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Found 25 results

  1. I felt we needed a thread for discussion of suspicious and recurring arc characters like Hyoue Kuroda, Wakasa Rumi, Sakurako Yonehara and others so we have a place to talk about them outside of their intro chapters and the Rum thread. I figured there might be more continuous discussion if I lumped all the suspicious arc characters into one thread rather than give each one a separate thread. Secret spies? Enemies of the Organization? Hidden backstories? False identities? Awesome? Stupid? Please post theories and comments about these characters here!
  2. As most of us already know by this point about the Haneda Kouji's dying message, I thought we might work something out if we do it in a separate topic. As far as the conclusion of Conan and Shuichi came to, I'm still doubtful about their resolve. Even though the BO thinks of the code in the same manner as Conan and Shuuichi think of (as proven in the "A Song named Asaka" Case), I still am curious about it's true meaning. Instead of the left off characters, I though of the PTON characters, I managed to find a certain idea. Though it might be all wrong, I just want to share it, it might help with something else. So PTON is what Kouji left in a mirror cut by him. Since he is a Shogi player, I took the idea to know if these letters mean anything in Shogi although I'm not an expert of the game. I manged to get the following; if P is the abbreviation of the pawn and another Japanese abbreviation is Fu, and the N is the abbreviation of cassia horse which also have the Japanese abbreviation of Kei. Then PTON could mean; Fu TO Kei, which might mean FUKEI, that perhaps coincidentally means policewoman in Japanese. Perhaps it is Kouji's way of saying that his killer is a policewoman, perhaps I'm thinking too deep into it. Just thought it might be an interesting idea.
  3. Since this most likely won't be revealed any time soon, I'm making a discussion thread regarding the recently introduced middle-school girl's identity, motives, role in the plot... etc. Anyone who has any speculations about this character can post their comments here. Spoilers should be covered with spoiler tags of course. NOTE: Since Conan assumes that this character is female, I used the pronouns "she", "her" for convenience (instead of "they", "them", "he/she", "him/her"....), however she may very well be a male in disguise. P/S: If anyone wants to add another specific option to the poll above, you can tell me or another moderator.
  4. Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 56 to end List of threads and the best posts arguing whether individual characters are or aren't the boss. If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. General Discussion of clues that could narrow down possible boss candidates. (Separate thread) The gender of the boss (Separate thread) Gin and Vodka's names are in the Mermaid Guestbook The boss's name appeared before File 551 Individual Characters Agasa Hiroshi Interview where Gosho confirms Agasa is not the boss Agasa is not the boss (Separate thread) Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons against (Kaine-Sherlockian) Reasons for (Ace Detective) James Black Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons for (Vicky) Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Miyano Atsushi Reasons for (Xcommando) Discussion (justwantanaccount) Reasons for and against (Schwa) Reasons for (Retro) Elena Miyano Discussion (justwantanaccount) Reasons for and against (Schwa) Okino Yoko Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Reasons for (greaterbeastxellas) Reasons for (Charala97) Okiya Subaru Reasons against (Glass Heart) Kudo Yuusaku Link to interview where Gosho confirms Kudo Yuusaku is not the boss Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons against (Stopwatch) Mouri Kogoro Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kisaki Eri Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons against Part 1 Part 2 (Chekhov MacGuffin) Reasons for Part 2 Part 2 (KirisatoSei) Reasons against (User 4869) Reasons for (ccrogers15) Miyano Akemi Reasons against (Scar Akai) Karasuwa Renya Karasuwa Renya (justwantanaccount) Karasuwa Renya - arguments against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Karasuwa Renya - arguments for Part 1 Part 2 (Black Demon) Kuroba Toichi Kuroba Toichi - Reasons for (aika) Kuroba Toichi - Reasons for (kkrazy1412) Kuroba Toichi - reasons against (User 4869) Other Daikoku Rentaro (Mermaid guestbook) (justwantanaccount) Mermaid guestbook name translations {Daikoku Rentarou} (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kaneshirou Genichirou (Scar Akai) Vermouth's Husband - general musings (Chekhov MacGuffin) Vermouth's Husband - general musings (Black Demon) Kobayashi Sumiko - Reasons for and against (Glass heart) Tokyo spirits - general musings (Akazora) Yamamura - reasons for (Dusty) Suzuki Shiro - reasons for (bosshunter) Shiratori Ninzaburou - reasons for (Dusty) Shiratori Ninzaburou - reasons against (User 4869) Kazumi Tsukamoto - reasons for (shiningstar) Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko- reasons for (emilyy418) Not one of the residents of Souhei Dejima's house (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kojima Genji - reasons for and against (ChaosBeing) Commentary by Username Detective Shinichi on the Case Closed Casebook Glass Heart Seven Crows, seven codenamed members of the Org? Akakata Facts about the boss Chekhov MacGuffin Boss related to Kogoro's past Chekhov MacGuffin Part 1 Part 2 Info about the boss and evidence against common candidates Akazora Part 1 Part 2 Boss characteristics Black Demon Part 1 Part 2 Thoughts on Nanatsu no ko The Black Demon Boss not completely in charge? Akazora Boss is a Nazi Black Demon Suspicious people Amontillado Suspicious people Silver.Bullet Musings on anokata Chekhov MacGuffin Mermaid guestbook name translations (Ooguro / Daikoku Rentarou) Cocoa - commentary about favorite boss theories KirisatoSei - Pondering the "Ai will be surprised" info Quol Part 1 Part 2 - Thoughts on Vermouth's relationship with the boss Chekhov MacGuffin Part 1 Part 2 - Thoughts on Vermouth's relationship with the boss I believe I had read somewhere that the boss of The Black Organization has been shown in the manga (anime, too, I would assume?) at least one time. Although, I'm unsure if it was only the possibility of his/her name, or if they were actually physically shown. If I'm not mistaken, Gosho Aoyama said it in an interview, though I'm skeptical because I haven't had any luck finding it to use as a source. (If you can find it, please let me know!) Anyway, what do you guys think? Maybe it's a bit too difficult to find that one possible character that could be the boss through over 500 episodes and over 700 chapters, but do you guys have any suspicions as to who it could be? Or just a comment about him or her in general? How about what the Black Organization's purpose is? I don't remember where I read it, but I heard something about one of their goals being to raise the dead. Also, there was a comment about immortality, which seems the most interesting to me — after all, has the mystery ever been solved as to why Vermouth is actually so old, yet remains youthful even without make-up and disguise?
  5. Okay, as I have said in many of my posts, my reading of the manga is progressing much slower than my watching of the anime. I am thinking now that this may be a good thing, as I can view the earlier cases I am reading in light of the later episodes I've seen, as well as discussions I have read on here. It is in this way that I just spotted something that I think might be a hint towards the identity of the Black Organization. Please note that I said the Organization, not the boss. There is already a thread for that, as well as threads about the Organization's goals, but I couldn't find any about the true name/identity of the Organization as a whole, so I decided to start one myself. If you have any thoughts on my theory and want to help develop it further, then please contribute. If you have your own theory and want to express it, please feel free to do so. If you are Aoyama-sensei and want to use my thread as a means to reveal the truth behind the Black Organization, then...I am just speechless! Anyways, in the manga, I just read the case with the gathering of detectives at the Sunset Mansion and something caught my eye. In a lot of discussions, I have seen several people associate the Black Organization with crows. I believe I even remember hearing Haibara say in the anime that the Boss wants the Organization's members to appear like crows, hence the black theme. Plus the reference to crows in Nanatsu no Ko, the starting notes of which the Boss purposefully chose for an e-mail address. Now, as I am on episode 730 without rewatching any earlier cases, I don't remember many of the small details from the gathering of detectives case on the anime, so it may or may not be that the hint I just caught in the manga did not survive the adaptation to the anime (although, I have to be honest, it's just as likely I have forgotten about it because I did not yet realize the significance). Either way... In the manga case, the story was recounted to the gathered detectives about the man who had previously owned the mansion and passed away, then many people gathered there for an auction of his belongings. As the story was told, it was stated that the man had been a member of a group known as the Crow Association. It was even alluded to that this Crow Association might have had something to do with the massacre that ensued during the auction, if not the man's death in the first place. Crows. Associated with a shady organization. Hmm. Now, the manga said the Crow Association disappeared about 40 years before the current story. Is it possible that, when the Crow Association disappeared, they hadn't disbanded, but merely went into hiding? Is it then possible that the hidden Crow Association is the true identity of the Black Organization? Granted, the only name mentioned as being connected to the Crow Association was the man whoowned the mansion, but it wouldn't be much of n association if he was the only member, so surely there were others. It has also been stated that Haibara would be able to figure out who the Boss is if she heard the true name of the Black Organization. Is it not possible that the reason for that is because of that person's previous known connection to the Crow Association? Another possibility, though slim, is that the man who owned the mansion and supposedly died 40 years earlier, Karasuma Renya, didn't actually die but instead went into hiding and he actually IS Anokata. Karasuma. Karasu. Crow. Again with the crows. And Aoyama-sensei has said that Anokata's fill name has been given already. Thoughts? Rebuttals? Accusations of insanity? Let me know what you guys think.
  6. Links fixed Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 19 List of the best posts discussing the type of connection/relationship Gin and Shiho Miyano had If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. detectiveshinichi - Gin's behavior detectiveshinichi] - Theory on how Gin met Shiho TML - Gin wants Sherry to return to the Org Aka Peiji - Commentary on Gin's character and theories Chekhov MacGuffin - Gin and Shiho had a romantic relationship theory Chekhov MacGuffin - Shiho was thirteen when she started working for the Org Chekhov MacGuffin V1 V2- Theory on why Shiho would even date Gin in the first place Chekhov MacGuffin - Theory on why Gin hates Shiho now kirite - Gin doesn't like Shiho theory dreznovk - Arguments against the romantic relationship theory Ranger - Gin possibly raped Shiho Carpet Crawler - Objections to the one sided relationship theory greaterbeastxellas - Theory on how Gin met Shiho what sort of connection do the two have? you can see that gin wants sherry dead, and sherry is scared of gin, but why does gin know sherry so well? and he seems to be interested in the guy who saves her in ep 176-177... i mean... what were they in terms of relationship??? is Gin like the jealous ex or what is going on??? it just confuses me ... post your ideas/knowledge of what it is please >w<
  7. First things first, the message which Bourbon received was "I want information on Kudo Shinichi, Time is money(Toki Wa Kanenari), Hurry up Bourbon."................RUMNow this is an odd construction of the sentence as "Hurry up Bourbon ." is a directive assertion, which really negates the meaning of the idiom. It would have been a proper sentence if the idiom was at the end.(As then it would have meant that why Bourbon is being told to speed up.)Now this idiom in Romaji is TOKI WA KANENARI>> rearranged a little and we get Wakita Kanenori.So why is Rum cryptically taking Wakita's name??Now a likely solution is that somehow Rum was hinting to Wakita, but then the question is why?(If he wants Bourbon to defeat Wakita in the race of getting info about Shinichi, then Hurry up Bourbon would have been just enough.)The real solution to me is Rum wants Bourbon to gather info on Kudo Shinichi as well as Wakita Kanenori. Now the latter is named in a cryptic way because of obvious reasons. As Wakita being a BO executive would have some allies in BO, if Bourbon got a direct order about gaining info on Wakita, then the message might just be too easy to interpret and Wakita will get warned. But even if this message is leaked, nobody will think it alludes to Wakita and btw the most insightful mind in BO is expected to decode this rearrangement quite easily.)The sweatdrop on Bourbon after receiving it also shows his dillema, probably he somehow knows Wakita personally and probably thinks that wakita is a possible infiltrator in BO, so when Rum asks him to get dirt on Wakita Bourbon finds himself in the exact same place where Rye found him when he was ordered to kill Scotch.Given my current speculation, that wakita=Tsutomu, this development might just be the bridge needed to be there to further that Suichi vs Amuro plot.
  8. Scar Akai

    Apoptoxin 4869

    I am wondering why the forum doesn't have this topic as I was about Τ☺ post something funny about the movie 'Green Hornet' which I am currently watching at the cinema. The father was killed ny a poison called 'apitoxin' which made me go nuts.... So , let's discuss about apotoxin and the related topics here!
  9. Links fixed Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 14 - first pass, may do a second pass for shorter responses List of the best posts about what is causing Vermouth's abnormal youth. If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. Commentary by Username •jebbifurzz P1 P2 P3 - Vermouth took APTX 4869 (part of a debate) •detectiveshinichi - Discussion of Org's goal, and Vermouth did not use APTX, instead something else a long time ago stopped her aging •Chekhov MacGuffin P1 P2 P3 P4 - Vermouth did not take APTX, Sharon's mother may be Vermouth as well (part of a debate with DetectiveSherry) •DetectiveSherry P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 - Vermouth was not Sharon's mother, took APTX ten years ago (part of a debate with Chekhov MacGuffin) •Kyuuketsuki - Sharon trained Chris to perfectly take over her identity. •Black Demon - Vermouth has a baby, possibly an abnormal baby. •Black Demon - Vermouth's body is currently youthful, thus she didn't have plastic surgery •ValleyofFear P1 P2 P3 - Sharon and Chris are separate people, the fingerprints were fakes (part of a debate with Chekhov MacGuffin) •Chekhov MacGuffin P1 P2 - Sharon and Chris are the same person, the fingerprints could not be faked, timeline of Vermouth's past assuming Sharon and Chris are the same person. (part of a debate with ValleyofFear) Similar Interest threads The goal of the Black Organization APTX 4869 Itakura's computer program What's The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth? What do you think the reason behind Vermouth's youth!? I have a unimaginable guess why she looked younger than her age! Do you want to hear it? Hahahahahahahhahaha! Maybe she swallowed the same drug that Shinichi Kudo and Shiho Miyano swallowed! APTX4869??? Hah! So, what do you think? Discuss it here!
  10. Please post any theories you have concerning Sera's second oldest brother here. Here is the known information about him and some of the most common theories so far: Akai family's middle brother. Timeline of Akai family history: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4679-masumis-second-oldest-middle-brother/#entry302982 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Theory is out of date, it was last updated sometime early in 2014! The brother is probably Haneda Shuukichi Index . . .Unresolved issues about Masumi . . . "The Wizard" . . . . . . Evidence . . . . . . Wizard related speculation . . . The Middle Brother . . . . . . Straight theories . . . . . . Twist Theories ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Original post Copypasta from before
  11. Regarding to the thing in Rumi's pocket I've got an approximate size description of the thing. From Manga file 989, we can deduce that Rumi's pocket was of 3.5'' deep. The thing which was there in it looked to have length around 28% of the pocket's depth and it's length and breadth ratio was 2:1 roughly. So if we do the math we will get that the thing in Rumi's pocket is pointed pentagon, with bigger base around 1" and the breadth of the bigger side is around .5".
  12. Okay, so I have been watching through everything Conan (currently up to episode 730) and I have noticed something of a pattern. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that nearly everyone that is trying to bring down the Black Organization has some personal reason for doing so. Jodie-sensei's father was killed by the Organization. Haibara/Miyano Shiho's sister (And possibly her parents as well) was killed by them. Andre Camel is dedicated to Akai after blowing his cover in the Organization, and Wil thus do anything to help him stop them. Hondou Hidemi's father died because of the Organization (even though they didn't directly kill him). And Conan, of course, was poisoned by them and reverted to a child's body. The most notable omissions from that list are James Black (who I have a theory about, though I won't get into it here) and Akai Shuichi. But why does Akai want so badly to take down the Black Organization? Well, let's start by looking at the facts. The FBI' s search for the Organization is unofficial. What does that mean to this discussion? Well, since it's not an official operation, Akai couldn't have simply been assigned to the case. For him to be this deeply involved in a case that he wasn't assigned to, it has to be personal. Next, Sera Masumi is Akai's sister. How is this relevant to Akai's connection to the Organization? Well, Sera seems to know Conan's secret even though she has never been told and is not at all shocked by or disbelieving of the idea that the high school detective has been somehow turned into a child, meaning she must have seen something similar before. The prevalent theory seems to be that the mysterious Mary (whom I actually have yet to see, though I know about through accidentally reading some spoilers) is Sera's mother, and presumably Akai's. The most commonly cited evidence is that Sera calls her Mama. It also seems as though Sera and Mary on on the run (according to those same spoilers I mentioned before). But why? This is where everything comes together to form one theory. Is it possible that Mary was formerly associated with the Black Organization? Perhaps she betrayed them, or simply outlived her usefulness, and they decided to eliminate her. What if, to do so, they gave Mary APTX-4869, or an earlier form of the drug, but rather than killing her, it reverted her to a child's body just like Conan and Haibara? It is commonly accepted that APTX-4869's de-aging side effect reverts a person specifically to a child's body, rather than just knocking off 10 years. If we figure that, like Conan and Haibara, Mary was made to appear about 7 years old by the drug, and assume that aging would happen normally from that point, it can be deduced that Mary was given the drug about 5-6 years before the present story, as she now appears to be about 12 or 13. The timing of this is important because it is the key to everything. After being poisoned by the Organization, Mary goes to her family, most likely out of fear that the Organization will harm them as well. Akai then has Sera and their mother go into hiding while he goes after the Organization to stop them and/or get revenge for their attempted murder of his mother (btw, do we know what happened to the father? Is it possible that he too was killed by the Organization?). Why is the timing important? Because after those events, Akai needs time to find and get close to the Organization to infiltrate them (remember, the Black Organization is supposed to be a secret criminal syndicate that nobody outside of their own membership knows about, so such a group would be very difficult to find). Perhaps he was already FBI at the time his mother was poisoned, or perhaps he joined so he could make use of their resources to aid in his search, t which time he learned about other agents bearing a personal vendetta against the Organization. Either way, with the help of the FBI, Akai was finally able to track them down and gain their trust enough to join (though the events with agent Camel show they still felt it necessary to test him). From that point, events played out as we have seen on the show. So, in short, my theory is an extension of the "Mary was poisoned by the Organization" theory, stating that the poisoning of his mother is the reason Akai is so dedicated to bringing down the Black Organization. What do you guys think? Plausible? Possible? Let me know?
  13. Guys i'am still not sure but i think it's Miwako Sato
  14. what do you think about him? is he an enemey or an ally? he first appeared in episode 512 (i guess.. ) his first appearance happened to be the episode where kir shot akai and bourbon (the Black Org's boss) was introduced.. not introduced in the sense that his identity was revealed, it's just that it's the first time that the Boss' code name was told.. although usually, gin calls the Boss "anataka" (means that person)..
  15. Mod note: Please also see companion thread: Purpose of that computer program by Itakura? for info about the computer programming agenda Mod note: This post was copied from citan from the Edogawa proboards. See original post. Do NOT copy posts without giving credit to the original poster or you will be banned.
  16. Discuss unresolved parts of past and current plots here, although please consider typing in-depth discussion in the relevant topical thread if possible, or creating a separate thread if necessary. For your convenience here is a list of many of the unresolved plots. Please suggest any additions or links to threads where a plot is being discussed.(I did not come up with all of these. Please see original post here.) Items and things • What is in the P.S. of Akemi's last text message to Akai? • What (besides drug data) is on the bloody disk that Haibara lied about losing at the Haido City Hotel? • What was the program about that Itakura couldn't complete for the sake of humanity? • What is the goal of the APTX 4869 project? • What kind of drug is Silver Bullet? Is Silver Bullet a different/early name for the project called APTX 4869? • What kind of drug did the Black Organization really want Shiho to make and how is it different than what she and her parents' actually made? • Night Baron Virus - the Org used it once and it was in another case. What does it signify and is their more plot relevance to it? • What happened to the handkerchief that Vermouth as Sharon gave Ran in the New York case? • What else is on the four tapes left for Haibara by her parents? Why were certain portions blank? • Why were the BO at the mermaid island and are any of the names in the guestbook besides Sherry's, Gin's alias, and Vodka's alias important? (Some discussion is in the main boss thread) Plot people • Vermouth's aging issue, her connection to the Miyanos, and APTX4869 • What is the reason for the antipathy between Sherry and Vermouth? Why does Vermouth hate the Miyanos? • Why is Vermouth the boss's favorite when she is somewhat treacherous? • What secret does Amuro know about the boss and Vermouth's relationship that he is using to blackmail her? (File 898) • "Silver bullets": What is Vermouth plotting by collecting people with the capability to destroy the Organization? • What is Vermouth's precise reason for hiding Shinichi and Shiho's deaging from the rest of the Organization? Is it something more than Shinichi is one of Vermouth's two angels, along with Ran? • Where was Vermouth telephoning Itakura from that had a cat or something that sounds like one? • Why did Vermouth as Sharon and Itakura have a bad relationship? (Volume 78.) • Jodie’s father - how did he find out about Vermouth and what did he find that forced Vermouth to take direct action, kill him, and burn his house down with all the evidence inside? • The husband of Vermouth as Sharon Vineyard - who is he? • Elena and Atsushi Miyano: their lives, their supposed death by accident that they seemed to know about in advance, their connection with Agasa • What secret thing did Miyano Atsushi want to tell Dejima Souhei, but was unable to, when he came to visit with his wife and Akemi 20 years ago? • Shiho and Akemi: why their different fates within the org? One became a high ranked member, the other lived a more normal life. • Why does the boss fear Akai is a silver bullet? • Gin and Akai: how did the personal rivalry start when they probably hadn't met each other much if at all before Akai was ejected from the Org? • If Jodie Starling went into the witness protection program, does that mean Jodie Starling is not her real name? If so what is it? • Amuro's past with Date • Amuro's past in the Organization and childhood connection to Elena Miyano • Who was the mysterious man who staked out Akai's meeting with Gin that Camel ruined? • What is the connection between Gin and Sherry? • What was Conan going to ask Ai after the showdown with Gin? "Hey… Could it be that when you were in the BO…". (Volume 24, File 242) • Shiho's foreshadowed meeting with Akai • Okiya's/Akai's promise with a certain woman. (Probably Akemi) People • Agasa's mysterious friends/connections - to the Miyanos and to unknown parties. • Magic Kaito's Organization related to the Black Organization? How much of Magic Kaito's Pandora story will carry over to DC? • Toichi, Vermouth, and Yukiko - how did that master-apprenticeship start? • Kogoro's absent past and relatives. What was he doing (besides romancing Eri), why did he decide to join the police in the first place when he seemed like a delinquent at school, why did he leave the force, who and where are Kogoro's family, and why do they never appear? • Calvados: was he important for anything other than making Chianti and Korn angry at Vermouth? • James Black: Does he have more relevance or a past? • Shizuka and Heizo Hattori: what are they doing, how are they connected to the story and why don't they come back? • What is the relationship to the plot, if any, of minor recurring characters such as Okino Yoko, Sanada Kazumi, Azusa Enemoto, Akagi Hide, Osamu Kenzaki, etc...? • How did Akai Shuuichi's father die? General issues (please see relevant threads) • Boss's identity • Purpose of the Org and their research: Biochem, computer agenda? • What's the Org's connection with America? Why did the FBI and CIA get involved in the first place? • List of plot points about the Black Organization Specific "current" issues • Ran wondering about when Shinichi touched and got fingerprints on Heiji's omamori and the effect on the plot. (Volume 66: Files 8-10 (693-695)) • Sera Masumi's identity and reason for coming to Japan (Partially resolved Masumi is Akai's sister) • Sera's past connection to Shinichi. (general thread) • Why does Sera think she is a bad kid while watching Ran treat Conan's injury? • What is the incident involving waves that Ran remembers Sera from? • The identity of Masumi's "Wizard" (general thread) • The identity of the Akai family middle brother • Why is Mary, Masumi and Shuuichi's mother, a child and how did that circumstance come about? Why is she in Japan now? • Who is Rum? • Why did Kir send a message about Rum only now? • What is Rum's current goal? • Why are there many conflicting accounts about Rum's appearance, but everyone agrees about the fake eye? • Who the 2 mothers that Aoyama has said are sisters in an interview? • Who keeps reposting the information about Haneda Kohji's death? • How did Haneda Kohji find out information about Rum, and what were the circumstances that led up to his death? • What is the drug that Ai said the BO wanted her to make that wasn't her parents' APTX 4869 project? • Who is Wakasa Rumi and what are her motives? • What is Hyoue Kuroda's past with the Japanese police and injury, and from whom did he learn that Conan is the brains behind Sleeping Kogoro? • Who is Momiji Ooka and why does she think Heiji is her future husband? Resolved • What was Elena about to say on the tape intended to be heard on Shiho's 18th Birthday? (Resolved 821 see wiki for APTX or Elena Miyano) • Yukiko and Yusaku Kudo: what are they doing, how are they connected to the story and why don't they come back? (somewhat resolved with London arc and more resolved for Yukiko in the Bell tree express arc) • Okiya's identity (Resolved as Akai Shuuichi) • Scar Akai's identity (resolved in 822 as Vermouth (train) and Bourbon (Teito bank, Beika dept store, Mouri Detective agency) • Will Kaitou Kid ever get involved in the plot? (Yes, in the train case although he doesn't know about the BO apparently. According to a postcard, Kaitou Kid won;t be involved in the final showdown.) • Is the violent robbery syndicate whose headquarters and warehouse are in Tottori related to the Black Organization? (Volume 44: Files 4-6 (450-452)) (sort of resolved because an interview with Gosho indicated that the BO and Tottori don't have a connection) • Haibara's strange reaction to Kurayoshi city (倉吉市), Tottori or perhaps Tottori in general (sort of resolved because an interview with Gosho indicated that the BO and Tottori don't have a connection) • Who were the shadow people who Akai asked to follow Yukiko and the Detective boys? (Gosho said in an interview we can ignore them) • Why does Bourbon hate Akai? (Akai was related to secret police agent Scotch's death) • Bourbon's promise with Vermouth (File 800 or so) - to not touch Ran or Conan no matter what happens. • How or why did the Secret Police agent known as Scotch die, and how was Akai Shuuichi related to his death? - Suicide, which Bourbon thought was murder. • The identity of the small child from the hotel - Mary is Masumi and Shuuichi's mother
  17. Mod note: Please also see companion thread: Black Organization's true plan for info about APTX 4869 and other projects. Discuss the purpose of the computer program by Itakura here! Quick reminders about who Itakura was: Was hired as the system engineer for developing chess, shogi, and go games in File 377 Used to be famous for computer graphics - appear often in movie credits for special visual effects, appeared on TV for it Eyes got worse three years ago, hasn't done CG since and switched to developing systems Had contact with Tequila at his office two years ago, on March 7th Tequila expressed interest in a system software that was currently being developed - Itakura said that he declined developing that software due to his poor eyesight and Tequila left Itakura used transparent fonts to describe how someone kept breaking into his office on March 17th, and continued until January 6th of next year, when Itakura accepted to do what the BO wanted him to do Itakura contacted the queen-like woman over the phone on January 23rd last year - agreed to complete the system software within a year for high pay Itakura says on December 22nd last year that he can't develop that program, not only because he has poor eyesight, but also for the sake of humanity On February 10th this year, Itakura wonders what the BO will do with the software - he remembers the conversation with the queen-like woman; he says, "who do you think you are?" and the woman replies, "We are both the god and the devil - because we are trying to revive the dead against the flow of time" EDIT: Oh, one more thing; it seems that Itakura handed over an incomplete version of the software - does this mean that the BO is still looking for people to complete the software and hasn't used it yet? LOL I have no idea. It's funny that Itakura's wondering about what the BO will do with the software, when he's the one developing it, hmm. It also seems that good eyesight is somehow required for developing the software. I more or less put random ideas into the poll, since I honestly have no idea what the software could possibly be for, ha ha. This is slightly OOT, but I can't help but think that the whole angel-devil thing is a big pun somehow, though I'm not sure why. Apparently there's a cocktail named Fallen Angel, though I'm not sure if this is relevant to anything. So what do you think?
  18. newperson3

    Yukiko Kudo

    Hey guys, I'm new here, so I'm not really sure how stuff works here. I've used the search function to look for my idea, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps I'm still not sure how to efficiently use this wiki. Anyways, on to my question. I've looked through quite a few threads detailing the possible identity of the boss of the black organization. However, not once have I found Shinichi's mom as a suspect. I've been thinking this for a while, but after the latest chapter, I am almost convinced. She is someone that seems very unlikely, but is very possible. After all, she is a master of disguise (masks, voice, everything), and could just be pretending to be "dumb". She also has the means to carry out all the commands, as she is married to a very, very rich man. She could take on any identitiy. Also, she is very close with vermouth, a high ranking favored officer of anokata. There's a lot more, but as its the middle of the night, I can't think of any right now. I'll add more as I remember why I even thought of her in the first place. I know it doesnt seem very likely, but what do you guys think? Is it possible?
  19. Well I was thinking If the character that is the boss has been shown or mentioned in the series a few times and once that person is reviled haibara will be shocked. So we can narrow down the characters to six people. Haibaras family (Father, Mother, Sister and grandfather), Shuichi Akai and Agasa. It cannot possibly be Agasa because the boss wants Haibara dead and Agasa is like her guardian which he could've killed her long ago. It can't be Akai because he is deeply in love with her sister and has saved her in the previous BO action on the train. (Subaru is Akai). It can't be her sister because she has died by the hands of the org. Now It can't be her father or mother even if there is no proof of them dead but they are just to young to be the boss. The BO has been for 50 years now and her father should be around 54 years old because his best friend was 54 years old but then again his age is unsure. So I have no proof of them being the boss. On all these facts I say that boss is haibaras grandfather. I do not have any clue of him being dead or alive. Or him being mentioned in the series. But if you go now and check the page on this site about Atsushi Minayo (Haibaras father) and scroll down a bit to his relatives. It does say that he has a father but it's unnamed. Now his age is enough to be the boss because he should be about 60-70 years old. And if your thinking that he should be dead due of old age then no, why you ask? Well because vermouth is the boss's favorite subordinate and she has never changed her appearance even that she is old and she has been able to fake her death as Vinyard and look young always. With some kind of drug both her and the boss can stay young for a while. So this could be a reason why vermouth is the boss's favorite subordinate. And mostly bosses of secret organizations are ruthless and will kill anyone that gets in they're way including they're relatives. So wanting to kill her niece cause she left the org and let out a lot of secrets is not weird at all. So this is my theory on the boss of the black organization. And the organizations name should be The Miyano Org or something related to that name that's why Gosho didn't tell us the org's name because the boss's name will be reviled.
  20. Okay, so there have been a lot of rumors about Snake's Organization being the Black Organization. For those who are confused, Snake is the main antagonist of the Magic Kaito series. He killed Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaitou Kid. Ever since, Jii (and later Kaito), dressed as Kid in order to lure out the elusive Snake and the rest of his comrades. It is known that Snake is looking for an immunity potion in the form of a gem. The only other Organization member that works with Snake is a man named Rose who appeared in OVA 4. Snake's other nickname is Jackal and he wears all black, just like Gin and Vodka. In my opinion, I don't think Snake is part of the Black Organization, but I do hope that he is. His name doesn't fit unless you consider snake wine, and Rose doesn't fit unless you consider rose alcohol which is a stretch. Also, his motive isn't all that consistent with the Black Organization's. He is looking for a gem that grants immortality. Though the Black Organization could also be searching for immortality, they appear to use science rather than myth. Though it seems that Snake isn't part of the Black Organization, I really hope his is. He looks evil, he has the right personality, and he has a great name to tie it all up. But that's just my speculations. What do you think? Is Conan's organization and Kaitou Kid's organization one and the same? Or are they completely different things?
  21. Shuuichi Akai's Death Theory! Do you think Akai Shuuichi is dead or alive? Do you think Akai Shuuichi is dead? If so, then who's that Scar Akai? If he that Scar Akai is actually him, how did he manage to escape that time at Reiha Pass? And what trick did he and Kir used to fool the organization? Discuss here! And see what most of you think!
  22. CarpetCrawler


    Discuss Bourbon in here. What's your theory on this person? My theory is that "Scar Akai" is Bourbon, and he's trying to lure out Shuu, who he knows is still alive, by pretending to look like him and hoping that he'll notice. Now, this may mean that Okiya is... the real Shuu? I don't know, that's just what I think. What do you guys think?
  23. I would like to know more about the virus Night Baron which appears sometimes in Détective Conan.
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