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  1. What's on your mind, everyone !? Me start: I plan to make a site which will be containing a Wiki page like here, in DCW... but for Japanese studies in our case ...
  2. Do you miss some old episodes? And want to re-watch them again but forgot the episode number ? Well, no need to worry , because this is the right thread for it ! Just describe the details you remember and we will try to look them up for you! Just name it! PS. You do not need to create a new thread. Just go here.
  3. Welcome to English Language thread! Here where you can better your English ! Here you can: Improve each other's English. Correct each other's English. Suggest English learning sites. Teach your friend better English. Ask things of English Language; Grammar, pronunciation, spellings, phrases, quotes, etc. and more! Have fun !
  4. This is a section from which I would like to put it in Wiki Discussions forum. It's a thread for any member who notices mistakes or wrong informations in the wiki and are hesitating to edit it... if you find any wrong or mistaken information, please point it out here, and the staffs will see what's the conerning matter and we'll try to solve the issue. The reason I created this thread was because I conquered the same problem... I saw something confusing in one of the articles and I tried to edit it but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe it was right and I thought it was wrong and am afraid if I edited it, the information I provided might turn out to be wrong... anyway, something like that. So, if any of you saw someting incorrect in one of the articles, and you think that the information was somehow not exactly right, or you are not sure if its right or not, be sure to post what in your mind here, in this thread. As I already mentioned, we will see the regarding matters and try to correct the mistakes... Thank you, your truly and only... Detective Kaoko.
  5. ==================================================== Play Nice Please This is the kind of topic that leads to lots of arguments. While it is okay to argue, please be civil to other users even if you disagree with them. If you start a flamewar or are rude to other users you may be sanctioned by the moderators. Thanks, The Mod Team ==================================================== Which characters in Detective Conan that really gets on your nerves? And why? Like in every anime & manga you know, there would always have characters you don't like, that annoys you in most occasion, and something in that character you don't like about... So here, I would like to know what most of you think and which character you dislikes... I'll tell you who I dislike after I receive some Feedbacks~ Advertisement: Vote for your character in Detective Conan: Detective Conan Character Poll!!
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