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  1. Hi , welcome to dcw !! and MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!! HAPPY B'DAY !!

  2. These two, although they are really the same were always addressed as two different people. (And some even wishes them to be two real different people). So what's the secret behind that? And what differences can we cite between Conan and Shinichi and the way they interact with people? (We can also see in the recent Shounen Sunday poll that Shinichi came down to fourth while Conan rose to first) (P.S. Off topic- did anyone of you see SHINee's new song? I thought it was creepy when they released a song entitled "Sherlock" when I am starting to get addicted with Conan and Holmes)
  3. "An interesting play for little kids..." What episode is that? Can you tell me? Anyway my fave scenes are:
  4. This may sound rather selfish in Ai's side but I think she can create a permanent antidote for Conan considering that she didn't actually lose the data about the APTX. If the data is there, then most probably, with her knowledge could synthesized an antidote- a permanent one for their convenience. However, she deliberately lied about the data and so let us wondering for what reason. Personally, I think she doesn't want Conan to turn back to Shinichi just yet. Two possible motives might cover the supposition. One, she wants to protect Conan and herself from the organization. Or, she doesn't want him to be Shinichi once again as it would mean that he finally has a chance of being with Ran which if viewed by most of us would be quite difficult for Ai seeing that she must like Conan.
  5. The best detectives on par with Conan are Saguru Hakuba and Miwako Sato The strongest probably is Ran and Makoto The funniest- well it would be Kaitou Kid. Please do add Haibara too. She has a sense of humor-however twisted
  6. Nanatsu no Umi wo Wataru Kaze no You ni.. I'm listening to it at the moment
  7. I have read everything now so my personal favorites were.. The Hound of the Baskervilles The Sign Of Four The Adventure of Dancing Man The Final Problem The Daventure of the Veiled Lodger (For some reason I like Holmes' line: "Patient suffering is the most precious lesson this impatient world has.")
  8. Yeah. I think so. But Ai could be sweet at times too albeit in an extremely different manner.
  9. I actually like Vodka- not because he's awesome but I found his dumbness funny.
  10. Haibara AI and Koizumi Akako. I find the triplets (Ran, Kazuha, Aoko) a bit too common in the series to be so attractive. But among the three, I think Kazuha looks the best. Anyway, regarding my vote for Akako and Ai. These two seemed to have unique countenance. And oh gosh.. No one likes Chianti? Well she's never attractive either. My Top 5 1. Haibara Ai 2. Koizumi Akako 3. Toyama Kazuha 4. Satou Miwako 5. Vermouth
  11. Ahh McMurdo's wife, Ettie is not the daughter of a member from the organization. Her father more like despised the members and he even opposed McMurdo's union with his daughter. And as to Akai resembling Douglas, yeah I notice that too but in the end Birdie Edwards had destroyed the organization, succeeding on imprisoning it's heads (well save for a few)while Akai hadn't. But I hope he's still alive and he's not Okiya. I want Okiya to be with Shiho. ANd Akai with Jodie
  12. Personally I found the scene where Haibara seemed to be confessing to Conan when in fact they were just acting for a Kamen Yaiba scene funny. And also where Kid stars, especially those featuring his strange phobia. I also loved the one when Ai punishes Conan, thinking he had seen her naked.. There's so many I can't count it.
  13. I'm rather excited about this since the Detective Boys seems to play a major role on this one. I don't know but they make movies more appealing to me. Not to mention that I'm so Haibara-biased and I really want her to have more scenes especially when solving cases.
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