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    Hey, how’s it going? In exchange for the faster character/story development (Shinichi and Ran in a relationship; Rum ordering Bourbon to investigate Shinichi; Yusaku revealing the Karasuma connection and staying in Japan to arrange a meeting with Bourbon to make a plan, which may very well involve at least one of the Nagano trio) we’ve had since File 1,000, we now get slower File output. Even if the end is only, say, 75 Files away, this new pattern of 7-16 week breaks in between cases will mean it’s going to take years for us to reach that ending. Bottom line—we’ve never been closer to the end… but it’ll still take years from now until we’re there.
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    Sad times for Gintama fans.
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    File 1,018 spoiler pics are now out: https://imgur.com/a/P1yxe1q EDIT: And here are some details provided by Jecka from DCTP:
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    Finally done with school lol, Idk if I'll be visiting this site often but I'm still alive guys!
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    Despite it being my favorite anime (I'm really not privy to very much), I wouldn't say so. That's a pretty big statement to declare it the "best anime in existence". I certainly wouldn't call it "under-rated", not that it's over-rated either. It's absolutely massive over in Japan, which is more than enough for me. I do wish that it were more popular in the states, but there were several reasons why it failed. I'd say that Detective Conan satisfies a certain "itch" I have as a whole, which has kept me attached to it for a very long time, and I still find the new cases interesting. The quality of the anime isn't exactly great at the moment. Many of the anime original cases are flat out uninteresting, and I really prefer the older animation style. The show has long past its peak, and I definitely prefer the manga as a whole. Having not watched much anime (mostly just what was on Adult Swim in the past), I can still say there are some that I've enjoyed almost as much as DC, if not more at some times. I love the Ghost in the Shell series, as one example. Having only seen about 10 or so all the way through, I really don't think I'm in a position to label anything as "the best in existence". Narrowing it down to its genre, I might agree.