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    Hello everyone, As you have noticed, the forum was down for some time in order to solve a major spam-flooding issue. The spammers would be able to register (probably manually - i.e. through human intervention) and then flood the boards really fast. I've had no choice but to rollback the forum to a decent enough date (without a huge mass of spammy content), which is the 1st of February. We apologize for this urgent undertaking. Fortunately, because of the spam, people weren't creating that many legitimate content and therefore not that much was lost normally. I also took this opportunity to upgrade the forum software. Here's what I implemented to control such issues in the future: The registration form was modified a bit more to further prevent automated/bot registration. When a member registers now, they will be in the Members group which now has the following restrictions: There is a flooding control time of 5 minutes (they have to wait 5 minutes after posting something to post something else). They can also only post 3 times per day and the first few posts need to be approved before going up. They won't be able to upload profile photos/covers. There'll be a limit on number of private messages and reactions they can do per day. Besides posting, there will be some more restrictions (such as the inability to upload attachments). Once a member from the "Members" group reaches 10 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Advanced" group. The Advanced group will reduce the flooding control time to 3 minutes. They won't have that many restrictions and will be just like normal members (i.e. just the way the Members group was before). After they reach 50 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Renowned" group. "Renowned" members will have the flooding control time reduced to only 30 seconds. I know that it can be a bit tedious for new members and I sincerely apologize for that but there just aren't any realistic way to completely eradicate spamming once a site with community/interactive features reaches a certain amount of traffic: it'll always be subjected to more and more innovative spam attacks (or worse). New members, I really hope you'll be willing to show a little bit of patience with this process. Fortunately, once you get to the "Advanced" group, it'll be so much better in general! I really hope we can count of your understanding. Thank you, Maurice
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    Hi everyone! I first learned about Conan when I was 7 years old and I've been a fan ever since. When our local television stopped airing DC, I have tried catching up online and thru manga. Shinichi was actually my first love (not even real person lmao). I was a huge superfan that I told myself before that I will become a detective when I reach 17 years old (just like Shinichi), or at least a forensics person to help a detective like Shinichi. None of it happened, though. HAHAHA. I'm now 23, finished Biology and currently taking up my Masters in Genetics. I am currently working in a scientific laboratory. I didn't know I'm gonna grow up to be like Haibara =)) maybe deep inside my life goal was to find an antidote for APTX4869! haha just kidding. I know I'm too old for this anime/manga, but catching up with the episodes still brings me so much fun and excitement. I just hope that Gosho would speed up the main plot, though. It's been almost 2 decades and they are still stuck at the same age!! And there's no major progress with the Black Org. I'm glad I found this forum. Nice to meet all of you!
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    Hi,NymphadoraTheTemplar Glad to see a new Detective conan fan! Its a great anime so far. I agree there are too many characrters that i love. There all funny, mysterious and really cool. But my faviroute has always been Akai, not sure why, but i really like him as a character in the anime!
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    Greetings Maurice! Oh I absolutely understand! Not a hint of bad feelings towards this, makes me a little sad that because of some people's impatience and misplaced frustrations, good people like you apologize for doing what is realistic. I read your 'about me' and would like to say, nay exclaim, Thank You! So much for creating DCW and continuing to put your time and work into it! I just started watching Detective Conan at the beginning of this summer and have absolutely fallen in love with everything about it. Half of what has made it such an enjoyable experience was being able to access DCW to conveniently keep track of the episodes/OVAs/TV specials/Movies because I like to try to watch it in the order it was released. I also adore the music page because it's all the names and artists of so much wonderful music. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing the entire colour scheme, layout and images are. Seriously, Thank you so much for Detective Conan World Sincerly, Yet another mystery geek
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    Greetings! Sweet username, I have not seen enough of Akai in the series yet to fully know what his character is like but so far I like him quite a bit. I just started watching the Detective Conan anime this summer because I heard it is a good anime. It is certainly true, I have loved puzzles/mysteries ever since I could remember. I love the original Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin books. I also really enjoy the cool action scenes, comedy, and emotional parts. This kind of anime is my cup of tea. All the characters have various traits you can love about them. It is hard to pick my favourite characters since I love them all but I guess I could say my top three are: 1) Shinichi/Conan (I am a sucker for protagonists haha) everything he does as Conan is adorable and when he is Shinichi he can be pretty cool. 2) Haibara, her and Shinichi's logical way of thinking and broad amount of knowledge are something I relate to. Plus they can both be sarcastic which is fun. 3) Kaitou KID, I really enjoy magicians and all the awesome tricks they can do. KID is very graceful and dramatic in the cool stunts he pulls off and always makes me laugh when Shinichi/Conan puts a kink in his plans. I have reasons why I love every character, feel free to ask me about a character or characters and I'll gladly tell you why I love them!
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    This topic is pretty old and quiet but it's not too late to reply right? :DDDD Detective Conan was already aired in my country for some time during my childhood (2000s) so I already know the background of the anime. But one day when I was 10, I decided to watch from the first episode of Det. Conan. I was surprised with the old artstyle and the totally low quality (good streaming sites don't exist then) but I kept watching anyway. As a child, of course I would be awed about the complicated tricks and puzzles the anime provided. As I grew up I still follow the series and with more information about the anime leaked out, I dare to point out the reasons I will still put Det. Conan as one of my top anime. If you think they're wrong, fight me 1. The anime uses real fact and logic. MUST SEE! --> Gosho Aoyama Interview video [link] Aside from the anime often broke the laws of physics, this anime uses legit facts in their reasoning. Gosho Aoyama actually researched the facts in a wide range of aspects for the content of his manga/anime. Besides that, he also tests the tricks for the murders (idk how many times tho) before he actually writes them in his manga/anime so NO ONE has the right to say that his tricks in the anime are 'not logic'. Anyone remember when Conan and Reiko dialed the phone using their voices in movie 12? It actually works in real life! I wish I remember where to find the video though... 2. The artstyle I'm not sure about other long-running anime but I'm sure none has a gradual change in artstyle as Det.Conan. We know some long-running anime like Pokemon and Naruto that stick to one artstyle in a period of time before changing it (or maybe the change is not obvious enough, I'm probably wrong). I find it fascinating to see the change of the art slowly change as I watch the whole series. 3. The connection and complexity of the plot. Det. Conan fans know how Gosho always make the plot for an arc complicated. Especially in the current arc in the manga that connects with the old cases we won't expect to appear (don't worry no spoilers). I wish I could explain in detail but then there would be spoilers and I forgot most of the details because I'm currently watching Pokemon anime. 4. The balance I'm not sure if I'm looking this too deep but I feel there's a certain balance in Det.Conan. Like Vermouth who is the antagonist but is protective of Shinichi and Ran, proving that she is not heartless. Or Mouri who is a drunkard but is a really caring father to Ran. I don't enjoy watching anime if I could predict what a character does next and go "Oh, of course he does it because he's like that." I won't say that the characters have realistic personalities but I enjoy seeing two sides of a character that make us understand them better. Last but not least... 5. This awesome fan-base. (except those immature ones, including hard-core shippers) I admit that I haven't watch or been in Det.Conan community for a while but I really enjoyed my past experience in the Det.Conan fandom. Maybe this series has made us think more or became mature that we were able to accept others opinions. I enjoy reading threads about fan-theories and some theories really amazed me. I mean, the possibilities are endless! Besides, it's fun to throw out opinions about a never-ending series. Besides, I'm glad that I don't see too much hate comments regarding 'new Det.Conan vs old Det.Conan' so I think this fandom is the best one I've been so far. Yeah... these are my reasons to love Det.Conan.
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    Aoyama Gosho sick (Get well soon!)
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    Haibara & Mary My dream match-up.
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    Iori Muga (his left eye is...)
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    Here's a general guide. Movie 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all have an "OVA" labeled as "Magic Files" to go before or after each movie. After Magic File 6, Episode 694, 735, and 774 were aired as preludes to the movies that year. They aren't really overly connected, but usually just had a bit of dialogue for the movie at the end of each episode. If the pattern follows, we should see the episode for M20 on April 16th.You could watch almost all the movies regardless of where they "fit in", but if you wanted to watch the movies in relation to their air-dates... You could follow the list below. After Episode 54 - Movie 1 After Episode 97 - Movie 2 After Episode 140 - Movie 3 After Episode 186 - Movie 4 After Episode 231 - Movie 5 After Episode 275 - Movie 6 After Episode 315 - Movie 7 After Episode 356 - Movie 8 After Episode 393 - Movie 9 After Episode 434 - Movie 10 After Episode 470 - Movie 11 After Episode 504 - Movie 12 (Watch Magic File 2 before this movie) After Episode 535 - Movie 13 (Watch Magic File 3 before this movie) After Episode 570 - Movie 14 (Watch Magic File 4 after this movie) After Episode 613 - Movie 15 (Watch Magic File 5 after this movie) After Episode 655 - Movie 16 (Watch Magic File 6 before this movie) After Episode 694 - Movie 17 After Episode 735 - Movie 18 After Episode 774 - Movie 19
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    Oi Chek-san... There is some Tantrikagori (or somethng like that) in the Introduce you thread.. :0 he's SPAMMING by ADVERTISING..!