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  4. Guys, don't report and block me. I was being nice to you all.
  5. I'm new here and just wanted to change my profile picture but there's no option to upload a profile picture Are there some technical issues right now or is there another reason why I can't upload a profile picture ? Thanks in advance
  6. Dr. Agasa called Conan and told him that Haibara does not talk to him nor eat for two days and sate in her room depressed, and asked him come to see her ... When Conan went to Agasa's house he finds Haibara sitting in deep sorrow. Conan: What's wrong? Agasa talked to me like you are in a big trouble... Haibara: Nothing ... just thinking about what I have made ... the deadly medicine and how I hurt many people and being a murder as you told me in our first met here... Conan: It was in the past and I did not know you well then. Haibara: So what?! ... I'm still alone, no one from my family rest ... Do not tell me that those children are with me. If they knew my truth, they won't talk to me again and I will be a pariah, you would almost have been killed because of my problems with the organization and my desire to commit suicide... You have prevented me... so, what did I benefit from life? ... only you and those around you are at risk... Even the detective office's girl was almost got killed because of me! Conan: Do you want to die before correcting your mistake? Why do you always think of escaping from your problems although you think about others problems?!.... you have helped me many times and I have solved many cases because of you and you have rescued the children and many people from danger many times... You are not bad .... But you were put in the wrong place. So it wasn't your fault. Haibara didn't reply. Conan: I am with you and Dr. Agasa cares about you. You must try to make the antidote and do not think about things that do not make sense. We all waiting for you, you are the only one that can help us to face the organization... Come on... Agasa is waiting for you. Who could imagine that Agasa will lose weight 15 kg?!! that was because of you. Haibara said in smile: I can't ... I don't know how to make a permanent antidote ... we don't have the original poisonous medicine to make its antidote... Conan: Soon I will bring it to you ... But don't make me worried because I'm in a bad situation recently... Haibara: What's up? Is it a problem with the detective office's girl? Conan: No, Mr. Subaru treats me differently as if he knew my truth. Haibara: Isn't he safe and with us against the organization as you told me? Conan: He is safe, but it's dangerous for us to have more people know about my real identity. I do not feel comfortable lately. I feel that something is going to happen, but do not worry about it and concentrate on the antidote to make it last longer... By the way, give me some of it now. Haibara: Well, take it from the top shelf there. Conan was amazed and said: I thought you would refuse! Haibara: Not anymore. If you do not commit any folly, we will not make any progress against the Organization. Conan: folly! Haibara: But be careful to use it more than twice a day and take only 4 pills for now. Conan: Well, well... just, don't worry. When Conan left the house, he said to himself: I have 4 pills of the antidote .. let's see what can I do .... to know your truth... Sera Masumi... In a few hours Inside the black Porsche car... GIN is talking to someone on phone When the call was terminated Vodka asked : What did that person say to you .. bro? GIN: We will receive the file now. The file sent by RUM to their laptop. GIN: What is in it? Vodka: A journalist called Tomohiko Taniguchi, aged 61, he may know some details about us after killing the biological researcher 5 days ago. He is a very careful man and comes out with his bodyguards everywhere. We should deal with him before his next TV interview. He will be available while walking in Pika park at night. GIN: So, the target will be tomorrow in Pika Park. Vodka: yes, when we will deal with him exactly? GIN: Never mind at all because that idiot doesn't know that he had entered the crows' nest by his feet and sadly we will finish his life. _In a Bar somewhere in Tokyo _ Yuusaku: I think it is our chance to strike. Mr. Subaru put down his drink and said: So, you got a plan... Yuusaku: Yes, but we will need the help of the FBI agents. Subaru lighted a cigarette and said: This should be interesting.
  7. Is it just me or is DCW very laggy/slow recently? Like when I'm posting, it takes like 2 minutes for it to actually get posted. The submit/post button changes to saving and it stays like that for awhile. Site also takes a long time to respond when I view posts or go to a subforum. Hope that can be looked at!
  8. So I've just started watching Detective Conan again since my hiatus about 2 months ago and I kinda grew on the group band "ZARD" that consists of 4 members and Izumi Sakai as the main vocalists. At first I don't particularly enjoy ZARD's songs, especially (i know this'll probably trigger a lot of fans) the song "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite", well as time went by i grew on one song "Hoshi No Kagayakiyo" and "Natsu o Matsu Sail you ni" those songs really changed my perception about ZARD, and upon discovering those songs I searched a bit about ZARD on the internet and found out that Izumi Sakai herself had passed away at 27th May 2007 and her last song was "Glorious Mind" for the 21st opening song. What I think really sets apart Izumi Sakai/ ZARD really really different among other singers, group bands, etc is the lack of public exposure. Rumours spread around who is Izumi Sakai, who is ZARD, and who is the girl in front of every ZARD's album. As those same rumours spread, people start to assume that ZARD is almost the same as the "Milli Vanilli" phenomenon, in which the person who appeared at the crowd is not the singer itself, and the real singer is more comfortable no one knowing. In the song "Glorious Mind" it's as if Sakai was saying goodbye, "leave me here alone" "tomorrow's a different day" "and i know when i'm ready", those parts of the lyrics truly - truly hit me right at the feels. and the next thing we know that she had passed away not long after the recording. So overall, ZARD is the embodiment of Izumi Sakai herself, and living as a singer with little to none public exposure can actually boosts it's popularity. Thank you for reading, this is my first BTW *Just a recommendation off topic, the song "Makenaide" became a phenomenon in Japan because it was released when Japan was struggling due to economy crisis, not only that it also helped a lot of people in which are the ones who were bullied, kids having a tough time, etc.
  9. I used to be a ShinRan shipper (wasn't we all?) but after season 8, I became a CoAi. I believed that Haibara would more suit Conan because of how many times they risked themselves to save each other, how they were in the same situation etc. However, I realised that Conan was wholly oblivious to how much Haibara cared for him and many fans of Detective Conan wonder if Conan continues to protest Ai for general care or so that he could get an antidote to go back to Ran. So what do you think? Who should Conan truly end up with (ignoring the obvious ending of Detective Conan that Conan turns back to Shinichi and marries Ran)?
  10. 2005 - 07 - 29: Meitantei Conan: Conan vs Kid - Shark & Jewel / missing movie https://anidb.net/anime/6242 2006 - 07 - 28: Meitantei Conan: Conan vs Kid - Shikkoku no Sniper / missing movie https://anidb.net/anime/6243 2014 - 10 - 04: Magic Kaito 1412 [24 episodes] missing TV special https://anidb.net/anime/10749 2010 - 04 17: Magic Kaito [12 episodes] exist https://anidb.net/anime/7469 Detective Conan: Chase the Mysterious Comet Monster! / missing TV special https://anidb.net/anime/12537 2012 - 00- 00: Detective Conan: Hoshikage no Magician / missing TV special https://anidb.net/anime/13842 Meitantei Conan vs. Wooo / missing date https://anidb.net/anime/8534 2011 - 04 - 22: Fatuous Detective!? Kogoro Mouri 2011 - 06 - 23: Television Personality Maomi Yuki's Worries
  11. RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] Case #300! An SS teaser for 1,043 was just released. Here's the translation, courtesy of Manaphy: We can expect 1,043 spoiler pics/summaries by the end of this week.
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