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  4. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,051–File 1,05X

    RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] 1,051 spoiler pics now out (albeit in very low quality due to their small size): https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6593712627?pn=1 Here's a Shōnen Sunday teaser for 1,051, courtesy of Baka: UPDATE: Spoiler pics of better quality are now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6595763141 No break next week—we can expect 1,052 spoilers at this time next week.
  5. The Banana Paladin

    COVID19 - Quarantine Thread

    Sup dude. How you?
  6. Ryo

    COVID19 - Quarantine Thread

    yooo long time no see!
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  8. otomes

    How many languages you know?

    Actually now I try improve my English proficiency because I am international college student. Also I need to write many essays during my studying. But I am bad in English grammmar so I check help form https://assignmentshark.com/mechanical-engineering-help.html
  9. archer

    How many languages you know?

    I can speak three languages
  10. Intervencion

    Wiki Mistakes

    > At the end of the case in the manga version, Kogoro Mouri is shown reading a newspaper article about himself because he helped the police solve the murder of the museum's owner. This marks the first claim to fame of Kogoro. In the anime version, this is replaced with a scene of the Detective Boys discussing about the aftermath of the museum, and their plan of investigating a case about a "moving skeleton" at night. Make sure to watch until the end please! ^^
  11. MeiTanteixX

    Haneda Kohji Case Theories

    yeah, it has been the most likely option since the reveal that Haneda Yasuharu was Akai Tsutomu's friend.
  12. Aries Bless

    Haneda Kohji Case Theories

    It just occured to me, that maybe the Haneda Family are the rich friend of the Tsutomu, who supports Sera's stayings at hotels.
  13. The Banana Paladin

    COVID19 - Quarantine Thread

    Hey all, how is it going? Long time since I posted something, but it's a start. Maybe someone might be tempted to visit DCW with the quarantine taking place around the world.
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  15. Edogawa-chan

    Hi, I am a fan from Philippines!

    Hello, I am a very big fan of Detective Conan. I love him so much because he is so cool and you can learn a lot of things from the anime. I even got gpod garades because of it. I am currently in episode 350+ because i just started last year. I am also currently learning japanese for the anime and to expand my knowledge. And, can someone tell me the type pf japanese language used in detective conan? I am learning hirigana right now and I wonder if this is used in the anime? Also, I'm looking forward to everything in this site! To everyone, Konichiwa(Hi! [Note: konichiwa is in romanji form])! I hope we get along well and enjoy the activities in this forum. I'll try to learn a little japanese here. By the way, I'm a beginner and a newcomer so please guide me. Hello to everyone here!
  16. Kudo Shuuchi

    Is zero actually a good guy

    I wanted to discuss this with someone for a while now, Furuya Rei is a good character who loves is country and ready to sacrifice his life for anyone who needs help and he does his best to provide information about the BO to the secret police department he works at, but he was ready to hand in Akai Shuuchi to the organisation he even told Vermouth about Conan's plan and it's all due to Vermouth being too scared to believe that Akai is alive and luck that the black organisation didn't know about Akai's fake death. Akai is known as the Silver bullet in the organisation and everyone of the BO code-named members know about him and is scared of him (except Gin) even the BO's boss and yet Rei was going to hand him over to the black organisation.
  17. Muhammad Akram

    I want (Ran / Haibara) to be with Shinichi

    Shiho Miyano/ Ai Haibara
  18. Muhammad Akram

    Who should Ai end up with at the end of DC

    Shinichi/ Conan
  19. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,050: Recollections of Vauxhall Bridge

    Spoiler pics for 1,050 are now out (albeit in low quality due to the small resolution): https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6547765352?pn=1 Here are text spoilers, courtesy of Baka: 2 weeks break after this—we can expect spoilers for 1,051 on around April the 3rd.
  20. Hello! My hobby is to create story arcs of my favourite series. I know that there is a timline page about it, but I thought that it lacks description. So, here it is. Tell me what you think Conan arc Kudo Shinnichi, a brilliant teenage detective, known for his deduction skills, is forced to take a strange pill by men wearing black. Instead of killing him, the pill turned him into a small kid. In order to regain his original form, Kudo needs to find the mysterious organization and stop their plans. Haibara arc Conan, previously Kudo, encounters an Organization member on the run, Shery, who is responsible for creation a drug that made him small. Now Conan has to do everything he can to keep her identity secret and uncover the unsaid truth about the Organization. Vermouth arc An organization member specialized in infiltration, Vermouth, arrives in Beika City in search for Sherry. Now Conan has to encounter new enemies and potential foes from other organizations. Will the new teacher be the witch in disguise or maybe someone closest to Conan? Cell phone number arc After the encounter with Vermouth, Haibara has to make an important decision. Meanwhile, Conan attempts to solve the mystery of the secret melody taht may lead him to the heart of the Organization. Kir arc After solving a minor case, Conan discovers the identity of a new Organization member who blended into society. The discovery leads him to stop an assassination attempt what later results in a direct confrontation with Gin and other dangerous members of the Organization. Now, Conan and the FBI agents must do everything they can to capture the new opponent, Kir. Bourbon arc After Akai's death and Kir's return to the Organization, Conan prepares for an encounter with Bourbon, the embodiment of Sherlock Holmes, who specializes in information gathering. Among all the suspects and possible assumptions there is nothing that can lead Conan to uncover his identity, except one thing. Their goal is to capture and kill Haibara. The battle of wits engages. Rum arc The showdown with Bourbon ended; however, another threat apperas out of nowhere. The closest advisor of the Organization's boss is on the move. His identity is unknown, and there only bits if information about his appearance, but the case from 17 years ago may lead Conan and his friends to discover who he is. Will Rum and Conan meet eye to eye?
  21. I think I know how the poisoning was possible. The victim stole food that Remi ate of and ate the rest. Just before the murder, a strawberry fell of Remi's slice of the cake. So there could have been poison on it and the victim picked it up and ate it. Of course that makes Remi the main suspect, but there is also the possibility that the murderer was planning on distracting everyone's attention giving the victim a chance to steal the strawberry or maybe that Remi was the intended victim. Or that it was the victim who was planning on poisoning Remi and she realized that and push the strawberry away to save herself.
  22. Here is my top 5: 1. Kaito Kid - I chose him as my top 1 because he can shoot with his card gun accurately even in the dark as shown in MK episode 9 and DC episode 746-747 where he shot the chains that locked Akako and the police squad's face masks. 2. Shuichi Akai - He is capable of using any type of gun as shown when he shot Vermouth with a shotgun, shot a gum tracker from Gin's hands and shot Gin himself with a sniper and shot a wheel from a moving car using a handgun when they were chased by Rei's subordinates. 3. Vermouth - She proved to be an accurate shooter when she managed to shoot a gas tank from Araide's car backwards with her left hand using a side mirror 4. Gin - A merciless killer that kills everyone who betrays him. Shown to be an accurate when he accurately shot Shiho from the sides of her body to prevent her from dying instantly and also when he shot other characters like Akemi and a random CIA agent in a warehouse. 5. Miwako Sato - So far there is only one episode where it was shown she was an accurate shooter. That was the episode where Takagi got kidnapped and she shot the rope to cut it. She also shot a bomb switch from a bomber's hands in Movie 12 even though the movies aren't canon. Honorable Mentions: 1.Jodie Starling - Proved to be a good shooter when she shot the handgun out of Vermouth's hands and when she shot the sprinklers to stop the BO from sniping a politician. 2. Vodka - Just as a merciless killer like his partner Gin. Shown to be an accurate shooter when he shot Shiho's nape when she tries to escape to the chimney. 3. Bourbon/Amuro - Only one episode proved that he was skilled in using guns and that was when he saved Conan from a bank robber disguised as Scar Akai. 4. Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa - Also only one episode shown so far that he was capable of wielding a gun and that was from when he shot a support beam of a projection beam in the Clocktower Heist episode but also one movie shown that he shot Ran's legs to render her useless as a hostage. 5. Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano - Shown at the first episode she appeared when she purposely missed a shot to signal the police from the criminal's whereabouts. This is just my opinion. How about you? How would you rank these characters' shooting skills?
  23. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,050: Recollections of Vauxhall Bridge

    Apologies for the double post. Here are 1,049 spoiler pics (albeit in very low quality due to their size): https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6532759209?pn=1 And here are text spoilers, courtesy of Sasumi/2leaves and Baka: No break next week—we can expect 1,050 spoilers this time next week. EDIT: Here are translations of the first 5 pages of 1,049, courtesy of Manaphy:
  24. DCUniverseAficionado

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,050: Recollections of Vauxhall Bridge

    File 1,048 spoiler pics are now out—here's the translation of Pages 13 to 16: No break next week—we can expect 1,049 spoilers this time next week.
  25. Thief-in-the-moonlight

    KaiShin art (Don't like don't look)

  26. Rosemary

    Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet (緋色の弾丸)

    Thanks for the translation. I could barely understand what they said.
  27. -farah

    Finding Episodes

    It's 4869 (shi ya ro ku - sherlock) the episode is 400 - Ran's suspicions
  28. DCUniverseAficionado

    Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet (緋色の弾丸)

    Indeed—and not only has one trailer released, but two (both available on Toho Movie's YouTube channel). Here's the translation of the 90 second trailer, courtesy of Spimer: And here's the translation of the 30 second trailer, also courtesy of Spimer:
  29. Rosemary

    Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet (緋色の弾丸)

    Just watched the trailer, it looks promising. I'm excited for subaru-sera confrontation.
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