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  1. Ohh! You watch that, too!? I really love that channel... But I'm not good at memorising, and the presentation is in two days, so I'll probably fail trying to do it . But thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Oww, thank you, everyone! I've decided on a topic! I'll reply to all of you first before telling you what it is... Thanks a lot for so many awesome tips, Black Demon! I really needed those advises on the topic I'm doing. Ha-ha. Coincidentally, Coca-Cola sounds similar to my name. This will be really interesting thing to present except that I don't have much time to prepare for it since the presentation is in two days I love reading, teaching and writing! That would be really good . My classmates are older than me and most of them are married and have children so I don't think they'll be interested in otakus, animes and games (which is a shame) . How can you present that? What would you say and talk about? No, no. Not at all. - They're all brilliant. It's just that I don't have an interesting summer and the audience will not be interested in games and I don't have any interesting visited place I can talk about that would interest the audience . I Yes, that would do . I chose something similar. Thanks, Nara-chan! My classmates aren't interested in games . I decided on "Top Effective Ways to Improve Your English." Like you said, something I'm interested in and that's teaching. And for 5 minutes presentation it's a very good to do the 'How-to' approach. And the ways includes: Watching English movies and TV programmes, reading books, exchanging letters with a friend, join a forum, shadow reading, etc. Since most of my classmates are struggling with English (some in writing, and some in speaking), that would be really beneficial. What do you think? I thank you all for helping me choose the right topic !
  3. Hello, everyone For my assignments, I need to do a short presentation next week that have to be approximately 5 minutes (8 minutes max). I have to choose a topic that could be presented in that short time frame. So can you possibly suggest a nice and interesting topic for me? And I have only four days to prepare. Please help.
  4. Hello, CarpetCrawler! It's been awhile...

  5. What if Conan (aka Shinichi) became insane after experiencing all those tragedies and dreadful crimes scenes and became a murderer himself? Watch this amazing clip featuring Conan as a ruthless murderer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_UZXXER_I8 Can't get enough of it... it's so epic...
  6. happy birthday to you^^ hope you have a great day!

    1. Officer Kaoko

      Officer Kaoko

      After 8 long months, thanks a lot, Era!

    2. Lupin of the Heisei Era
  7. Happy Birthday ;)

    1. Officer Kaoko

      Officer Kaoko

      Thank you! Sorry for the late reply >.<

    2. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Hahah it's alright ^^

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Officer Kaoko

      Officer Kaoko

      Thank you! It's been almost two years now, lol...

  9. Happy birthday, Kaoko-chan! Enjoy your special day to it's fullest <3

    1. Officer Kaoko

      Officer Kaoko

      Thank you, Lovestruck!

  10. Happy Birthday Kaoko-san!! :D

  11. Happy birthday, Kaoko!

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief


      That comment was from 2012!!

    3. Officer Kaoko

      Officer Kaoko

      I'm so sorry! I unintentionally left and forgot about DCW because my life got so busy... but I missed it and trying to catch up with everything. I missed you, too, Kid! Can I call you Chalk? ^^ It's easier to remember you that way because there are so many Kaitos.

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Haha. Yes, you can call me Chalk, although it is a strange name to call someone. How do I remind you of chalk? :D

      Also, welcome back!! I do hope you intend to stay!

  12. New Color Character Designs for New Naruto Movie Revealed Source: http://www.mangahere.com/news/new-color-character-designs-for-new-naruto-movie-revealed/ As we reported earlier, the ninth overall Naruto movie will be released and the original author Masashi Kishimoto will be providing the story and character designs for the movie. Recently, Masashi Kishimoto has released more character designs in color and new line art. The movie titled "Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja" is scheduled to hit the cinemas in Japan on July 28.
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