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  1. Yuenex


    Are there any files that you guys know involve Yakuza activity? Thanks! Yuenex.
  2. Hey as a keen player in martial arts, I was just wondering if there were any episodes which are mainly focused on martial arts. It'll be great help to me and hopefully other people! Yuenex.
  3. Please comment your thoughts!
  4. Hey man, long time no speak! I just want to promote a DC project me and my friend are working on; an analysis of the new manga files! please visit our twitter to get our analysis and our website! thanks!




  5. Hey Akakata! Haven't talked for a while, but will you please visit our twitter https://twitter.com/baremasu me and my friend are working on a DC manga analysis project!

  6. Hey guys! Please check out our latest project on DC manga analysis on our twitter! https://twitter.com/baremasu

  7. Guys! It's been a while since I was on here, but me and my friend has started work on a new project! We are aiming to analysis every new manga file from DC! please check our first file which is on our twitter! https://twitter.com/baremasu thanks guys!

  8. Hey guys! Just letting you guys know, me and my friend are starting a new project in which we will make analysis of recent manga files. Please go on our twitter to view our latest projects! Don't forget to follow! many thanks, ¬Yuenex.
  9. Hey guys, Me and my friend are beginning a new project: to dissect new manga files. Please can you guys click 825 Analysis to view our first manga analysis!! and please can you also visit our new site as we will post further analysis on there - baremasu to keep you guys updated on our latest project, visit our twitter page! Thanks! ¬Yuenex.
  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Hey guys, I'm a die hard DC fan, however i've only seen 1-200 and 500+ so I'm watching the episodes in between. Are there any episodes with no crime? I really liked Agasa's first love with Fusae....the ending wasn't what I wished for, but hopefully there will be a follow up Thanks!
  12. Sure! But sorry I can't suscribe. I don't have a Youtube account.

    Ai Haibara and Kaito Kid are my favorite characters. :)

  13. Sure! But sorry I can't suscribe. I don't have a Youtube account.

    Ai Haibara and Kaito Kid are my favorite characters. :)

  14. Thank you! :D

    Really? :o I can't figure out how to use that program... Wish I could though. Yeah, I use Windows Live... It sucks. :/

  15. Hey well done on your new AMV!! Fits in quite well with the music :D

    Oh yeah, the program we used is Sony Vegas Pro 10.0. But to be honest you can make something good on Windows Live Movie Maker which I will be using for my next AMV :D

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