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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone have any news regarding Kaito kid series ?? will it be started again by some other company?? C'mon everyone loves it and i cant find a reason why Gosho Ayoma stopped its production...
  2. Translation: Member of black organization: This drink is amazing! What is the name of this drink/alcohol. Gin: Rum, with lemon juice XYZ which means the end!
  3. Links fixed Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 19 List of the best posts discussing the type of connection/relationship Gin and Shiho Miyano had If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. detectiveshinichi - Gin's behavior detectiveshinichi] - Theory on how Gin met Shiho TML - Gin wants Sherry to return to the Org Aka Peiji - Commentary on Gin's character and theories Chekhov MacGuffin - Gin and Shiho had a romantic relationship theory Chekhov MacGuffin - Shiho was thirteen when she started working for the Org Chekhov MacGuffin V1 V2- Theory on why Shiho would even date Gin in the first place Chekhov MacGuffin - Theory on why Gin hates Shiho now kirite - Gin doesn't like Shiho theory dreznovk - Arguments against the romantic relationship theory Ranger - Gin possibly raped Shiho Carpet Crawler - Objections to the one sided relationship theory greaterbeastxellas - Theory on how Gin met Shiho what sort of connection do the two have? you can see that gin wants sherry dead, and sherry is scared of gin, but why does gin know sherry so well? and he seems to be interested in the guy who saves her in ep 176-177... i mean... what were they in terms of relationship??? is Gin like the jealous ex or what is going on??? it just confuses me ... post your ideas/knowledge of what it is please >w<
  4. Welcome to Kleene's moldy scribbling~ Here I'll post some of my fan-arts :3 dA account: http://kleeneonigiri.deviantart.com/ ^ newer v older *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Contest entry, Crossover with Treasure Island Careful, possible SPOILERS!!! File 818!!! SPOILERS over... for now... *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Yuriko (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Sonoci! <3 Random Onigiris *Paint Tool Sai Vodka! XD *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Comic *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop It's Jd-! (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai Random Gin *Colored with Copic Ciao Akonyl <3 Bday gift! <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao It's Chekhov <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Pofa from DCTP *Colored with Copic Ciao Conia form DCTP XD *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi Gin :3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Abs. (DCTP) *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Kor (DCTP) Sketch *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Jd- *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi PhoenixTears <3 *Done in Photoshop CS4 Chibi KID XD *Colored in Photoshop CS4 Baby Red-chan! <3 *Colored in Photoshop. Inuyasha D: Old stuff is old. *Colored in Photoshop A MMO Character "Kleene Onigiri" Extremely old drawing :V The uglier stuff I did won't be shown \o/ Bwahahaha~ This is totally not copyed from DCTP XD Hope it's ok to also post non-DC art D:
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