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    Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds Chapter 26 Guest List First the fear toxin, then Riddler, and now.. now him? Damian couldn't believe it. There was no way this could be coincidence, could it? Trogg turned to the man that now stood behind him, a questioning look prevalent on his face. "You sure about this, don't you want me to-" "Unnecessary," rejected Bane. "A matter such as this doesn't call for such action. You may see yourself out Trogg." "But boss." Trogg would be cut off for a second time. "I don't plan on dismissing you for a third time, go." The command in Bane's voice was powerful. "I.. yes, of course." Making his way by Trogg exited. This left just the three of them. Mitsuhiko turned focus to the items that had fallen out of the barrel he had inside. Walking over he picked up each and everything that had scattered back into the barrel. After doing so he sat the barrel back up. In that moment Mitsuhiko's eyes popped. "There it is!" The very crate that had led him to this point was sitting in the far right corner of the room, stashed behind several other shipments. There was something strange, something that didn't sit quite right. "The strong odor I smelled while in the back of that truck, how come I can't smell it anymore? The body is just over there, so shouldn't we be able to smell it?" Damian glanced over at him in the seconds that followed. "What is it?" questioned Mitsuhiko after noticing this. "Would you mind waiting outside?" Mitsuhiko pointed to himself. "You want me to wait outside?" "I'm certain you're the only one standing next to me," Damian pointed out. "Who else could I possibly be talking to? Your imaginary friend?" "I don't have a.."Mitsuhiko paused. "Forget it." Turning in the direction of the doorway he gulped upon sighting the large man that stood in wait. When Mitsuhiko didn't immediately begin walking Damian gave him a push. "The door isn't going to come to you." "I know that," muttered Mitsuhiko. He pressed on, his legs feeling as if they were weakening with each taken step, almost as if he was walking through an endless swamp of mud. The closer he got, the faster his heart raced. He took one look at Bane before swinging his head elsewhere. "Gee, that is one big guy! I'd hate to get on his bad side." As Mitsuhiko came within inches of Bane he began to shiver. He glanced up at him for a second time, bringing about a fear he only got when coming across that of death. Mitsuhiko managed to look away, hurrying along after stepping past him. After reaching the door Mitsuhiko breathed a sigh of relief. He looked in the direction of the crate for a final time. "I will solve this mystery, no matter what." From there Mitsuhiko stepped out of the room. This left just the two of them. Many seconds passed, not a word. Damian took the liberty of delivering the first line. "Well." "Well," to which Bane responded. Damian knew he would have to choose his next words carefully. There was no way he could afford confrontation, especially not against someone like Bane without the assistance of any of the others. Maintaining a look of confidence Damian strolled over, coming within feet of him in short time. "I would have never expected to cross you while on my travels," Damian admitted. "Likewise." Damian's sights fell to the ground momentarily. Twitching an eye Bane grunted; he was becoming impatient. Damian faced him once more. "What are you doing in Japan? And on a cruiser of all places? Admittedly, I never took you for a vacationer Bane." "I'm not obligated nor will I answer to the likes of you," Bane scoffed. "You will however tell me what you're doing aboard this ship, I don't believe in unwanted coincidence to this level." Damian went on to cross his arms over his chest. "And if I don't?" Leaning forward Bane closed the distance between them. "Listen here chico, I'm going to ask one thing of you and I'm only going to ask it once. Stay out of my things and out of my way, clear? That goes for your camarada as well." "You don't intimidate me," Damian retorted. Bane grinned. "You're alone. What hope would you have against me?" "What makes you so sure I'm alone?" "I have surveillance installed in certain locations on this ship, one being this storage room," Bane relayed. "Did you really think it was coincidence that I tailed you down here so soon after you arrived? And from the footage I've gathered I know you've come alone." "It appears I've been figured." "I'll always be a step ahead." "What the hell are you planning to do?" Bane stood back up straight. "I plan nothing. And if you mind your own business I give my word no harm will come to you or anyone else," promised Bane as he turned for the door himself. "Dear cross me bird, and I'll break you." There was nothing more to say. Bane exited the room in the same fashion he had come. Now alone, Damian stood in silence. What was he to do now? Somewhere in the room Bane had already set up a recording device of his own, so if he were to plant one himself Bane would surely know. Clutching his right fist Damian stomped a foot. "Damn him.. this changes everything." Moments later the storage door cracked open once more. "What now?" wondered Damian. In seconds he came to find it was only Mitsuhiko. "Oh, it's you." "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Mitsuhiko questioned, referring to the tone in his words. "Ah.. nothing," Damian responded. "Aren't you going to come out," asked Mitsuhiko who stepped back into the room. "Or do you plan on staying in here?" "Of course I don't plan on staying in here," replied Damian who launched an effort toward the door, moving past Mitsuhiko in the process. "Hey, wait for me!" called Mitsuhiko who followed after him. Now in the darkness of the hall Damian raised a hand to his chin, his thoughts scattering to make meaning of it all. The shipment of the toxin, Bane.. both on the same cruiser? What was the connection? Was there even a connection? Could it be pure coincidence? "Father once said the obvious is never to be overlooked, but to also account for the unlikely or unexpected." This in Damian's mind meant everyone else on the cruiser was just as much of a suspect as Bane in regards to who was linked to the shipment of the toxin. The question now, who? "Damian-kun, so," began Mitsuhiko. "I got the vibe you knew those guys. Are they friends of yours?" His words did not register to Damian who kept moving through the hall. "Given that Bane already has cameras stationed throughout the ship, me doing the same would only draw his attention. I'll have to go about my investigation in a more discreet way," Damian thought to himself. "But even with that said I need something to expand my sight.. I need an extra set of eyes." "Hey Damian-kun, are you even listening?" asked Mitsuhiko who continued to pursue his attention. "That's it!" Damian stopped abruptly which caused Mitsuhiko to do the same. "What's wrong?" Mitsuhiko asked. Facing him Damian responded. "You'll have to do." Mitsuhiko was puzzled. "Wh.. what?" "Listen Tsuburaya, I have an assignment for you," Damian conveyed. "I need your help with something." Mitsuhiko was not expecting this. "You need my help?" "You and your friends.. you're the Detective Boys, right?" Mitsuhiko nodded, giving confirmation. "What about it?" "I need that side of you, a detective. The task is simple. How should I put this.." Damian momentarily fell silent. "I just need you to keep an eye on things." "Keep an eye on things?" Mitsuhiko went on to rub the top of his head in obvious confusion. "Um, yah.. I don't get it what you're talking about." Damian clarified. "All passengers on this ship besides you and myself, I want you to keep a lookout for anyone or anything suspicious." "Have you already forgotten? I ended up on this ship by accident," Mitsuhiko reminded. "Without a paid ticket I'll be kicked off the cruiser if security or the captain finds out." "Drop it already, we both know you didn't end up on this ship by some unplanned measure of coincident," stated Damian who began walking once more, pulling out his phone in the process. "As far as a paid ticket is concerned, you need not worry about that. I'll make sure that's not a problem." Mitsuhiko followed after him. "Where are we going?" "To the deck," replied Damian. "Everyone who is scheduled to be a part of tonight's cruise should all be boarding soon. First impressions are always very telling." "How many people will be on board in all?" "The number I have is only for those who pre-paid," replied Damian. "That won't account for those that will show up within the hour. I checked the list for staff earlier, outside of us the people confirmed to be on board are the captain, two security guards, and two cooks." "What time is the cruiser supposed to depart?" "Seven forty five sharp," replied Damian who went on to check the time. It was twenty two after seven. "We have roughly twenty five minutes before that time comes." "You said before you want me to look out for anything suspicious," Mitsuhiko referred back to. "And?" "Why?" asked Mitsuhiko. "Believe me Tsuburaya, the less you know the better." That was the only answer Damian was going to give. This sparked a possibility in Mitsuhiko's mind. Could it be that Damian too was aware there was someone aboard the ship who was possibly plotting to commit murder? "No, there's no way he could know. He must be looking out for something else." Mitsuhiko seemed sure of this. The question residing on mind now, should he tell Damian everything he had seen and gone through within the past couple hours? The two walked in silence the rest of the way. In small time the two made it to the destined location. This was Mitsuhiko's first time standing on deck; he looked on in awe at the sight to see. "Wow.." The rich white color of the ship's floor, the gold railings even. What really caught his eye was the outside pool sitting directly in the center of the ship. Mitsuhiko's train of thought would be cut off by Damian who waved him off to the side. "Come on." "Where are we going?" asked Mitsuhiko. He would soon find out. After coming within inches of the railing overlooking the sea Damian stopped. Turning around he began scouring the deck for any new faces. "It doesn't appear any one else has boarded since I visited the storage room." Upon having his view fall toward the far left he noticed the tall man he had spoken with earlier. "Hey, Tsuburaya," Damian began. "Stay here for a sec, I'll be right back." "Where are you going?" Mitsuhiko asked. Damian walked off without so much as an explanation. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised." It didn't take long for Damian to close the distance. It took only moments for the tall man to notice him. "So the little guy returns." "Damian," he went on to convey. "Damian Wayne." "And I'm Shou Inaba. The pleasure is mine Wayne-kun." Damian crossed his arms over his chest. "Question for you Inaba, within the past couple minutes has anyone else come aboard the ship?" Shou looked up as if to think. "Well, outside of two guys I presumed to be security guards I've yet to see anyone board the.. wait, hold on." Shou paused. "What is it?" Shou looked down at him. "Actually there was someone who did board, some kid in a sports cap," Shou recalled. He then went on to look across the deck area. "Not sure where he ran off to though, that would have been about two minutes ago." "What did he look like?" Damian asked. "Didn't get a close look at him," Shou admitted. "He was young, no older than twenty if I had to take a guess. Why do you ask? You expecting someone?" Damian made a move to walk away. "Something like that." By this time Mitsuhiko's sights had gravitated to the view of the ocean. The sound of footsteps approaching bled through the sound of the sailing waves below. Still focused on the ocean Mitsuhiko spoke. "Did you find what you were looking for?" "To an extent," Damian replied. Turning he leaned his back to the railing as he looked in the direction for where the ramp connected to the ship was. He knew anybody who was to arrive would have to board from there. Standing beside the ramp was one of the security guards. "Hey, Damian-kun.. don't you still want to know what lead to me ending up on this ship?" "At this point in time I don't really care," Damian admitted. "We need to focus on all who board. That's all that matters." Mitsuhiko looked back at the ocean. "So, what now?" "We wait." Individually both had a lot on their minds. Bane's unexpected appearance.. the Scarecrow's toxin, a possible murder plot. Just what twists and turns would this cruise bring? It was in those silent filled moments of thought that Damian really began to dive into the possibility of it all. "The more and more I think about it the less sense it makes. Bane is a conqueror, and is rarely subtle about how he chooses to make noise. Spreading fear toxin.. that's not his style." It was feeling more and more unlikely by the minute that Bane was linked with the fear toxin. If not him, who? Could it be one of the other passengers that would be a part of tonight's cruise? "From here I'll need to analyze each and every one who boards this cruiser." Without warning someone appeared from afar, someone who made their way up the ramp. Giving sharp eye, Damian made out as much of them as possible. It appeared to be a man based on their stature and size. He had long brown hair, wearing a pair of jeans, blue colored sneakers, and a tan colored sweater. Damian watched as he spoke with the security guard who was handling the boarding check ins. "And you are?" asked the security guard. "Lukmar Xiene." the man held up an ID to confirm this. The security guard then went on to check the list showing who had paid, nodding his head before giving him the ok. "Got ya, you're free to enter." He then went on to hand him a key card. "Your room number is 24B." Moving past, Lukmar walked across the ship's deck. He didn't stop, continuing toward the left end of the ship. "Doesn't appear to be anything suspicious about him, even so I'll be sure to keep an eye on him just in case," Damian said. Not long after three more people marched up the ramp. Traveling in the front was young man and woman, both dressed in what one would describe as jogging attire. The woman had two carryon bags while the man had only one. Along with them was an older man who trailed slightly behind. He wore a pair of shades and held a cane in his left hand. "Welcome to the Sunshine cruiser. And you three are?" inquired the security guard. The young man took the liberty of answering. "I am Taro Toda," he replied before then turning to the woman who stood at his side. "And this is my wife Kiku Toda along with my father in law, Katsuo Yanagi." The security guard found their listed names in little time. "You may proceed." They too received card keys. "Clearly they're traveling as a family." Like the first there didn't appear to be anything suspicious about the trio. Unlike the man to have boarded before them the three of them headed towards the right. Suddenly a sound was heard, a loud splash that came left from where he stood. "What was that..?" Damian assumed it to be some fish splashing about beside the ship. Moments later someone else appeared at ramp side. "Good, everyone is showing up now." This time it was a single woman. She had long red hair that was tied in a ponytail. Sitting atop her head was a grey colored floppy hat, complementing that was the grey summer dress she wore. The only carry on item she had was the suitcase she dragged along. "She looks innocent enough." Damian couldn't help but look her up and down. The shape of her body, the configuration of her face, the complexion of her skin even.. there was something there. "I don't know what it is, but something seems really familiar about her. I can't quite pin point what though.." Seconds into staring her over Damian felt a nudge at his right arm, turning to find a grinning Mitsuhiko. "What?" Damian questioned. "You're totally checking her out," Mitsuhiko accused. "I am not," denied Damian who looked away. Mitsuhiko giggled. "Yah, whatever you say." "What a delusional claim," remarked Damian under his breath. "Ma'am, would you please state you name," the security guard asked of her. Turning her head with the swing of her hair she held up her ID. "Rosetta," she replied. "Rosetta Dellmara." "You're clear to pass Dellmara-san," the security guard conveyed after checking the list. Given the ok to do so, she grabbed hold of the key card before doing just that. Directly following her was a bald man who stood at least six feet tall. He had on a red tank top and a pair of black colored jeans. Sitting over his shoulders was a backpack, he carried nothing more. "Neour Cheon," the man reported in. "You're listed here, you can enter." Damian caught eye of something over to the right. It was Bane. "What's he up to now?" wondered Damian. Bane wasn't alone; Trogg was with him along with two others, another man and a woman. Damian immediately recognized the long haired blonde man. "That's Bird, Bane's right hand man," Damian noted before turning focus to the woman. "Not a clue who she is, no doubt a new recruit or a business partner of some kind." Not wanting to miss the boarding of anyone else Damian refocused his line of sight. A minute passed, then a couple more. Mitsuhiko spoke once more. "Has everyone boarded yet?" Damian replied. "Still ongoing." A second later another person appeared. The boy wonder's suspicions were tickled. The person to appear wore a thick white jacket, a pair of shades, a ski cap, and a hygiene mask over their mouth. Could it be that they were simply ill? Or was there more to it than that? "State your name," the security guard asked of them. "My name?" "Yes, confirming you're on the guest list or have already paid is a requirement before I can allow you to board." "Oh yes, of course. Manabu Yoneda." Like those who previously boarded his name too was checked off the list. "Welcome to the top of my list of suspects," Damian announced internally. "Hey Damian-kun, look!" Mitsuhiko pointed. "I see someone suspicious! See that person in the jacket?" "Nice catch genius," Damian muttered under his breath. The two watched as the person who was fully covered from head to toe strolled off to the left side of the ship. There was only one thought in Mitsuhiko's mind, was this the person he needed to be weary of. "Damian-Kun, think we should follow him?" "No. If they're up to something us following them will only alert them to the fact we're coming onto them," Damian explained. "We'll watch from afar, and if need be we'll act when the time is right. Got it?" Mitsuhiko nodded. Manabu fell out of sight after turning the corner on the far left. Shortly after two more people approached the security guard. It was a woman and a man. The woman wore a black dress and had on black elbow length gloves. The man standing next to her wore a black suit and carried a brief case in one hand and held a suitcase in the other. "Names?" the security guard went on to ask. "I am Reira Jo," the woman answered before looking toward the man who stood beside her. "And this is Issuma Sadow." Smiling, the security guard nodded his head. "How did I not realize it?! It is a pleasure to meet you Jo-san, I'm a big fan of your work." Reira was flattered to hear this. "Why thank you." "I passed your names on the list earlier, you're free to board," conveyed the security guard who stepped to the side to allow them entry. Damian blinked an eye. "Reira Jo? Is she famous or something? Cus I've never heard of her." Mitsuhiko was surprised to learn this. "You haven't?" "Who is she anyway?" Damian asked. "Some kind of big time star?" "Yep. She is an up and coming singer," informed Mitsuhiko. "Everyone in school has been talking about her. Jo-san's newest track is scheduled to come out early next month." "Is that right?" Damian looked back in the direction of the singer and the man with her. He'd definitely keep tabs on the two of them. The next person to approach the security guard was an older woman, one whom he presumed to be in her late forties, early fifties. She was alone, and carried with her a single suitcase and wore a straw hat atop her head. "Hello there," the woman greeted. She was fully aware of the procedure that was to follow. "My name is Freya Hepperway, I purchased my ticket online about-" "Two hours ago, yes," the security guard confirmed. "I added you to the list of attendees first thing." "Thank you," replied Freya who went on to board after receiving a key card. Splash! For a second time within the past ten minutes Damian heard a loud splash which yanked his attention, even if only a little. "Those must be some good sized fish if I can hear them from here," Damian thought to himself. Redirecting his focus he looked just as three more people came within view. It was a woman accompanied by two men. All three wore sun glasses, stylish black leather jackets, and a backpack of their own. "And you three are?" asked the security guard. The woman who stood front and center titled her shades down to where her dark brown eyes could be seen. "We're the fun bunch," she replied, blowing and popping the chewed gum in her mouth. "I'm Yasu Oehi, and these two freeloaders are-" She would be cut off by the shorter man of the pair. "Name's Kiyoshi, and my pal here is Saburo." Looking over their ID's and running eye down the guest list once more the security guard nodded before looking back at them. "You're all listed, step right on through." The two continued to observe. "They certainly look like a bunch of winners," Damian remarked. "What's that supposed to mean?" Mitsuhiko asked. "Only that they're people we should keep an eye on during the duration of this cruise," answered Damain. "Are you ever going to tell me what exactly we're looking out for?" "Probably not," Damian admitted. Mitsuhiko frowned. "Come on, we're a team now." "No, you're just an extra set of eyes," Damian noted. "Why are you so mean?" asked Mitsuhiko who turned to where he now fully faced him. "I swear you ask too many questions." Mitsuhiko was baffled. "Look," Damian pointed. "Someone else is coming." This time it was a woman, standing at her side was a young boy. How old was he? Six? Maybe seven? The two were greeted by a security guard like everyone else before them. "Need help with your suitcase there kid?" the security guard offered as he gave eye to the boy. "Oh, he'll be ok," the woman assured. "Won't ya Sammy?" The young boy nodded. Smiling, the security guard stepped off to the side. "You're a strong one aren't you?" "You know it," the boy smiled in response. "I'm guessing you're the party of two at the top of the list, Anna and Samuel Hamilton?" "You hit it on the nail mister," confirmed Anna. "That woman is clearly that boy's mother," Damian figured. "No doubt about that." Mitsuhiko agreed. The next to appear was a pair of teenagers, both had on uniforms Damian assumed was representative of whatever school they went to. "Hey, hold on a second," said Mitsuhiko whose eyes narrowed. He took a long hard look at the two to have just arrived. Damian looked at him. "What is it?" "I knew it!" exclaimed Mitsuhiko. "I totally know that girl. Yah, she's Aoko Nakamori, daughter of the inspector of the Tokyo district, Ginzo Nakamori." Damian's mind flashed back to the night he spotted Ginzo for the first time during the whole Riddler fiasco. "Is that right?" Damian then looked to the one who accompanied her. "What about the guy, you know him to?" "Hmmm, he does look familiar," admitted Mitsuhiko. "But his name leaves me at the moment." "Would the two of you show me some form of identification?" asked the security guard. "Of course," replied Aoko who went on to hold out her ID for him to see. She then looked to Kaito who was seemingly searching through any and all of his pockets. "What are you doing?" "Well.." Kaito began as a huge grin formed. "I have seemed to misplaced my ID." "What do you mean you misplaced it?!" exclaimed Aoko. "Are you telling me we traveled all this way for nothing?!" Ignoring her Kaito faced the security guard. "Hey, I may not have my ID. But you seem like a reasonable guy, any chance you'll let me board by taking my word for who I say I am?" The security guard smiled himself. "That's not how things work. No ID, no cruise." Kaito's eyes widened, a freight now present on his face. "What is that?!" The security guard nearly jumped. "What is what?!" "There, beside your left ear, a spider!" Kaito pointed. He took a step forward. "Don't move, I'll grab it!" Aoko was confused. "What is he talking about, I don't see a spider." Reaching out to the left side of his face, Kaito pulled back with such force. "Got it!" Kaito stated as the smirk from before returned. Kaito then went on to open the palm of his hand. "Oh.. I guess it wasn't a spider, but rather.. my ID!" Kaito held up his ID for the security guard to see. He couldn't help but laugh. "Impressive, how did you do that?!" "Well," began Kaito who bowed his head. "I'm magic." Kaito then looked over at Aoko whose hands were now on her hips. She wasn't amused in the least, the glare on her face all too telling. Kaito looked back to the security guard. "I think someone needs a sense of humor," Kaito whispered to him. "No comment," was all the security guard would say. The security guard then went on to handing each of them separate key cards. Damian watched as Aoko went on to seemingly nag her companion as they walked. "I doubt either of them are connected to Scarecrow's goods," thought Damian. "But looks can certainly be deceiving." A short time later two additional women walked up the ramp. Both were in high spirits. "Hello ladies, may I enquire your names and see a form of identification from you both?" The two of them held their ID's up for him to read, leaving him to do just that. "Chiasa Waitto.. Yuriko Konya. I have the both of you listed, you're good to go." Receiving their tickets the two marched forward, as they did the longer haired girl stopped. This prompted her friend to do the same. "What's wrong Yuriko-chan?" Yuriko went on to grasp her hair, twisting it in attempt to ring out the water. "My hair is still wet, it's really bothering me," Yuriko replied. "How did you get wet again?" Chiasa laughingly asked. She took amusement in her friend's displeasure. Yuriko simply rolled her eyes. "I already told you, and I don't plan on repeating myself." This only garnered further laughter from Chiasa. "There doesn't appear to be anything suspicious about those two," Damian said to himself. "You think that's the last of them?" Mitsuhiko questioned. "Last or not, everyone who plans on going on this particular cruise will have to be on board within the next minute or so," replied Damian. "So we must be close." Another couple minutes passed as the two stood in wait. The ship's departure had to be close, right? "The cruiser will depart at seven forty five right? What time is it now?" Mitsuhiko asked. Checking the time Damian responded. "We have exactly six minutes before the deadline; we'll be heading out before you know it." A look of intent grew on Mitsuhiko's face. "And that's when the investigation will truly begin." Mitsuhiko was not only excited, but even a little frightened. His friends weren't there, no Conan.. this was his moment, if there was ever a time to prove himself as a detective the time was now. "I can do this," said Mitsuhiko attempting to wash out any doubt that lingered. A short time later a new face appeared, but this time it wasn't someone who was boarding from ramp side, but rather someone who panned into their line of view from the right. "Who is that?" Mitsuhiko wondered. There was no doubt in Damian's mind who it was. "Based on their apparel I'd say that's the captain, Hirata." The sailor themed suit and hat was very telling. "If he's making an appearance that can only mean we'll be setting sail shortly." The man who Damian assumed to be the captain didn't stop, continuing across the deck of the ship clear to the other side. "What do you think he's doing?" Mitsuhiko asked. "He's heading in the direction of the control room," Damian pointed out. "That can only mean we will depart soon." This thought would only be further backed by what happened next. The ramp that was connected to the ship was disconnected, meaning that no one else would be boarding. The cast was now set, and the show would soon begin. "There are thirty two people on board including Tsuburaya and myself. Of the large remaining sum there are five staff members; the captain, two security guards, and the two cooks," Damian took mental note of. There was only one thing about this cruise that held any real meaning in his mind. "So.. which one of them is it?" That was the question above all, of everyone on tonight's cruise who was the one tied to Scarecrow's fear gas? Similar thoughts ran through Mitsuhiko's mind. There was no doubt; someone was aboard the ship with intentions of killing another. But who? Of the thirty two people outside of him and Damian, who could it possibly be? And who was the target? Whatever the case he'd have to determine that, and soon.. before it is too late. Mitsuhiko looked over at Damian, the question lingering.. should he tell him the truth about what lead to him ending up on this ship? Whatever the choice, he knew it would bring ramifications. But in what light? Good or bad? The roar of the ship's engine ignited seconds later, the cruise was now to begin. "Here we go." To Be Continued
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    Ayy looks nice
  20. NBA

    Agreed, I figured the Bucks would snatch Game 2, but Boston is finding a way to pull out wins even w/o Kyrie. The Bucks aren't getting much help from their starters outside of Giannis and Middleton. Henson and Bledsoe need to wake up, or the series is over. I caught the Utah-OKC game, good stuff. A few of the ESPN guys have Utah winning that series. I'd prob give Mitchell the edge in ROY as of right now, he was clutch in game 2.
  21. NBA

    im highly impressed with boston they are so organized its scary so where does this leave the bucks if they cant pass a team lead by kids utah is amazing if i had to choose i would give mitchell ROY
  22. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Well, I wouldn't call her lipstick colour the same purple as that person's. It's more reddish purple, so I don't think it would deliver the message (assuming the anime staff even knows the truth :p)
  23. Rin's Art Stuff ;P

    I was bored so I traced a part from The Eleventh Striker
  24. Movie 22: [Official Title Unknown] Zero

    watch the movie on this link https://www4.9anime.is/watch/detective-conan-movie-22-zeros-executioner.l0rm
  25. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Yeah, I had that thought in the back of my mind—decided to go through with the comment as it was, though. Does any other recurring female character—other than Rumi and you know who —in the anime have purple lipstick? If not, then that's the clue.
  26. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    It's actually Rumi's real lipstick colour in the anime. Hers was never red
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