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  3. 4 Letter Challenge!

  4. NBA

    I hope he stays healthy
  5. NBA

    stevens will fit it i think he now has a killer starting 5 kyrie is the only ? for this season
  6. heyy im new.. i guess?

    Heyyyyyy... so just a little info on me; I first knew DC years ago when i used to just watch random eng dub episodes on youtube when i was a small child and basically forgot about it over the years (i think most people started off like that too lol) One day, as i was looking through animes to watch, i came across DC and was like "wow i didnt know this was an anime, i thought it was some random mystery english cartoon" (oh the cringe, i know) So, to go over my childhood memories, i decided to start all over and watch it for good now because i used to watch random out of order eps when i was a kid. I thought it would just be an anime to pass time (considering the long dooming amount of episodes) and didnt think i would become that obsessed with it haha. And so after becoming a hard fan and binge watching really hard, I have just finished all of the episodes, movies, and OVAs, and am currently on my way to the manga. And its only been exactly 2 months. Yep. No, im not lying. Yes, i did mark it on the calendar. BUUT, having no one to speak about this anime to, (considering this is a very popular anime, I surprisingly couldn't find anyone in "real life" that has watched it or even heard about it) I found a couple of forums and stuff online and decided to make an account here and join and talk about it with other people!! So yeah, im the "newbie" i guess, but I'll try my best to become active and supportive of this forum and participate as much as possible!!
  7. 4 Letter Challenge!

  8. What's on Your Mind?

    Super true about college! and rip yunnie, she will be missed :/
  9. Favorite Opening or Ending?

    Ooh mine would definitely be "butterfly core". Not only is the song really upbeat and catchy, but the way the characters and the transition and the video in general was made to match with the beat of the song was just really amazing amd gave you the anime shivers
  10. NBA

    boston for sure looks like the #1 team. gonna be interesting now to see how they fit everything once the guys come back healthy the west will be fun to watch
  11. Good call. With the new update I forgot to reinstate signatures. My bad. It's all good now though. So have fun!
  12. 4 Letter Challenge!

  13. NBA

    im looking forward to the wc matchups boston is gonna rule the east
  14. Japanese Classroom

    Kinda late, but allow me to explain. Yes, ごめんなさい means sorry. The quotation marks you're talking about are called "dakuten", and it's only used on a few of the hiragana and katakana characters. They're used for the k-line, s-line, t-line and h-line. So that means: k-line: かきくけこ (ka ki ku ke ko) becomes がぎぐげご (ga gi gu ge go) s-line: さしすせそ (sa shi su se so) becomes ざじずぜぞ (za ji zu ze zo) t-line: たちつてと (ta chi tsu te to) becomes だぢづでど (da ji zu de do) h-line: はひふへほ (ha hi hu he ho) becomes ばびぶべぼ (ba bi bu be bo) Similarly, there is also "handukaten" but it's only used on the h-line. In that case, はひふへほ just becomes ぱぴぷぺぽ (pa pi pu pe po) All of this is just for the sake of creating a larger variety of consonant sounds in Japanese characters and they're used in the same way for katakana characters. In fact, some hiragana and katakana charts do have dakuten and handakuten characters as well.
  15. Does the New DCW allows signatures? I cant seem to find it in 'Edit Profile' :/
  16. NBA

    Yeah a little space is good for jerseys Christmas Schedule Bucks-Knicks Thunder-Rockets 76ers-Celtics Lakers-Warriors Blazers-Jazz Opening Night 76ers-Celtics Thunder-Warriors
  17. What's on Your Mind?

    College can be really hard sometimes. One moment you have absolutely nothing to do, the very next moment you have a pile of work to complete with an unnatural deadline. PS: RIP Yunnie.
  18. Where is Everyone From?

    Born n' raised in Texas of the United States.
  19. Earlier
  20. NBA

    the older ones seem to tight for my taste i like some space
  21. NBA

    06 alternate yeah that's a good one I wanna get more jerseys, especially 90s ones
  22. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Thanks ^^
  23. Conan X Ai - Haibara's "AH-LE-LE"

    one of my favourite scenes Detective Conan is the reason I have to insert "ah le le" into my childish mocking from now on hehe
  24. I'm backkkkk! :)

    I'm new to this community but welcome back none the less. waaah! that's amazing!! I'm not sure if it's a good recommendation but based on what I saw on twitter, if you happen to visit Osaka (which is known for great food and historic attractions, not to mention home of the Detective of the West ) perhaps check out the yTV station at Shiromi, Chūō-ku, Osaka; where apparently the Kaitou KID has stolen the Conan statue, leaving a note in its place. It appears to be a temporary event hyping for the 2019 movie. Hope you have a pleasant and safe trip and happy early birthday!
  25. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Nice work!
  26. MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Black Organization (Kids) Black Organization (Teens)
  27. Introducing myself

    Hello everyone! I’m Arrimas Arrington. I’m 25. I loved detective conan at all when I watched case closed in adult swim when I was 11 years old. I lived in Washington, D.C. later than Maryland. I don’t support.
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