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  1. my #1 is Detective conan.. i have alot of reasons to love it.. the story line, characters, opening and ending themes, movies, OVA's and everything about it.. i love it since i was in elementary.. and not to mention, it's very addictive.. DC forever!! 2. one piece-- it's funny and full of adventures.. 3.hunter x hunter--i love it for the same reason.. i love anime series with adventures.. these two shows a great story of friendship.. it's not just the story and adventure that matters in this series but also the moral.. in short, these series has sense.. 4.special a--romance, comedy.. everything packed in one series.. and i love the characters here.. they're all looking so awesome.. 5.spiral-- i love mysteries.. i love hiyono-san for giving narumi-san so much trust.. mysteries. mysteries. mysteries!!
  2. well.. i am not really against haibara.. i also like her.. but not as much as you do.. please don't get offended.. i don't really mean to..i think you're her biggest fan.. it seems like you didn't like how i see haibara.. i'm sorry [gomenasai] :cry: but that's how i see her for the moment.. i don't know if i'll change my mind in the future.. anyway, i'm still watching DC and the author isn't done yet making DC.. let's wait what will happen to her in the end.. btw, do you think haibara is a FASHION AND BEAUTY fan? i just noticed it in some of DC episodes.. she's always reading fashion magazines.. and in ova 7, i guess.. she said that she wants to interview the owner of the beauty salon.. in episode 223, her name is listed in the guests who wants eternal beauty.. what a weird observation i had.. anyway, it could be possible isn't it? 'coz she's still a girl no matter what they say.. it just doesn't seem like she's interested with that kind of stuff.. what do you think?
  3. soft-hearted as conan usually says, she isn't as tough as she seems.. i agree with him.. it's because even she talks a little sarcastic, harsh and cold sometimes, her love for her friends arises in times of trouble.. she is even willing to sacrifice herself for her friends.. haibara finally found the light and warmth that she's been longing for.. the love and care from her friends [shounen tantei, ran, prof. agasa and others..] that's what i think about her at the moment, i may know her deeper sooner or later..
  4. i can't find any of my family members with the same characteristics as the DC characters..but i see myself as ayumi-chan
  5. i don't think so.. but shinchi & ran already saw kaito and aoko (kaito kid's 1st appearance and ova 4).. so there is a possibility that the two might see each other and meet.. i am looking for someone for haibara-san since almost all the guys in DC already had a partner.. and i think mitsuhiko isn't a nice pair for her.. it's weird for her to be with a kid.. anyway, do you have anyone who could be a nice pair for haibara-san?
  6. i also liked DESPERATE REVIVAL epidodes.. those episodes are really surprising and worth watching.. but also try watching episodes 521-524.. those episodes are as surprising as the DESPERATE REVIVAL episodes.. i also can't forget episode 406-408.. if you wanna see heiji and conan be jelous at the same time in one guy.. go for these episodes.. i'm just a lil downed at the conclusion heiji came up with with his feeling of irritation in those episodes.. pls go watch it and you'll know what i mean.. the title i think is CONAN AND HEIJI'S REASONING MAGIC..
  7. yeah.yeah.. i was really surprised with vermouth and jodie revelation.! i was really shocked for i strongly believed that time that jodie is vermouth.. :!: back to okiya, i guess your view is a possibility.. after that jodie vermouth revelation, i wanna be careful on making suspicions and conclusions about suspicious characters and events.. i think that's aoyama's strategy to surprise viewers,.---to create wrong impressions on viewers' minds.. i'll just wait for chapter 701 in manga.. it isn't available yet in onemanga nor in mangafox.. can't wait for the next chapter to be available.. i wanna konw what will okiya and "akai" do..
  8. what do you think about him? is he an enemey or an ally? he first appeared in episode 512 (i guess.. ) his first appearance happened to be the episode where kir shot akai and bourbon (the Black Org's boss) was introduced.. not introduced in the sense that his identity was revealed, it's just that it's the first time that the Boss' code name was told.. although usually, gin calls the Boss "anataka" (means that person)..
  9. agree. the worst nightmare ever.! i found the last scene in the ova a lil funny.. the scene where conan seemed to be a lil jelous to araide-sensei when he praised ran's cooking.. well, i understand him.. because it's araide-sensei who's wanting ran to be married to him in his "nightmare".. can't blame him for being jelous for such a small thing..
  10. i don't think shin ever had a romantic feeling with haibara-san.. there are a lot of episodes giving emphasis to ran shin pairing, even in opening and ending songs, ran and shin pairing is the highlight.. but i respect your view about haibara-san.. let's just wait for the ending of the series.. whoever ends up being with shinichi, it all depends on gosho aoyama..
  11. mine would be shinichi.. he's really cool.. cooler than anyone else in the series.. i'm pretty obssessed to him.. i just don't like it when he sings.. he has an awful skill when it comes to singing - how he looks and do the singing.. he sounds awful and looks awful whenever he sings.. a tone-deaF.. :cry: but i also like AYUMI-CHAN sooooo much! she's really cute.. she has the ability to make dense and heavy atmospheres light.. i like her cute and inocent expressions.. if only conan isn't shinichi, i would like her to be with him.. and take note, of all the DC girl characters, she's the only one with the guts to kiss conan (only in cheeks of course).. admit it guys.. ayumi-chan.kawaii
  12. really? how did he know his identity? i have watched DC movies.. movie 1-12.. but i can't remenber any of those showing how kaito knew about conan's identity.. if you konw the episode, ova or manga where he figure out conan's secret.. kindly inform me.. tnx alot guys..
  13. heheh.. it just seems that he brings bad luck.. but i guess it's the crime that attracts and calls for him..
  14. age doesn't matter when it comes to some adictions.. like in my case.. i'm already 17 and yet i'm very attracted to anime series especially detective conan.. and it is categorized as shounen (for boys) while i am a girl.. it's actually the best anime for me.. it's true that i always hear criticisms about being attracted to these sort of thing inspite of my age and gender but i just don't mind them.. as long as i enjoy watching and reading DC, i won't stop supporting it..
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