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  1. You're a filipino,right?and a SHINRaN,too..

    From CARAGA...[You're so far]...

  2. Toni-kun

    Hello! I'm a new member from the Philippines :D

    Oh... nice to meet you... I am also a Filipino and a ShinRan fan... "ShinRan Magpakailanman, Mabuhay ang maka ShinRan!!!"
  3. oh hi ?? do u know where to buy some DC stuffs :))

  4. Toni-kun

    Hi Im Lesair , new member from philippines

    Maligayang Pagdating sa DCW!!! Isa rin akong Pilipino... Ikinagagalak kitang makilala...
  5. Can anyone tell me either what episode, movie, special, or ova is this?
  6. Hi, cuffycake, Welcome to DCW!!!

  7. Toni-kun

    Character similarities

    [*]Conan: main character, spectacles, Agasa as... (like Sherlock and Watson) -> Nobita; main character, spectacles, Doraemon as... (Like Conan and Agasa) [*]Ayumi -> Shizuka... umm, just the only girl in the group of boys. [*]Mitsuhiko -> Soneo... the way they look. [*]Genta -> "Gian"... the same as you dscribe, hehe. [*]Agasa -> Doraemon... they invent stuff (not really in Doraemon's case ). Here -> http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Boys#Trivia [/font] Is the true name of the fat guy in Doraemon is Gian? now I know... because in Tagalog (Filipino) dubbed Doraemon called him "Damulag" (Filipino: means fat, huge, big) si that I have known him in this name...
  8. Toni-kun

    Detective Conan Music

    I love "Secret of my heart"....