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  1. I had fallen behind on my DC i got up to like 100 something, so I downloaded every ep of DC (I'd buy it but I don't have that kind of money) I am currently on 324, it's been . . . fun. I like the show but the pattern is getting blatant and the mysteries have gotten to easy because of it. Also the black organization episodes are to far apart. All in all good stuff though. And that's whats been going on with me.
  2. 7) kick ass and take names, in that order
  3. no, once they started making them it was over. Is it possible to destroy the world by yourself?
  4. A reference to a television show Strategy
  5. liar you were watching your dog lick itself for 3 minutes. I'm eating spaghetti
  6. liar, you're more laggy than satellite internet in Kuwait during a monsoon. I live in Minnesota.
  7. Dick75

    corrupted wish

    Granted but it's terrible, I'm sure you're a great writer but the nature of the game is to corrupt so no offense. I wish my dreams could become reality and I used that power to become a superhero!
  8. Dick75

    corrupted wish

    Granted the gaming community in a bizarro (he said with no sarcasm) event is now filled with racist moronic frat boys. I wish overconfident self entitled stupid dickheads didn't exist in the world.
  9. Wonders why nobody is claiming the hill at the end of their posts and then remembers it's because this is my hill.
  10. 42) Spontaneous combustion
  11. Liar Synchro obtain that in a perfectly legal way. See what happened was Sync and I were at the Apollo theater and we were doing an open mic, me and Sync are stand up comedians, and Sync told me he was nervous and I said don't be nervous, here I'll lend you my black cap of wizardry when you wear it you can't mess up. See perfectly legal.
  12. Liar, what you really wanted to ask was something about Dolphins. I'm a psychic Adonis.
  13. i wonder what you two are doing on my hill.
  14. Dick75

    corrupted wish

    Granted all the wishes of the world come true and everyone keeps wishing and wishing and in order to counter all the good energy in the world a beast rises a beast that cannot be destroyed by wishes and it destroys us all. i wish that I could be transported into a different world.
  15. apparently he does

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