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  2. A new release date has finally been announced—April 16th, 2021! And courtesy of Kemo, here's a message accompanying the announcement from Conan's voice actress, Minami Takayama: "Thank you for your patience! We appreciate it! We are pleased to announce the release of our latest film. For the first time in 24 years, we have postponed the release of the film... and to be honest, it has taken a huge toll on us. However, I was determined to wait for the dangerous wave to pass with those of you who look forward to it every year, so I was able to change my mind. I haven't seen the finished film yet, so I'm hoping to build up my excitement for the release of the film again from here. A year of waiting is a long time, but compared to the time I had to declare my girlfriend with Ran... lol. The Scarlet Bullet RELOAD begins! Takayama Minami"
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  4. hey friend. what better to check for creating sites wix or wordpress? where to find domains and ssl?
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  6. Apologies for the double post. Here's a full translation of 1,065 (but be advised—this translation is from Arabic to English, so there may be more errors/mistranslations than there would be in a Japanese to English translation):
  7. I am a gay.. It's not a news nowadays because the world is modern and there is no anger to people like me.. It's really cool. So I guess you know what I may tell - I like cute boys as well. I even have my favorite one, but unfortunately we can talk only via internet.. It's a guy, named Carl who streams at https://vibragame.net/en/gei.html. But if you gonna look him, please don't tell about me, because I'm very shy.. He is really cool and cute and that's the type of guys I adore
  8. 1,065 spoiler pics now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7115689550?pn=1 Here are text spoilers, courtesy of BK 201, Mera, NightBaron and CG: And here are spoiler pic translations, with imgur link courtesy of Nike1421: https://imgur.com/a/Bpwn4k9
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  10. I will help you. Also decided to buy new ssl cert. I change it to www.ssls.com because Security and data protection headaches can affect every type of website and business. So everyone need to protect ow websites from hacking.
  11. also can suggest some https or ssl sertificates?
  12. What I need to know before creating website? some tutorials?
  13. I think I am logging in after 6 years...

  14. It makes me sad every time I see people talking about the manga quality getting so bad. I understand where they're coming from because you definitely can't deny that it hasn't dragged on long, but I still find myself looking forward to Conan chapters because I just feel sooo attached to the series. To be fair though, it took me years to catch up to the manga, so maybe I'll start feeling the burn out in some time? I hope not loll
  15. Apologies for the double post. 1,064 spoiler pics are now out: https://imgur.com/a/FjOQNlM And here are text spoilers, courtesy of Mera Sasumi, Holmes, Kemo, Night Baron, Spimer and Nay.
  16. Yeah, in terms of "Rum is someone other than the 3 main suspects", he's still at the top of the list. Kanenori being Rum makes sense, as far as occam's razor explanations go—in such a scenario, Rum would be doing what Bourbon did last arc, in a very simple reuse (becoming Kogorō's apprentice and working right next to the Mōri Detective Agency).
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