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  1. Oh, but the Manga and Anime both have their perks! I enjoy the Manga because of Gosho's style. I just love the artwork, and love comics. But, the Anime brings an additional layer to the feeling of the characters being "alive", such as the colors, animation, voice cast, and the music that we've come to know! I would like them both, please.
  2. Oh~ I had to play "detective" to secure access to this account again! If only Conan-kun had been here! <3

    1. sitifatihah


      awk boleh main "detektif" sepanjang masa.

  3. Oh my, I have been inactive!!

    1. Jodie Starling

      Jodie Starling

      I'll do my best to catch up with you all! And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

    2. IdentityUnknown


      \o/ JODIE!!!!! YOU'RE BAAAAACK!!!!!

    3. Misaki-chan
  4. Happy birthday, Jodie Starling!!! :D Hope you'll have a great day!! :D

  5. Hello New Friend.

    Miss Jodie Starling.

    My Name is Dear. :))

  6. I've been meaning to take a look at your profile, but kept forgetting (bad IdentityUnknown!).

    Nice, FBI agent. Would you kindly take me on a tour of your facilities?

    What do you write about?

  7. Happy birthday, Jodie-senpai! Where are you? You had't signed in for AGES~ Miss you already! Come back soon! XD

    I hope you do your best in the exams!

  8. oh! we Have the same Birthday! Haha! Happy Birthday! Jodie-sensei :D

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