher boy?) Naruto (Believe it!) Bleach (Giant swords and evil spirits!) One Piece (Luffy has been hit in the head one to many times) Ruroni Kenshin (Great sword fights) Black Cat (Great characters) Ai Kora (Go Parts Love!) Gintama (Always eend up saying, "How the heck did it end up like this!" And..... That's way more than 5 isn't it..... My bad... To sum it all up, if it's funny and/or violent odds are pretty good I like it!^^
  2. Personally I prefer to watch it in Japanese for multiply reasons. 1. They have stopped dubbing it in english as far as I know. 2. Jokes and puns are kept intact. 3. In the english version, all the names are changed which messes up the story if the culprit is identified by his/her name! But that's just my opinion.^^
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