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    how come i didnt notice i put to research *ekem* i literally did no research whatsoever
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    Shinichi's birthday is May 4th Ran's birthday is most probably October 1th Heiji's is somewhere around June or August Kaito's is June 21st Aoko's is somewhere in September
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    Hello... So I have an enormous amount of episodes to catch up on, and I had an odd thought occur to me today. If this has already happened in the series (anime or manga) I'm hoping someone can point me that direction. It boils down to this: Is there any evidence that the Black Org has continued testing Apotoxin-4869 specifically, beyond the point where Sherry took the capsule and escaped? I was just sort of mulling this over, and a couple of possibilities occurred to me: If they HAD tested it, then if it regressed their subject to childhood, they'd know that someone who they thought they'd killed was probably still alive (Kudo Shinichi) and, by extension, Sherry. So... why didn't they come after their families and close associates? Going the other direction, if they HAVEN'T tested it, why not? It was supposed to be this useful new assassination drug, right? Of course, maybe Vermouth suppressed testing and all that, but... Anyway. I'm so behind on episodes that I've probably missed all sorts of plot developments that toss these questions right out the window, but then that's why I'm asking. Was any further testing done? Did any 'children' show up? If no testing, why not? Thanks.
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    it appears that it goes down to her knees...? its about medium length as for the question earlier about boots and dress question the dress i will not touch up on the boots, by my very lazy estimation are about 7 inches i think i literally did no research whatsoever
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    haha its fine so, you gonna ask me any more questions?
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    I’m sorry about the inappropriate things @FireStar2424
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    Don't you dare ask me about the size of her boots, I would need to do some dirty things to know that For the hosiery.... I believe they were gray.
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    Very interesting, such a great reasoning work from yours! But you didn't tell much about Billy and Fusae Campbell, who was probably adopted in the Haneda family just like Shukichi! ;) And do you really think Rumi could be Vermouth in disguise? With so many karate skills, with Bourbon, and so on? ^^ And Ai who finds her reliable and harmless? Following your thoughts, could that mean Wakita is Iori's kagemusha? So that matches Ai's testimony with the three depictions (Wakita isn't feminine, but Iori is, and is probably very old in truth, and with a imposing look, and he looks like a horse actually...). I also think that guy in the car can't be the Boss, who can't show up so easily (he's supposed to have departed from this world...). But could Mr. Karasuma actually have rejuvenated into Chikara Katsumata? Oh, and about Iori concealing his true age, it's most probably true but...did you know about the Seito Sakakibara case in Japan in the 1990s? That 13/14-year-old teen who murdered and butchered young children and who hated school and police? Iori could have been 13 back then in New York. Just like Ai, he was a young prodigy...in killing. He may have already been lying about his age to get hired by Amanda Hughes and stalk her unnoticed. Once again, kudos for your theories!!
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    This is a rather complex question to answer. At the beginning of the series, Shinichi was evidently desperate to regain his normal form (for example, he fell asleep in class, and frequently asked Dr. Agasa about the men in Black). In fact, during the first two occasions when he regained his normal form, he planned to leave his childhood alter ego behind for good (which, as we all know, didn't happen). However, over time, Shinichi realized that he was going to be in his child form for a long time, so he gradually adapted to his situation, even going as far as acting like a little kid nearly flawlessly. However, there are still some occasions where he wished he were back to normal (for example, episodes 242 and 246). Like most other people, I do believe that Shinichi will regain his normal form for good by the time the series concludes, but the producers have purposely delayed letting it happen to avoid taking the air out of the series. In the unlikely event that Shinichi cannot regain his normal form for good, I think what he would do is simply disclose his true self to everyone after the Black Organization is taken down. I am currently writing a fanfic on how this could hypothetically happen - by the time I upload it, it will be more than 20 pages long, so be patient.
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