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  4. Rithic

    What's on Your Mind?

    Im thinking we need new mods
  5. In the wiki, it says that episode 8 has Detective boys in the plot section. I just watched it and they don't appear. Now I'm not sure whether to trust the plot section anymore... https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime#Season_1_-_Episodes_1-28 I looked at other eps and theyre wrong too.
  6. Last week
  7. Magic Kaito.

    Last Poster Wins

    The first win in 2020, or maybe the last win!
  8. 90s Holmes

    Kudo or Kudou

    Looking again, I also see it spelled Kudō as well. Similarly I see Ran’s name spelled Mōri, sometimes. I just need to know which ones are correct, and if that’s more than one then I’d like to know which spelling I should use most often.
  9. Darqo

    Similar Detective Conan Cases

    030 Alibi Testimony Murder Case AND 528-529 Might Over Mystery
  10. Darqo

    Similar Detective Conan Cases

    024 The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case AND Movie 20 The Darkest Nightmare
  11. Hi, I’m going to make a list of episodes that feel similar to each other, either they gave me a sense of deja vu or that I feel were inspired in some form or another
  12. 90s Holmes

    Kudo or Kudou

    I may be the only one with this problem, but I genuinely can't figure out if Shinichi's last name is spelled Kudo or Kudou. I watch a fansub that always writes his name as Kudou, but everywhere I look online it's spelled Kudo. Normally I'd just assume that it's spelled Kudo, but I'm also familiar with instances where a character's name is changed from one spelling to another when it airs in other countries, to keep from being too confusing with it's pronunciation. For example Kokichi Ouma was changed to Kokichi Oma. It's pronounced the same, but the official game changed it to the latter version when it got to America because it would "too confusing" for viewers. Really, the only thing confusing to me is that there are two spellings. Anyways I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  13. kuritako

    Movie 23: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (紺青の拳)

    I just watched it and it was awesome...wasn't a makoto fan before this but guess I am now.
  14. kuritako

    Kogoro and Eri

    Because by injuring her she would become heavier for the criminal to hold ( because she won't be able to stand by herself) as far as i remember ?
  15. Rithic

    Wiki Mistakes

    In the wiki, it says that episode 8 has Detective boys in the plot section. I just watched it and they don't appear. Now I'm not sure whether to trust the plot section anymore... https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime#Season_1_-_Episodes_1-28
  16. Nonastronomical Unit


    The original source for the image is Episode 118 ("The Naniwa Serial Murder Case"). I don't have any screenshots but hopefully that narrows it down for you.
  17. otomes


    I did not watch the last game of my favorite nba team so I need to check all basketball scores NBA is really great basketball league where play the best basketball players in the world. I have plan to visit the game of Lakers next week.
  18. KosadaA


    Hello, I'm kinda new here, so I apologize if this isn't in the right section, I have been surfing and searching the internet for this Ran lock screen cover with no results so I would be really really really thankful If someone has it and can send it to me. https://prnt.sc/qnwyyb this is the photo, Thanks in advance!
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  20. DCUniverseAficionado

    Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet (緋色の弾丸)

    Here's the official poster (albeit in low quality): EDIT: And here it is in higher quality:
  21. keera piraresu

    Hi, I am a fan from Philippines!

    Hii !! Fan aLso from PhiLippines hope we can be friends
  22. Darqo

    How long has Shinichi been Conan

    I think it’s been about 7 months
  23. putonmascara

    Kogoro and Eri

    1)he shot her leg so it would make it hard for the criminal to keep on holding her so this will make things easier for the police to take back the hostage and arrest the criminal. 2)they separated since ran was 6, because they often argued a lot, but they didn't divorce.
  24. putonmascara

    Who's your detective conan crush?

    Akai Shuichi <3
  25. putonmascara


    hey y'all! I've been a fan of DC since i was 8. Conan has been my favorite anime since forever. I admire this work, and honestly it's a big part of my life. I watched Conan over 3 times, i'm really obsessed, and my friend considers me as her Wikipedia for Conan. Each character to me presents something unique but i can say i admire the Akai family. I never get bored from watching detective Conan and i hope i'll meet some friends in here! Oh and by the way, One truth prevails!
  26. 90s Holmes

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hiya! I’m 90s Holmes (although I may change that later) and I’m new to this site, but what I’ve seen so far looks really interesting and cool. I’ve been a fan of Detective Conan for about 5-6 years now, but I never really got into the fandom until recently. I started rewatching the show because I never caught up in the first place, and I forgot where I was. Just delving back into old interests. Anyways, my main concerns were about how this platform operates and what most of you tend to do on here. What are events about and what are some examples of past ones? How do I change my profile picture? What are the ranks, like eyewitness and stuff? What are reputation points, and how do people obtain them? Things like that. It would really help me out if someone could answer my questions. Sorry if this is obnoxious. Anyways, I hope to meet plenty of nice people on here with similar interests. I’m looking forward to what this site has to offer. Thanks, and have a wonderful day/night, everyone.
  27. The Banana Paladin

    Dear Anonymous...

    Dear Anonymous, I sit here, awake. I wonder what I ever did to deserve someone like you. You went all in. Not a shred of doubt in you. I only wish I hadn't done what I did, ignorant and foolish as I was. I try to make it up to you, but you just smile and say, what is there to even make up for? That I don't have to feel like I owe you? Perhaps love is stupid. Perhaps love is wonderful. Perhaps, we're both in it. Signed, Aster
  28. Rye

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    I ate a coffee-flavored biscuit!
  29. Rye

    What did you do today?

    Watched BNHA S4, Read BNHA manga, watched Fruits Basket, made a color swatch for my new gouache paint set!
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