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  4. Movie 21: Crimson Love Letter

    I just finished watching the Movie. maybe I missed it... Who wrote the Crimson Love Letter?? for whom is it? Is it a real love letter by Momiji to Heiji. Is it a hidden poem meaning in one of the Karuta card. Does this involve the bomber & his dead wife?
  5. Last Poster Wins

  6. what anime does inspires you to learn japanese

    Detective Conan for the win!
  7. Malay Chatroom

    Dh lama x masuk tmpt ni.... :'DDDDDD S I L E N C E . . .
  8. Who should Ai end up with at the end of DC

    I have a feeling Haibara will get a sad ending. I'm not saying she's going to die but just think about it. Haibara is the creator of APTX-4869. Even if she is bonded with Conan and the people around her, she is still the 'criminal' in this story. Let's just say Vermouth became Conan's ally in the near end of the series (I'm begging you don't spoil me, please), she will still be sent to justice. I think Haibara will still be sentenced for her involvement in the BO.
  9. NBA

    lol patiently waiting for july 1st
  10. [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,013–1,01X: Bayside Shakedown

  11. [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,013–1,01X: Bayside Shakedown

    Spoiler pics for 1,015 are now out: imgur.com/a/oPGeS3N No break next week—we can expect 1,016 spoilers at this time, next week.
  12. I need help to find an episode

    Your welcome!
  13. I need help to find an episode

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I need help to find an episode

    Hmm, think you mean Shinichi Kudo's New York Case? Episode 286-288
  15. Batman/Detective Conan_Deck of Minds

    Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds Chapter 28 Mystery aboard the Cruiser A mystery man, a truck, a crate, and a dead body. Damian was stunned. Was everything he said true? "And you're certain about all of this?" "I'm not lying," Mitsuhiko assured. "If we go back to the storage room you'll see." "See what?" questioned Damian. "The crate I told you about before, the one where the body was hidden inside," Mitsuhiko began. "It's here on the cruiser. Why else would I sneak onto this ship?" "I don't know.. maybe to get a free cruise out to sea?" "Come on, I'm being serious." Learning this Damian raised a hand to his chin. "So that would explain." "You believe me right?" Of everything that had been learned there was one thing to question. "If all of what you say is true, why not alert the police? Why try and investigate this yourself instead of leaving it to the professionals?" "I was unable to call anyone," Mitsuhiko informed. "Why's that? Do you not have a phone?" "I do." Proving this Mitsuhiko reached into his pocket to reveal just that. "See." "That puts us back at square one. If what you say is true, why didn't you contact the police?" Damian asked. "Your phone ran out of juice or something?" "Over time it did, but not at first," replied Mitsuhiko. "When I was stuck in the back of that truck I was unable to make any calls, there was no service for some reason. It was almost like my phone's signal was blocked." Damian's eyes narrowed. "He's right, his phone's signal must have been jammed while traveling in that truck. That is very telling." Damian looked back at Mitsuhiko. "So the truck finally reaches its destination, and then you manage to escape. What happened next?" "Well.. I." Mitsuhiko began rehashing all that happened following his exit of the truck. "After I escaped I hid behind a large garbage bin, one in the alley the truck was parked in." "Go on." Mitsuhiko nodded. "The driver of the truck returned to the back shortly after." "And what did he do after he came back?" "Nothing," replied Mitsuhiko. This was not the expected answer. "I waited, as did he. A minute passed, then a whole bunch more." "Was he waiting for something?" Mitsuhiko nodded. "Eventually another man showed up, a stevedore." "A stevedore?" It was now all coming together. "And this stevedore transported the body onto this ship right?" "That's right." "I see." Damian turned for the door. "Where are we going?" "To confirm your claims," replied Damian. "Come on." The two stepped past the door leading them back into the hall. The destination was clear, the storage room. Both of them kept an eye out for anyone else roaming the hall. "We're good to go," Damian said. "What's that supposed to mean?" Mitsuhiko asked. "Do you not want us to get seen?" "Anyone sees us heading for the storage room will have questions," Damian replied. "I don't want questions." Continuing onward the pair made a move around the corner. The door to the storage room was now in view. "Almost there." As they neared unexpectedly a door on the opposite wall flew open. The two instinctively stopped as they watched one of the security guards step out. Turning, he immediately noticed the pair. "What are you kids doing down this way, and alone for that matter?" "We were.." Mitsuhiko was at a loss for words. "We are on our way to the pool," Damian stated. "The pool, oh I see!" The security guard laughed. That very moment the door to the storage room opened. Someone exited. Who was it? Due to the security guard standing in his line of sight Damian was uncertain. "If you're looking for the pool you'll find that you'll reach it much sooner if you turn back from where you just came," the security guard pointed. "You'll take a right at the end of the hall, keep going straight from there. No way can you boys miss it." "Thanks," replied Damian who made a move to turn. "We clearly took a wrong turn." "No big deal, it's to be expected. Especially if I am to assume this is your first trip aboard this cruiser." Damian retreated back into the direction they had come with Mitsuhiko following. "What, so that's it? We're not going to go to the storage room?" "Follow my lead," responded Damain. "But the body.. we need to go to the storage roo-" "And we will," Damian promised. He stopped. "Look, I don't want to arise any unwanted attention. If that guard sees a couple of kids going into the storage room unattended he'd surely have questions and that could blow whatever investigation it is you've got going.. what we've got going." Mitsuhiko took a deep breath. "So what are we going to do now?" "What I told the guard we would do," Damian replied. "We go to the pool room." "Then?" "We walk past there and circle around until we reach the storage room again," Damian replied. "Ok." "After we search the storage room for the special box you spoke of we'll adjust from there if need be," Damian continued. "Sound good?" Mitsuhiko nodded. "Works for me." Damian made a move to walk again. "Let's move. Doubtful this case solves itself." Mitsuhiko paced forward, finding his way to Damian's side in no time. "Hey, you still haven't told me." "About?" "Well.. it's clear you're investigating something as well." Mitsuhiko was certain of this. "When do you plan on sharing what that is?" "My answer hasn't changed. The less you know the better." Even though he wouldn't answer it had to be questioned. What had brought Damian to join this cruise? Had someone sent him? Or did he join this cruise by his own choice? And if so, for what reason? …. In Gotham The board meeting had reached its conclusion. With his business concluded at Wayne Enterprises for the time being Bruce now walked clear of the premises. He raised a hand, blocking the shine of the sun as he searched the ongoing traffic. "There." Spotting the expected vehicle he pressed on. Alfred drew eye to him as he approached. "And how did the meeting go Master Bruce," Alfred greeted. "Well," replied Bruce who entered the car. Following this Alfred returned to the driver side as he too entered the vehicle. "So everything went as expected? That's good to hear sir." "Not everything." Alfred strapped his seat belt on. "What's that?" "Before the board meeting I was approached by an unexpected visitor." "A politician looking to push an agenda no doubt," Alfred assumed. "Not entirely," Bruce replied. "The man I speak of, his name is Jirokichi Suzuki." Alfred turned the key in the ignition. "Should that name ring a bell?" "Kaitou Kid," Bruce replied. "There is no man on this planet that has a profiled history longer with Kid than him." "So he shows up at Wayne Enterprises, what happened next?" "He held out a hand in suggestion of a partnership," Bruce informed. "Given that Kid hit the Gotham Museum and the art show I set up in Japan, Mr. Suzuki felt I'd be the man for such an arrangement." "And why is that?" "In both cases; the museum and the art show Kaitou Kid managed to get past the Wayne security that had been set up. Mr. Suzuki believes that trend will continue," Bruce explained. "And is that your belief as well?" "I believe Kaitou Kid has an agenda, hitting places that are backed by Wayne security is not it," Bruce replied. "Given what happened in Tokyo involving Kid and the Royal Flush Gang, he might just be caught up in more than I originally thought." "If I may enquire, what do you believe the connection between Kaitou Kid and the Royal Flush Gang is?" Now with an opening Alfred pulled into the active stream of traffic. "I'm not going to jump to a baseless conclusion. We do know that Kaitou Kid's current interest seems to reside on the Revenant Warriors," Bruce noted. "One has to wonder, could this be the connection between Kid and the Royal Flush Gang?" "To answer that we'd need to determine the Revenant Warriors importance. What could possibly be the end game for achieving all?" "I've asked that question myself, something I'm still investigating," Bruce admitted. "We figure that out, we may be able to determine what Kaitou Kid hopes to achieve. As far as the Royal Flush Gang is concerned it is far too early to draw a conclusion for what their involvement may be." "What end came of you and Mr. Suzuki's little meet?" Alfred was curious. "Did you reach some kind of agreement?" "Yes, a partnership. His knowledge of Kid, my technology." Bruce confirmed. "Though I made it clear to him that I wouldn't be able to maintain a lengthy presence in Japan, and instead let him know I would be sending someone in my stead to oversee any operations involving Kid." "And who will you send on your behalf?" "Someone I trust to unravel this mystery, the one person who thinks the most like me," Bruce answered. Alfred was pretty sure he knew of whom he spoke of. "I see. And when will this overseas operation to apprehend Kid begin?" "Tomorrow," Bruce replied. "He'll arrive in Tokyo tomorrow." ….. Aboard the Cruiser In short time Damian and Mitsuhiko spotted a large sign hanging over a door on the left, one reading; 'Pool'. Mitsuhiko looked to Damian. "Should we take a peek inside?" "I'm more interested in what's in the storage room," Damian said. "But with that said, we'll need to check out the pool area at some point, and since we're here now we might as well put in our time now. We'd only waste ground if we go to the storage room only to backtrack this way after we finish." "You make a good point." Mitsuhiko saw the logic behind this. "Listen, we're not staying for long. We give it a quick look, anyone or anything that seems off we'll take note of and go." "Got it," Mitsuhiko nodded. "Alright then," said Damian stepping up to the door. He was the first to step in. Their nostrils were immediately met by a strong scent of chlorine. The room was massive in size. Looking to investigate further the pair advanced. Mitsuhiko initially looked left to find a lap pool. There were five lanes in all, all of which were empty except for one. The second lane in, there was someone swimming from one end of the pool to the other. Outside of the pool was a bench area that also hosted a towel rack. There was no one else to be found on that side of the room. "Everything looks pretty typical." There was nothing out of ordinary from what he could tell. Damian's focus was drawn to the other side; it was here he spotted what was clearly the main pool. "There are two people the pool.. Chiasa and Aoko." Damian recognized them both from the boarding process earlier in the evening. He double checked, there was no one else, only the two of them. It didn't take long before Mitsuhiko noticed the pair. "Damian-kun, should we say anything to them?" Damian shook his head. "Only observe." For many seconds he did just that. The two were standing in the four foot section of the pool. While he was uncertain for what they were discussing, he was able to make out their expressions. It may not be much, but it was enough to tell a story. "They seem eased and focused on the moment. Not something you'd equate with someone who is plotting or scheming something." In those silent filled seconds something else caught Mitsuhiko's sight. "Damian-kun look, over there." Damian's eyes fell in the pointed direction to spot a door clear across the room. "What of it?" "Any guess for what's on the other side?" "That's where the steam room is located." "How do you know that?" Mitsuhiko asked. "If you haven't already forgotten," replied Damian who held up his phone. "I have the blueprints for the entirety of this ship." "I didn't forget," Mitsuhiko said. "So are we going to check it out?" "Later," Damian replied. "Given that neither of us are sporting any water play attire that'd make us the suspicious party if anyone notices." Mitsuhiko understood. "Well you do make a good point. So it's off to the storage room now right?" "Would you have it any other way?" "I guess not." "Then let's go." As he walked Damian noticed the woman in the lap pool. From her figure alone he was uncertain of who she was, and given that she wore a pair of goggles and a swim cap he was unable to make out any defining features. "Never mind it.. she's probably nothing to worry about." The two left in the fashion that they had come. Now back in the hallway they quietly traveled along. While proceeding Mitsuhiko gave eye to the many different works of art that were present along the walls, a majority of which were paintings. They turned right after reaching the end of the hall. Was Mitsuhiko's claim true? Was there really a dead body aboard the cruiser? That begged the question, who was the one responsible? "Bane.." That was the first name to come to Damian's mind. But that would beg the question of why. "If Bane is wrapped in something like this, why would he have the body of someone he killed shipped on a cruiser he is taking part in? That's not his style and above all would make little sense." There fact still stood Bane had surveillance running in the storage room, so any conducted investigation on those grounds would be viewed by him. This was a detail that Damian could not ignore. "Hey Damian-kun," Mitsuhiko spoke. Pulled away from his inner thoughts Damian responded. "What now?" "Earlier you mentioned the steam room and the pool area," Mitsuhiko recalled. "What else is located on this floor besides those and the storage room?" "The recreation center and the armory," Damian reminded. "Both of which are by the storage room." "Are you sure there is nothing else down here?" "I'm sure? Why are you asking?" "Well there was also the security room, and you didn't mention that when we initially agreed we'd be searching every floor," Mitsuhiko noted. "Only because we won't be going into the security room," Damian replied. "We're not authorized to do so after all." Taking another right the two were now back in sight of the door leading to the storage room. Continuing the two immediately passed a door which had a sign reading Recreation Center. Halfway down they passed a second door, one hoisting a sign that read 'Armory'. "Are we not going to search those rooms?" "We'll fall back and check those after you show me this discovery of yours in the storage room." The task was simple, find the body. Damian looked from left to right, the coast was clear. With that accounted for he opened the door to the storage room. Now inside Damian looked to Mitsuhiko. "We're here. Now show me," Damian said. "Show me where the body is supposedly hidden." Sure of where it was Mitsuhiko wasted no time. Marching forward the young detective locked in on the crate he had seen while riding in the truck just a few hours prior. "There," Mitsuhiko pointed. "It should be in that one." Damian came to his side, noting the wall of other packages that was blocking the sought prize. "Well, let's get started." Not another word needed to be said. The both of them began moving objects out of the way that blocked their path to what they sought. Damian moved quickly, knowing if Bane was in fact watching he could arrive at any moment. "That's the last one," said Mitsuhiko as he dragged a bulky barrel off to the side. The lone crate now sat before them. "Now for the moment of truth." Mitsuhiko watched as Damian dropped to a knee, his heart now racing. "This is it. Now he'll see for himself." Tightly grasping the sides of the crate Damian pulled the top off. What he discovered inside was not a body, but rather a large cooler, one at least six feet in length. "I.. I don't recall there being a cooler," voiced Mitsuhiko. Only one step remained. Damian placed a hand atop the cooler, pulling its top off with minimal difficulty. Mitsuhiko gasped in disbelief. There was but one thing to find inside, many cubes of ice sitting in an empty bed of water. "It.. the body's not there!" Mitsuhiko still couldn't believe it. "Where could it have gone?" After placing the top of the cooler back on Damian stood up, looking at Mitsuhiko with a questioning look to display. "There's no body." Words could not describe his disappointment. "You don't believe me, do you?" Damian looked away, dropping focus back to all of the items they had moved out of place. "Let's clean up," Damian stated. "Once we finish, it's off to the Recreation Center followed by the Armory. Our investigation isn't over." Mitsuhiko could see it in his eyes, Damian didn't believe him. He couldn't be any more disappointed. None of it made any sense. He was certain that was the crate the body was inside. "I don't understand.. the body was in there. Where is it now?" … Kaito had checked the first and second floors and in both cases there was no sign of Aoko. "She said she would be in the cafeteria, yet she wasn't there." He now walked down a staircase that would lead him to the third floor. Halfway down Kaito pulled out his phone, attempting to call his friend once again. "Aoko it's me, Kaito.. trying to call you for like the fifth time. Whenever you decide to pick up would be nice. So if you get this message I'd really appreciate a call me back." Placing the phone back in his pocket Kaito continued down the stairs. "This is the only floor I haven't checked." Kaito then referred to cruiser handbook that he had stashed away. "I wonder what is all down on this level? If Aoko is down here there must be something that would have brought her." Kaito reached a pair of doors which he walked past after reaching the bottom of the stairs. Not taking another step he began looking through the handbook. "An Armory! There's an armory on this ship?! I'll definitely be checking that out." Not stopping there Kaito noted what other rooms were on this floor. "A recreation center.. yah, not my kinda thing. Let's see here, there's also an inside swimming pool. Bam! That has to be it; that has to be where she is!" Tracing his hand over the page Kaito was able to determine where he needed to go. "Need help finding something?" Kaito looked up to find a security guard standing no more than six feet away. It wasn't the same man he had encountered on the upper floor. "Was just looking to see which direction the pool is in," Kaito replied. "There," the security guard pointed. "Head down that way and you'll reach it within the minute." "Thanks a ton," Kaito replied. "Anytime. Hope you enjoy the rest of the cruise." From there the security guard turned for the opposite direction. "Now to get back to fixing these forsaken cameras." After stashing the booklet into his jacket Kaito began walking. "If I go this way and take a right further up that should lead me to where I want to be just like he said." From there Kaito pressed on. As suspected, within a minute Kaito came to spot a sign over a door reading 'Pool'. "Bingo." Entering the room the first thing that came to ear was laughter. At long last he had found her. "Aoko!" Kaito called her name for a second time as he walked forward. Aoko who had her back turned to him shifted after hearing her name called. "Kaito!" "Yo what's up?" a grinning Kaito approached. "Where have you been?! I tried calling you several times." Kaito shrugged. "I was napping for a bit. Besides, in your message you said you'd be in the cafeteria which makes you partially to blame. Plus I called you and you didn't pickup.. I guess I know why." "I should have expected no less from you." "What's that supposed to mean?" Aoko rolled her eyes. "Forget about it." She then turned for the woman who was in the pool across from her. "Look, there is someone I want you to meet." Raising his head the Kid thief came to spot the girl in question. "Chiasa?" Chiasa waved. "Hi Kaito-kun!" Aoko looked from one to the other with a look of surprise. "Hold on, you guys know each other?" "We met just a bit ago," informed Kaito who took another step forward. "It happened shortly after you went into your room. Chiasa-san and her friend were having trouble with their key card so I approached in hopes of fixing their problem." "Turns out we had the right room number but wrong floor," Chiasa laughed. "It was totally Yuriko's fault." "What was my fault?" Everyone's attention was diverted to the door leading into the room. Now approaching was a young woman wearing a violet colored swimming suit and a pair of black colored cut gloves. "Yuriko, you're finally here!" Chiasa happily jumped. "Don't try to flip it," replied a frowning Yuriko who dropped her hands from the towel around her neck before placing them upon her waist. "You were just talking about me, weren't you?" "I can promise you it was all good," Kaito said. Yuriko shifted her focus. "You.. that's right, you're that guy from earlier. Kitto-kun was it?" Aoko giggled in light of this. "Kaito," he corrected. "Kaito, oh that's right," Yuriko recalled. "Chiasa-chan is she the friend you were talking about earlier?" Aoko asked. "Yep, that's her," Chiasa confirmed. She then looked to her friend. "Hey Yuriko, are you going to come in?" Yuriko reached for the towel around her neck. "Don't mind if I do." Yanking the towel down she looked toward Kaito. "Mind holding this for a bit?" "Auhh, well.." before Kaito had a chance to reply the towel was tossed into his arms. "Sure, why not." Dashing with a run start Yuriko lunged for the pool. "Bon voyage!" She dropped in with a big splash. Ascending from the depths of the water Yuriko looked up at him with a wink. "Thanks Kitto-kun." This brought laughs from both Chiasa and Aoko. Kaito merrily rolled his eyes. "It's not that funny." "Do you plan on joining us at any point?" Yuriko asked. "Unfortunately I didn't bring any swimming garments along for the trip," Kaito replied. "You could just strip down to your underwear," a smiling Chiasa suggested. This caught Kaito by surprise. "That.. umm, sounds like a great idea, it's just." "I get it, you're lady shy," Yuriko assumed. "As if," Aoko stated. "I'd say it's quite the opposite. He seems to take pleasure in tormenting me on a daily basis for example." "Hey, that's not true," Kaito denied. "Is to!" Aoko fired back. This moment brought a realization for Yuriko. "Would I be right to assume you two are heavily acquainted?" "Unfortunately," Kaito muttered under his breath. Subtle movement came from his pocket at that moment. It was the vibration of his phone. Flipping in hand he found it was an incoming call from Konosuke. "I have to take this." "We are, we've known each other since we were little. We currently attend the same high school too," Aoko conveyed. "I'm not surprised in the least." "What about you and Yuriko-chan?" Aoko asked. "How long have you and Chiasa-chan known each other for?" Kaito saw this moment as a window of opportunity. "Now is my chance." "Chiasa and I?" Yuriko looked up as if to surf through her thoughts. "If I'm not mistaken it's coming around to three years since I was brought on as her personal tutor." "Tutor? You're her tutor?" This bit of information caught Aoko by surprise. "A part timer if you will," Yuriko confirmed. "My main job is as a mechanic." "What can I say, my grades in school before Yuriko came on board weren't exactly comparable to what you would see from a model student," Chiasa admitted. "There is no mistake about that," Yuriko said looking toward her friend. "You used to be a class clown of sorts. Thankfully you're past that stage." "That scarily sounds like someone I know," said Aoko who looked to where Kaito once stood to find that he was gone. The only thing that remained was Yuriko's towel that hung over the pool rail. "Kaito! Where did he go?" Yuriko and Chiasa noticed as well. "Gee, someone was in a hurry," Yuriko noted. "Any idea where he might have gone?" Aoko shook her head. "When it comes to Kaito there's no telling." "I wouldn't worry, I'm sure he'll be back shortly." Yuriko seemed sure of this. At that moment Aoko and Yuriko were met by a wave of water that forcefully splashed on them from behind. Their immediate reaction was to spin around, both coming to face a grinning Chiasa. "Oops, my hand might have slipped." Yuriko and Aoko looked to one another. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Aoko asked. "That retribution is best served in waves?" Yuriko responded. "Let's do it!" …. Recreation Center That was what the sign hanging over the door read. Damian's thoughts were clouded. What Mitsuhiko had said about the events leading him to boarding the ship, was any of it true? "So are we going in?" Mitsuhiko questioned. Pressing against the door Damian forced it open. He said nothing as the two entered. The room had a lot of space. There was a basketball court located toward the right. The section was empty, not a person in sight. Shifting their focus to the left they came to spot an area that was filled with a wide variety of equipment for working out. To their delight there were two people to find. The first was a man who was lifting a set of dumbbells who had his back turned to them. Because of this neither was able to tell who he was. The other person to spot was a red haired woman who was pacing herself on a treadmill. Both recognized her, Rosetta Dellmara. Mitsuhiko gave Damian a nudge. "Hey look, it's your dream girl." "I see you're still riding that assumption," replied Damian. "That didn't sound like a denial," Mitsuhiko grinned. The floppy hat and summer dress Rosetta had worn before had been replaced with a sports headband and top along with a pair of sweat pants. "Let's move," Damian said before advancing in the direction of the two. "What?" this was surprising to Mitsuhiko. "I thought you didn't want to talk to anyone, only that we would observe." "I don't intend to, look," Damian pointed as the two proceeded. "There's a staircase. I want to see what's on the second floor of this room." The two reached the bottom of the staircase in little time. "Stay here," Damian instructed. "If you see or hear anything strange take note of it. I promise I won't be long." "Roger that captain." Mitsuhiko gave him the thumbs up. As expected Damian began his journey up the mountain of stairs. Mitsuhiko crossed his arms over his chest. "What legitimate investigation only involves observing?" he shook his head. "At this rate we'll never learn anything and we'll be too late to stop the potential killer." It was now time to act. Now with Damian's back turned to him, Mitsuhiko was ready to make a move. Steering away from what they had agreed upon Mitsuhiko walked toward the man who was still weight lifting. Narrowing the distance between them to where they were now only feet apart Mitsuhiko spoke. "Excuse me sir." Hearing someone speak to him, the man placed the dumbbell weights to the ground before turning around. Now able to see his face Mitsuhiko knew who it was. "He's Taro Toda.. that's right, I crossed his wife while I was in the cafeteria earlier." "Is there something I can do for you young man?" asked Taro who wiped a streak of sweat from his forehead using the towel that was positioned around his neck. Taking a couple seconds to think up a question of response Mitsuhiko responded. "I was just wondering," Mitsuhiko began as he turned in the direction of the stairs. "Do you have any idea what is on the second floor?" "Oh yes," Taro said pleased to inform. "I visited up there a short time ago. There isn't much mind you, just a couple of tracks." "Tracks?" "Yes, for running," Taro replied. "There are four lanes total. The two outside lanes are for those who wish only to walk, while the two inside lanes are for joggers and runners. That's pretty much it and a bag of chips kid. You won't find anything else up there." "Did anyone else besides you go up there?" "Now that you mention it, yes, there was some other guy up there who was running in the lane beside the one I was using. Not sure if he's come down yet," Taro ran down. "Was there anyone else?" Mitsuhiko asked. "Not that I can remem.. hold on, there was another man," Taro recalled. "Yes, that's right. On my way down he was walking up the stairs." "How long ago would that have been?" "About three minutes ago, give or take," Taro noted. "Why do you ask, are you looking for someone?" Playing it off as that Mitsuhiko nodded. "I knew he would be in this room somewhere." Taro smiled. "Glad I could be of service." Feeling there was nothing more to say Taro diverted his attention back to the weights that lied before him. Mitsuhiko then looked in the direction of Rosetta who was still running on the active treadmill. Given that she had earplugs on as well Mitsuhiko decided against approaching her, instead opting to reverse his tracks. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he stopped. "I'll wait here, it shouldn't be too long before Damian-kun returns." Marching up the long fleet of stairs Damian managed to finally reach the top. Now standing before a large door he attempted to open it. The door knob wouldn't turn. "It's locked." He attempted to open it for a second time only to receive the same results. "Looks like this little tour is over." As he turned to walk away Damian heard a voice, one that had carried from the other side of the door. "Someone is in there." Returning to the door Damian curiously placed his ear against the door in hopes of hearing what was being said. "That is one crazy conspiracy theory you've got wrapped in that head of yours," the voice of a man spoke. "I don't even know how you could come to a conclusion like that." "Theory? Try fact," another responded. It was a woman, Damian was sure of this. "I don't believe in coincidence Neo." "Whether you want to believe it or not, sometimes things just happen to line up by chance," the man replied. "This just so happens to be one of those cases. There is nothing more to it." "You, me, Mar-kun, and Naba. There is no way we all ended up on the same cruise by chance." "Oh come on, do you really believe us being here has something to do with what happened that night seven years ago? Don't be ridiculous." Damian's interest began to rise. "This sounds promissing," he softly spoke. Anticipating what would be said next another sound echoed from the grounds, one of agony. Damian immediately pushed away from the door. "Someone screamed." Turning, Damian raced down the stairs as adrenaline began to rise. He reached Mitsuhiko who had a look of concern on his face. "Tsuburaya, what happened?!" "I'm not sure, I heard someone scream," Mitsuhiko replied. Taro who wasn't far away walked up on the two from behind. "It sounded like it came from the hall somewhere," Taro said as he reached into his pocket. Pulling out a pair of glasses he placed them over his eyes. "We better hurry, if someone is in trouble they may need our help." Mitsuhiko nodded. "He's right." They wouldn't waste another second. Charging toward the door the three of them pushed past it which brought them back into the hall. It was there that they saw her, sitting on the ground just feet away. "That woman, she's Freya Hepperway." Damian instantly recognized her seeing her earlier. "Ma'm, are you ok?" Taro called to her as they closed in. She raised a hand, pointing to the door she sat before. "There, in.. inside," Freya fretted. Taro who stood to the front of the pack made a move for the door, swinging it open to have an instant fright over take him. He stepped back as he screamed out in fear. "What the hell happened?!" Damian and Mitsuhiko took to the front, both witnessing what the others had with their own eyes. No more than ten feet into the room a man dressed in a clown suit hung from the ceiling by the rope that was tied around his neck. Drilled into the hanging man's abdomen was what appeared to be a dagger. Narrowing his eyes Damian stepped into the room. "Hey kid, what are you doing?!" Taro yelled. Now closer Damian stared up at the man who hung, it didn't take long for him to ID the victim. "Lukmar Xiene, he was the first person I witnessed board this ship." Damian then turned to his side to find Mitsuhiko, there was a dumbfounding look on his face. "What's wrong?" "D..Damian-kun, that's him." "Him? What the heck are you talking about?" "The body that I told you about, the one that was in the back of that truck.. this is him!" Damian's eyes widened. "What? That can't be so! I saw this man board the ship myself," Damian declared. Mitsuhiko faced him. "I know what I saw, you have to believe me!" The two would then be joined. "What the hell happened in HERE?! The two spun around to spot one of the security guards. "Well.. are any of you going to answer?!" "We just got here," Damian explained. "He was already here." The security guard moved deeper into the room. "Then step aside! We need to cut him down, there's a chance he could still be alive!" Making a move toward the body the security guard would be stopped by the voice of another. "I wouldn't bother, he's already dead." Mitsuhiko, Damian, and the security guard all turned around to now find a man wearing a sports cap standing in the doorway. "Are you the one responsible for this?" the security guard questioned. "Of course not," the newcomer responded. "Then how the hell would you know?!" "The evidence is all there, he's gone I'm afraid." "Just who are you?! I command that you identify yourself!" The security guard yelled before pulling out a stun gun which he then aimed at him. He held up his hands to showcase he wasn't a threat. "I am a detective," replied the young man who stepped forward. "Heiji Hattori." To Be Continued
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  17. NBA

    how i hate the lebron news its just there to annoy you
  18. I need help to find an episode

    When I was 6-8 years old I used to watch detective conan, and for that age, some stuff scared me (a lot). But idk, I keept watching it how you can see, for 2 years maybe even more. The thing is that 1 specific episode got stuck in my mind until now, now I'm 20, I mean it was 39845729845 years ago, and I want to know what episode is, and if some of you, for some reason knows what it is, please tell me. Its about a theatre, there is a live acting there and there is an actor that in this case he is the angel of the scene, so he rises up with some rope to simulate that he is flying, but he appears with a bullet hole and obviusly dead. That's all I remember. Thanks. If for some reason I don't answer back, send an email at lgrhd@hotmail.com Or add me on discord: Trebla#6822 But I showld get notifications from here, I hope it works. And again, thanks.
  19. 10 Years Later

    What a coincidence ! *** 10 years ago Internet came to our country around 1997-1998, when I was in middle school and knew nothing about it - Yahoo Messenger era :). I remember that it was hard to get internet at home; we had to go to "internet shop". Do get it wrong with the cyber cafe which is totally different - no wifi at that time. (it was like a small business which the owner bought the internet package from the provider with high speed and then shared to their many PCs. Then, you went there if you wanted to use internet and pay for the owner with a fixed price per hour). Now, I am placing a laptop on the top of my lap and using my wifi. Wow, life has changed significantly. I got to know this website when I was in Uni, I suppose. I remember how excited I was when I knew that there was a forum for Conan-addictors and it was in English. It was so coooool coz I wanted to have more friends with same hobby as well as I could practice my English. I remember spending hours and hours reading through threads and posts, checking the site everyday and got so happy when someone said something on my home-page or message. I came to Conan paper-based coincidently when my dad brought home 2 which his boss tool from one of his colleagues who was almost 30 at that time. I remember my dad said "X is over 20 and got so addicted to these comic. IDK what is inside these stuff and he forgot his meals so as to finish them". I tried them (that was Conan chapter 5 and 6) and what happened, you can guess, I think. Due to my near-sighted eyes, my parents did not want me to read Comics or other kinds of non-related subjects at school. "Fortunately", my parents were busy to cook breakfast for me, they gave me money to every morning to eat and go to school. I skipped the breakfast and saved money for Conan. Then I had many matters with my stomach afterwards. Things flood back in our mind which just happened yesterday. When I was here for quite long, although I did not talk much, I often watch people silently. I noticed that some went in and went out which I felt sad. It was like you lost a friend. That is always a drawback of internet in which we did not know and keep contact with somebody forever. Along with some other reasons, I gradually forgot this place. Also, I changed my email address because I needed to apply for job after graduation. Somehow, I totally forgot about this, Conan and many things. Today (2018), 8 years later, I jumped back to my old email for password recover which I accidentally saw some emails from many many years ago and some came from this place. I signed in again. I used to think/ imagine in the past that "What will I do 10 years later ?" "Who will be my husband ?" "Who am I going to be". Some of them I have the answers and some which I am going to achieve what I want. Time is a thing that can never roll back but move forward. Failures and successes are both to be with you on the way of growing. What you have learnt that really matters. Just live and fulfill your dreams. Might be 10 years later, you would come back here and see your posts of 10-year-younger you. You see how much changes happened to your life and yourself but this place definitely retains a part of your valued memories. I am so joyful to be here again today. I don't know you. You don't know me either. However, I wish you happiness and strong determinations to overcome any obstacles you have. I am grateful to Management Board of this site to have done such nice efforts to remain it up to now. A part of my childhood memories left here. Jasmine 282
  20. Who should Ai end up with at the end of DC

    If Ai cannot be paired up with any existing character, then I guess her best hope would be for the producers to create a new character out of the blue as her love interest (as they did with the love interests of Chiba & Agasa).
  21. What's on Your Mind?

  22. [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,013–1,01X: Bayside Shakedown

    Thanks for the pics!
  23. Last Poster Wins

  24. What's on Your Mind?

    happy e3 week you hecking nerds
  25. NBA

    Would've been cool but he's gotta consistently be good throughout finals game to it, but I get your point on the haters part. Another title for the Warriors. Now here comes one of my favorite times soon..free agency! should be gooood
  26. Hiya all!

    Roses are red Violets are red Everything is on fire (In the movies at least) Oh, mind the piano wire Hello! New member here, I first saw Detective Conan as a child, but recently I have restarted watching the series and I am loving it. I look forward to being a part of this community and catching up all the (many, many) episodes.
  27. Greatest Ever

    DC is the anime I consider the best am I right?.....Yes , why? DC is the anime i know that depicts realistic future human tragedies like the Black Org usedbto be on the show plus it has but one fantasy invovled it is when Kudo turns into a kid. Any more?
  28. NBA

    i wish steph would have won FMVP not because i dont think he is great, to me he is in the top 20 but because of the haters but kudos to the gsw for dealing with all those injuries and still wining i got to give props to livingston for playing his smartes basketball yet mcgee was good basically their bench did their part this season if they stay healthy forget the rockets
  29. [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,013–1,01X: Bayside Shakedown

    Spoiler pics for 1,014 are now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5736965871 No break next week—we can expect 1,015 spoilers by the end of this week (most likely Friday/Saturday).
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