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  1. I'm almost positive he had fake lenses put in there since then. In fact, the glasses he has now are probably completely different but they just look similar, since through action packed moments he tends to lose them, not to mention the fact he has a spare set and that his glasses were upgraded by Agasa.
  2. Movie 13 was a pretty good movie IMO. A non-canon BO case is a little meh, but it was pretty action packed and quite thrilling. I'd say it was better than movie 14. Movie 14 was good too. A few interesting twists with decent action, plus the interactions between Conan and Kid were funny, seing them work together and then seeing two Shinichi's sitting beside eachother
  3. Being in Conan or Haibara's shoes would be pretty fun. Being a genius kid, I'd totally screw with people and feel like a boss owning elementary students. ...Hypothetically of course
  4. Hi! Welcome to DCW :D

  5. I voted for a lot of the main characters, but my overall favourite character is Shinichi (yeah I'm so original), so I voted for him and Conan, since... well... they are the same person and all. For BO I voted Gin. He's not my favourite in terms of likeability but more in terms of an epic antagonist (intellegent, intimidating, evil, etc).
  6. Schwa


    Yeah that's something I'm not sure about either. If we think of Scar Akai as Bourbon then maybe he was protecting Jodie to make it seem like Akai is still alive. I think by doing this he might also trigger the FBI into looking for Akai too, and locating Akai could be one of his objectives. This is just a guess though. Then again there's always the chance Scar Akai didn't even leave the message (though evidence points towards the possibility he did).
  7. Hmmm... I dunno, another character bailing out Shinichi? If the BO keeps this up they just won't be as dangerous or scary anymore. That being said this is definitly a possibility, especially if the series plans on continuing as of normal after the Bourbon Arc. Also, if Bourbon did find out his identity, another way for the series to continue is for him to just, well... die.
  8. Oh right! Sonoko. Forgot she existed. That's a good one.
  9. I voted Sera just to mix it up a bit. Plus I could see it happening.
  10. This is an interesting topic, something I haven't gave any thought to. When I try to think of some characters to fit this list I can't help remembering Fullmetal Alchemist Anyways here's what I managed to think of: Pride - Kaito Kid Greed - Jirokichi Suzuki Sloth - Kogoro Mouri Gluttony - Genta Lust - Lust is kinda difficult to say... nobody really acts that way. Maybe Ran has a very minor version of lust though Envy - Haibara (envy towards people who had a better life than her) Wrath - Gin
  11. I'm just curious to see people's opinions on the outcome of the whole "Bourbon Arc" that the manga and anime are currently going through. At this point it may not be too obvious of an outcome so I suspect a lot of people have different opinions. It's also difficult to determine an outcome since we don't know who Bourbon is (though general consensus believes it's Scar Akai and/or Amuro with Okiya in second place). So I'm just wondering about certian aspects such as: Will the Bourbon Arc be the last arc before the final arc? How long will the Arc drag on? Will Bourbon find out anything we don't want him to, like Haibara or Conan's identity? Will Bourbon die? Will it folow a similar outcome like the Vermouth Arc did? Anyways I'm sure among these there are many other possible questions/outcomes, so just post whatever's on your mind.
  12. Pretty good. 4.5/5 The floating sigh bubble might be difficult to implement on a lifesize version though
  13. Lol if Belmot didn't refresh my memory with that wiki article I would've had no idea who that was. Anyways that seems like too random of a character to be the big boss
  14. Schwa


    Alright I just started reading the manga and I can already see that this Amuro guy might be Bourbon. That's pretty much just a baseless claim though. Also I think it's possible he was dressed as Scar Akai earlier, since I agree with the Scar Akai is Bourbon theory.
  15. I live in Canada, you?

  16. Ahh, I can see that ending as a possibility too. I just REALLY hope they don't do that, it would really let me down
  17. I have a prediction that by the end of the series, all the possible couples will hook up with eachother. If anyone were to confess, I would guess it would be Heiji since he's probably the reason that their relationship isn't progressing.
  18. Yeah as much as I love this topic it's killing me cuz we don't know when the ending will actually be And as to stopping the organization without shedding blood... I really can't say for sure. If Akai and the FBI join the fight they will probably shoot people. As for Conan, He can use his SOCCER BALL OF TRUTH!
  19. Haha, that's good to hear. My days have been pretty boring compared to you, stuying for exams :\

  20. Heiji's relationship is more humorous to me. It's funny because out of all the girls who are in a possible romantic relationship Kazuha is the one who has the most trouble hiding her feelings (at least that I can think of). She makes it so clear to pretty much everyone that she loves Heiji. The flip side is Heiji's obliviousness. It's always funny to watch him miss pretty much every hint that Kazuha could possibly leave for him, but it's alright since we know he likes her too. So, to answer your question, it's progressing basically like any DC couple's relationship is. The feelings are clearly there but it's nothing but a rollercoaster of awkwardness.
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