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  1. anyways, its in chinese but you can watch it anyway,here is the trailer's site http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Iq2-ZX_FzPs/
  2. One of my friends went to Tokyo for summer and,when he returned,he informed me M15 would be called The Battle On The Chessboard,or so it said on the Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine of the magazine board in the hotel he stayed in,seemed it would be like,there is this nationalchess competition,and they went to investigate,but then somehow Kudou got back to his old self and is under the danger to lose his life.   名探侦コナン映画15 弹 决戦ボード 裂作决定   日本全国のチェス大会、今后の国立决胜の机会、杀害が行われた。   彼らはコナンのケースを调査する、コナンの体事故复旧、彼らはその攻撃、命がかかっている   谁が最后に杀人は、どのような目的は Got this from Aoyama's website,you can use google translater to see what is it.
  3. he did saw something when he became Conan.Remember ep.400,what Ran remembered when they washed each other?
  4. kudou has a girlfriend who supports him,kid's girlfriend detests him. kid hasn't got parents since small, kudou's parents were really helpful. it had been years,and conan've got over 700 manga chapters,14movies, over 500 episodes and OVAs,kid only got 4 manga books. kid's father-in-law hates him,kudou's father-in-law helps him(well,sort of after kudou turns small,conan uses mouri to deduce.) kid only got a peek at his girlfriend's panties,kudou got a look at everything. kid often got threatened under guns,kudou only break a leg. kid has got no one support his magic tricks,kudou's got heiji to support his deductions. kid doesn't dare to yell his name,kudou calls himself a detective everyday.
  5. one more. Dr.Agasa's message Hi,this is Agasa,do NOT disturb me because I am inventing gadgets that will make me famous. If I didn't call in 1 hour,that means I am inventing;if I didn't call in 5 hours,that means I succeeded;if I called in a few minutes,that means Kudou screwed everything up.
  7. I thought some more,tell me whatcha think Genta's message Hi,Genta is not availible right now. If I didn't get in touch with you in five minutes,that means I'm peeing;if I didn't get with you in ten min,that means I'm pooing;if I didn't get with you in fifteen min,that means I am pooing and I forgot to bring the toilet paper and please bring them to me. Sonoko's message Hi,I am Sonoko,I am currently finding boyfriends.If I called you in a day,that means I didn't find any lovers;if I called you in a week,that means I've found one;if I didn't call you for years,that means I've got caught by Makoto......
  8. 10 the appearing ghost out of nowhere the only case in DC with two killers in cooperation:the older twins brother at present to make an alibi,with the younger one to kill, it was solved, however,when Ran mistaken the older one for the younger one. 9 the mysterious murder act the killer used a GOLF post to "hit"the weapon over to the victim 100 yards away! Gosh! Scared me a good one. 8 the goddess's revenge the killer used a living PERSON as the weapon. That day two victims were found...... 7 the bandaged banshee murder case killer put himself as a bandaged banshee and even tried to KILL RAN. He managed to kill someone outside of the house with the house all locked up and under Conan's eyes. 6 the sky walker murder case the young priest killed his older master and HUNG him at a height of 20 METRES! Actually, it was done when HE PUT THE WHOLE ROOM AS A WATER FILLER! 5 the acrobat murder case who can guess a murder setted up on the sixth floor was actually the fifth floor? 4 the jewel robber's mysterious suicide the killer JUMPED down to a height of FIFTY METRES and in the air he TRANSFERED himself to another place,dropping the REAL victim, it even bluffed Conan at first. 3 detective murdered case the killer killed the detective and then TRANSFERED the weapon to somewhere seventy metres away in a mere 20 SECONDS. 2black angel's wings the killer TRANSFERED the victim in the car with Conan and Ran and Kogouri. 1twenty years of hatre--The Venis murder case my all time favorite......the killer shot himself!
  9. 1Kaitou Kid's message Hi,this is Kaitou Kid here,I am not availible right now,so if you are my admirer,press one;if you are Inspector Nakomari,show your police notebook and press 2;if you are a girl who has a crush on me,press 3;if you are Kudou Shinchi aka Edogawa Conan,deduce which button will you press;if you are Saguru Hakuba,don't phone me,why can't you leave me a note when you've got a hawk?If you think you are handsomer than me,than bye bye... 2Heiji Hattory's message Hi,I am currently not availible,so if you are a salesman for some products which can make me handsomer,leave a message;if you are Kazuha,please shorten your message within a minute. "Heiji,I am Kazuha,but if you don't answer me within ten seconds, I am gonna find a new boyfriend... 3Kudou Shinichi's message Hi there,I'm the highschool ace mastermind detective,Kudou Shinichi.If you have a robbery case,press 1;a kidnapping case,press 2;a murder case,press 3. "Shinichi,I am Ran, but if you don't get to me,I am going to press 911" 4Ayumi-chan's message Hi,I am the Ayumi,if you are Mitsuhiko-kun,I'll answer you in an fifteen minutes;if you are Ai-chan,I'll answer you in half an hour;if you are Genta-kun,I'll answer you in an hour;if you are Conan-kun,I'll answer you in five minutes;if you are some idiot girl who likes Conan,I'll be meeting you now on the playground:an one on one fight for him. 5Haibara Ai's message Hi,there,I am Miyano,if you are Kudou,then stop bothering me because the APTX-4869's antidote is not done yet.If you are Dr.Agasa,then buy some carrots and cabbages for dinner:we are not eating garlic beef tonight 'cause your diet is not over yet.If you are Gin,don't bother to even call:how about breakin and finish me now? "Er,no,I am only a salesman,but sorry,I think I've got the wrong pin number..."
  10. 1TVdesperate revival:the promised place twenty years ago, his dad tried to frame it on the hated man, unfortunately, it was unsuccessful because Kudou's dad is there.Twenty years later, he tried to pin it on the hated man, unfortunately, it was unsuccessful because Kudou is there. 2TVthe seven stars murder case the killer tried to use the killing plot in a fiction, unfortunately, the writers' family was there(Kudou's whole family...) 3TVthe truth in valentine the killer was being kicked by Karate Champ. Ran and Western Famous Kicker Makoto in the face... 4MG the leftover of the lion the kidnapper tried to kidnap James... 5TVspecial Kudou ShinichiVSthe detectives called by Kid old woman,why do you have to invite so many detectives in the first place? Kid is there too... 6TVthe mysterious passenger kidnappers,next time kidnap some bus without Conan and Jodie Sensei and Shuai... 7TVthe secrets of fame thief too stupid the case got cracked by Mit. 8TVthe secrets of the green castle an old woman used twenty years to plot the crime, but Conan and Ai is there... 9TVspecial twenty years of vengeance why do you have to invite a ship full of old enemies andConan and Heiji? 10MV strategy above the depth tried to avenge for her father and the case was cracked by ol' Mouri Kogori
  11. 1Dr.Agasa the first one to know Kudou Shinichi is Conan... 2Haibara Ai knew Kudou's identity by the results in the organization,helped Kudou by bamming him as a dead man. 3Old Kudou Dr.Agasa told him. 4Kudou' mom same as his dad. 5heiji knew it from a deduction match. 6Kaito knew it from a deduction match too. 7Noah's boat knew it from the DNA results 8vermouth she had kudou's younger photos,guessed it right away. 9conan need not to say here. 10the audience the audience had kept the secret for 14years...
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