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Found 6 results

  1. This is a guide to most of the threads in General, Manga, and Anime Discussion. If you see an old thread that is interesting feel free to post in it. In fact, users might appreciate a fresh look at older threads. Rules: #1: Before creating a new topic, look to see if it is here first. If it is, please revive that thread instead. #1.1: If you want to add a poll, just ask one of the mods. #2: You CAN post in old topics, there are no rules against "necroing". -------------------------------------- Index Plot and the Black Organization, CIA, FBI, etc. Non-Plot Character Topics Polls, Personal preference, and opinions Pairings and Relationships General and Miscellaneous Magic Kaito Red = lots of in-depth discussion or a main thread
  2. As requested, this thread is dedicated to answering questions about Detective Conan. You might get your answer faster by searching the Detective Conan World Wiki first. If your question or answer involves spoilers, please use a spoiler box. <spoiler>This text will be hidden in spoiler boxes!</spoiler> This thread is primarily meant for questions about Detective Conan. If you have questions about the Detective Conan World website itself or how to use it, please ask in the Issues and Feedback Subforum. Also, please do not request or give links to full anime episodes in this thread or elsewhere on the site. Clips of scenes and AMVs are OK, but it is against site policy to give links to full anime episodes. Unanswered questions Recent questions Old questions
  3. Posts fixed Hi! I dug around the Internet to see if I could get a full list of interviews Gosho has ever given so far, and this is the fruit of my work. (Lol you can see that Gosho usually gives interviews around April, probably for hyping up the movies.) Of these, I have the raws for Conan Drill, Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files, and the Monkey Punch & Aoyama Gosho talk from Endless Youth & Co. I'm thinking about translating them, but I want to make sure they're not translated already - so, I'm wondering if these three interviews are translated already or not? Interviews from other people EDIT: Copy & pasting some older posts I've made:
  4. Discuss unresolved parts of past and current plots here, although please consider typing in-depth discussion in the relevant topical thread if possible, or creating a separate thread if necessary. For your convenience here is a list of many of the unresolved plots. Please suggest any additions or links to threads where a plot is being discussed.(I did not come up with all of these. Please see original post here.) Items and things • What is in the P.S. of Akemi's last text message to Akai? • What (besides drug data) is on the bloody disk that Haibara lied about losing at the Haido City Hotel? • What was the program about that Itakura couldn't complete for the sake of humanity? • What is the goal of the APTX 4869 project? • What kind of drug is Silver Bullet? Is Silver Bullet a different/early name for the project called APTX 4869? • What kind of drug did the Black Organization really want Shiho to make and how is it different than what she and her parents' actually made? • Night Baron Virus - the Org used it once and it was in another case. What does it signify and is their more plot relevance to it? • What happened to the handkerchief that Vermouth as Sharon gave Ran in the New York case? • What else is on the four tapes left for Haibara by her parents? Why were certain portions blank? • Why were the BO at the mermaid island and are any of the names in the guestbook besides Sherry's, Gin's alias, and Vodka's alias important? (Some discussion is in the main boss thread) Plot people • Vermouth's aging issue, her connection to the Miyanos, and APTX4869 • What is the reason for the antipathy between Sherry and Vermouth? Why does Vermouth hate the Miyanos? • Why is Vermouth the boss's favorite when she is somewhat treacherous? • What secret does Amuro know about the boss and Vermouth's relationship that he is using to blackmail her? (File 898) • "Silver bullets": What is Vermouth plotting by collecting people with the capability to destroy the Organization? • What is Vermouth's precise reason for hiding Shinichi and Shiho's deaging from the rest of the Organization? Is it something more than Shinichi is one of Vermouth's two angels, along with Ran? • Where was Vermouth telephoning Itakura from that had a cat or something that sounds like one? • Why did Vermouth as Sharon and Itakura have a bad relationship? (Volume 78.) • Jodie’s father - how did he find out about Vermouth and what did he find that forced Vermouth to take direct action, kill him, and burn his house down with all the evidence inside? • The husband of Vermouth as Sharon Vineyard - who is he? • Elena and Atsushi Miyano: their lives, their supposed death by accident that they seemed to know about in advance, their connection with Agasa • What secret thing did Miyano Atsushi want to tell Dejima Souhei, but was unable to, when he came to visit with his wife and Akemi 20 years ago? • Shiho and Akemi: why their different fates within the org? One became a high ranked member, the other lived a more normal life. • Why does the boss fear Akai is a silver bullet? • Gin and Akai: how did the personal rivalry start when they probably hadn't met each other much if at all before Akai was ejected from the Org? • If Jodie Starling went into the witness protection program, does that mean Jodie Starling is not her real name? If so what is it? • Amuro's past with Date • Amuro's past in the Organization and childhood connection to Elena Miyano • Who was the mysterious man who staked out Akai's meeting with Gin that Camel ruined? • What is the connection between Gin and Sherry? • What was Conan going to ask Ai after the showdown with Gin? "Hey… Could it be that when you were in the BO…". (Volume 24, File 242) • Shiho's foreshadowed meeting with Akai • Okiya's/Akai's promise with a certain woman. (Probably Akemi) People • Agasa's mysterious friends/connections - to the Miyanos and to unknown parties. • Magic Kaito's Organization related to the Black Organization? How much of Magic Kaito's Pandora story will carry over to DC? • Toichi, Vermouth, and Yukiko - how did that master-apprenticeship start? • Kogoro's absent past and relatives. What was he doing (besides romancing Eri), why did he decide to join the police in the first place when he seemed like a delinquent at school, why did he leave the force, who and where are Kogoro's family, and why do they never appear? • Calvados: was he important for anything other than making Chianti and Korn angry at Vermouth? • James Black: Does he have more relevance or a past? • Shizuka and Heizo Hattori: what are they doing, how are they connected to the story and why don't they come back? • What is the relationship to the plot, if any, of minor recurring characters such as Okino Yoko, Sanada Kazumi, Azusa Enemoto, Akagi Hide, Osamu Kenzaki, etc...? • How did Akai Shuuichi's father die? General issues (please see relevant threads) • Boss's identity • Purpose of the Org and their research: Biochem, computer agenda? • What's the Org's connection with America? Why did the FBI and CIA get involved in the first place? • List of plot points about the Black Organization Specific "current" issues • Ran wondering about when Shinichi touched and got fingerprints on Heiji's omamori and the effect on the plot. (Volume 66: Files 8-10 (693-695)) • Sera Masumi's identity and reason for coming to Japan (Partially resolved Masumi is Akai's sister) • Sera's past connection to Shinichi. (general thread) • Why does Sera think she is a bad kid while watching Ran treat Conan's injury? • What is the incident involving waves that Ran remembers Sera from? • The identity of Masumi's "Wizard" (general thread) • The identity of the Akai family middle brother • Why is Mary, Masumi and Shuuichi's mother, a child and how did that circumstance come about? Why is she in Japan now? • Who is Rum? • Why did Kir send a message about Rum only now? • What is Rum's current goal? • Why are there many conflicting accounts about Rum's appearance, but everyone agrees about the fake eye? • Who the 2 mothers that Aoyama has said are sisters in an interview? • Who keeps reposting the information about Haneda Kohji's death? • How did Haneda Kohji find out information about Rum, and what were the circumstances that led up to his death? • What is the drug that Ai said the BO wanted her to make that wasn't her parents' APTX 4869 project? • Who is Wakasa Rumi and what are her motives? • What is Hyoue Kuroda's past with the Japanese police and injury, and from whom did he learn that Conan is the brains behind Sleeping Kogoro? • Who is Momiji Ooka and why does she think Heiji is her future husband? Resolved • What was Elena about to say on the tape intended to be heard on Shiho's 18th Birthday? (Resolved 821 see wiki for APTX or Elena Miyano) • Yukiko and Yusaku Kudo: what are they doing, how are they connected to the story and why don't they come back? (somewhat resolved with London arc and more resolved for Yukiko in the Bell tree express arc) • Okiya's identity (Resolved as Akai Shuuichi) • Scar Akai's identity (resolved in 822 as Vermouth (train) and Bourbon (Teito bank, Beika dept store, Mouri Detective agency) • Will Kaitou Kid ever get involved in the plot? (Yes, in the train case although he doesn't know about the BO apparently. According to a postcard, Kaitou Kid won;t be involved in the final showdown.) • Is the violent robbery syndicate whose headquarters and warehouse are in Tottori related to the Black Organization? (Volume 44: Files 4-6 (450-452)) (sort of resolved because an interview with Gosho indicated that the BO and Tottori don't have a connection) • Haibara's strange reaction to Kurayoshi city (倉吉市), Tottori or perhaps Tottori in general (sort of resolved because an interview with Gosho indicated that the BO and Tottori don't have a connection) • Who were the shadow people who Akai asked to follow Yukiko and the Detective boys? (Gosho said in an interview we can ignore them) • Why does Bourbon hate Akai? (Akai was related to secret police agent Scotch's death) • Bourbon's promise with Vermouth (File 800 or so) - to not touch Ran or Conan no matter what happens. • How or why did the Secret Police agent known as Scotch die, and how was Akai Shuuichi related to his death? - Suicide, which Bourbon thought was murder. • The identity of the small child from the hotel - Mary is Masumi and Shuuichi's mother
  5. Everybody know that detectiveconan started sixteen years ago-I mean the manga-and still conan is a one-grader. Isn't that strange? other than that, there are 561episodes now, that means there are 1.5 case a day. Also, there are 8 christmas, 2 valentine in it already...still it seems to be all in one year. Apart from that, there are a problem about Mr.Mouri-his neck had been stung by conan's watch for 500 times, it has to become a bumblebee nest now... maybe that is why he always says his neck hurt. What do you guys think?
  6. July 8, 2014 Attention was called to the fact that threads are all spread out with a single work of art in one thread rather than by artist. Starting today I am merging all threads by artist and creating a list of all the artists so people can easily find them. This is going to take a while, so please be patient. If you have any questions, please ask. Artist Guide All the artists who have contributed to the fanart section are listed below in alphabetical order. Also, if you are new or this is your first time posting in the drawing section, please check out the Q&A below. Index Alphabetical list of all artists Tutorials Image Collections Requests or questions Key for abbreviations and art types Q&A for artists Alphabetical list of all artists A.Haibara - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings Aeyra - DCMK and non-DCMK colored drawings and digital art aichanmiranda - DCMK colored drawing aika - DCMK and non-DCMK drawings AiSuigetsu - Mostly DCMK b&w drawings AJ M. - DCMK colored and b&w drawings Aka Peiji - DCMK digital art Akai Sera (Shinichi Natake) - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings Amane.misa - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings Angela Fyre - DCMK motivational poster angelranchan - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings, digital art Anime Girl 4 Eva - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings Anti-APTX4869 - Mostly DCMK b&w and colored drawings Amane.misa - DCMK b&w drawings AokoNakamori - DCMK digital art Artistic Poet - DCMK b&w and colored drawings, mixed media paintings Berumotto - DCMK digital art BK201 - DCMK colored drawing boring-freak - DCMK b&w and colored drawings Cammy3131 - DCMK b&w drawings CarpetCrawler - DCMK demotivational panels chiro - DCMK colored mixed media paintings, digital art Ciel Phantomhive XiaoLang - DCMK b&w and colored drawings Cindy-Chen - DCMK b&w and colored drawings CloverKite - DCMK digital art codosinchi - DCMK colored drawings Conankim Dogawa - DCMK colored drawing conankoibito - DCMK b&w drawings Conanlicious - DCMK and non-DCMK digital art conanshinichi - DCMK b&w drawing and digital pixel art CoolKid94 - DCMK digital art Craze S2 - DCMK b&w drawings Cutiepie EdogawaConan- DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawing darkest absol - DCMK digital art dcwforever - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawing DeeDetectiveDee - DCMK b&w drawing Detective Apprentice - DCMK b&w drawing detectiveshinichiLover - DCMK b&w drawing edogawamary - DCMK b&w drawings Elizabeth Antoinette - DCMK colored drawing Emiko Seiei - DCMK and non-DCMK gifs, photoshops, b&w drawings Erza Scarlet - non-DCMK b&w drawings Fluffy Ears - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings and digital art Forever Lost - DCMK b&w drawings and digital art frenzyvermouth - DCMK b&w non-permanent tattoo gabapple - DCMK digital art Genghis - DCMK photoshop and digital art Hajime Kindaichi - DCMK b&w drawing HalfAngel - DCMK sewing with felt, Non-DCMK b&w charcoal Heiji1412 - DCMK colored drawing Hesham Elshipli - DCMK b&w drawings and non-DCMK 3D renders hikari4869 - DCMK b&w drawings hilo92 - DCMK photoshop holmes.addict00 - DCMK b&w drawing Huntsman - DCMK b&w drawings iafranev - DCMK b&w drawings Icka M. Chif - DCMK colored drawing IdentityUnknown - DCMK b&w drawing IHKF - DCMK photoshop InuLoverNr1Hitomi - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings Isul - DCMK colored drawings JiKudo - DCMK digital art JoJoColman - DCMK digitial art and b&w and colored drawings Jouly92 Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief - DCMK b&w and colored drawings (note: lots of offtopic conversation) kate-chan_49 - DCMK b&w and colored drawings and photoshops Kaze-rei - non-DCMK colored drawing KeyChain3094 - DCMK digital art Kiel95 - Kiyokian - Mostly DCMK b&w and colored drawings and digital art Kim-Chan - DCMK colored and b&w drawings and crafts kirite - DCMK digital art Kleene Onigiri - DCMK and non-DCMK colored drawings and digital art KuAnimeConan - DCMK photoshops Kudo Miharu- DCMK colored drawing Kudo Ran - DCMK colored and b&w drawings la vanille - DCMK colored drawings lashedcheek - DCMK b&w drawings Lia. - DCMK b&w drawing Lupin of the Heisei Era - DCMK b&w drawings mabel - DCMK digital art and b&w and colored drawings, and non-DCMK colored drawings MadelineLime - DCMK digital art and animations MagicConan14 - DCMK b&w drawings MaryKid - DCMK b&w drawing meitantei.yana - DCMK b&w and colored drawings MeiTanteixX - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings Miike - DCMK photoshop Min Yun Si - DCMK and non-DCMK colored drawings and digital art Misaki-chan - DCMK b&w and colored drawings (including Deal with it Yamamura), digital art, and crafts miss-anonymouss - DCMK digital art Monsi - DCMK photoshop Moustauch - DCMK colored drawings Mugiwara Conan - non-DCMK b&w drawings NekoXShinichi-niichan - DCMK b&w drawings Officer Kaoko - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings, gifs Old Daletski - non-DCMK b&w drawing OldJustal - DCMK b&w drawing ourico4 - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawings panda456 - DCMK colored drawing phantom thief - DCMK b&w drawings PhantomAi - DCMK b&w drawings phantomlady1101- DCMK b&w and colored drawings and digital art Pr1me 101 - DCMK digital art parody Yu-Gi-Oh cards Prem (Aadikudo) - DCMK b&w drawings (thread has spam overload) Rachel Moore - DCMK b&w drawings Ran Moorie - DCMK b&w drawings redangelran - DCMK b&w drawing and digital art Rom Yui - DCMK colored drawing Rye - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w drawing and digital art - Ryuuji - - DCMK digital art Sandra-san - DCMK b&w and colored drawings and digital art Sayomi - DCMK b&w drawings Scar Akai - DCMK colored drawings and photoshops Senpai - DCMK b&w drawings and digital art, Naruto digital art Sherlock Lupin - DCMK colored drawings Shinichi Kudo forever - DCMK b&w drawing ShiroKuro - DCMK b&w drawing Shivaa - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings Shizuki- DCMK b&w drawing and digital art shoshoayoosh - DCMK b&w drawing Silverbullet-kun - Naruto b&w drawings Silvester - DCMK photoshops skyechan - DCMK b&w and colored drawings and digital art Soraxzc - DCMK painting Sparrow - DCMK b&w and colored drawings Spiritgal304 - DCMK craft Stopwatch - DCMK b&w drawings Swiftfeather - DCMK and non-DCMK b&w and colored drawings, digital art, videos tantri - DCMK b&w drawings theBaffledPrince - DCMK digital art Thebananas3000 - DCMK b&w drawings Tsukiko - DCMK b&w and colored drawings Unrequited Hope - DCMK and non-DCMK (Hetalia) b&w drawings Valkyrie - DCMK b&w drawings vawli - DCMK colored drawing Vi Graythorn - DCMK b&w drawings Voiii - DCMK digital art and b&w drawings Wildheart888 - DCMK b&w and colored drawings xXEdogawa-KunXx - DCMK and non-DCMK (Naruto) b&w drawings yungching - DCMK b&w and colored drawings Zeaos - non-DCMK digital art Tutorials Watch Gosho Aoyama draw Conan-kun! Hand drawing creases lessons by Artistic Poet Drawing tutorial from a beginner by Anti-APTX4869 Kirite's confuzeling tutorials for drawing by Kirite Kyyo's tutorials and tips Image Collections (albums of works by other artists) Officer Kaoko's image recommendations DC Doujinshis santa gin Requests or questions Do you like to draw? Software you use to color (or fix) an anime pic Original characters in Detective Conan style ==== Key Bold and italic name - Artist has more than 20 pages of art and comments Bold name - Artist has more than 10 pages of art and comments Italic name - Artist has more than 5 pages of of art and comments DCMK = Detective Conan and Magic Kaito themed fanart non-DCMK = original art or fanart for other franchises b&w = black and white, opposed to colored crafts = constructed art (clay figures, needle point, puppets, etc...) digital art = drawings done partially or totally on a computer. These are assumed to be colored drawings = traditional art done with pencil, pen, color pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk, pastels, etc.., gif = a type of image format, specifically referring to animated ones mixed media = a combination of drawing and painting components was used paintings = traditional art done with paint, oils, ink, etc... These are assumed to be colored by default photoshop = image manipulations or collages, the stocks are not necessarily the artist's. Original art painted in photoshop falls under digital art. pixel art = digital art constructed pixel by pixel video = a video made of the artist's own fanart, AMVs go under the video forum subsection Q&A for artists 1. How do I start an art thread and what are the rules? Unless you are posting a tutorial, question, request, collection, or there is some unique circumstance, please keep all your art to one thread. When you add new art to your thread, make a new post to bump your thread so people notice, but also add a link to the new post in the first post so viewers don't have to search your entire thread just to find the posts with art in them. You can get the link to a particular post by clicking the small number in the upper-right-hand corner of that post's box and copying the address that comes up. Detective Conan and non-Detective Conan art is allowed, although more people will be interested in Detective Conan art. If your art is based off manga spoilers, please use a spoiler box to hide it and tell people that there are spoilers inside so no one will be surprised. For mature art, please be aware that there are young visitors to this website, and that this is not the best place for such work. If you post someone else's art, always make sure you state who made it, and link back to where you got it. Some people don't like their work being posted by other people. If so, please do not post their work; instead link to them. Use common sense and courtesy and things should work out okay. 2. How do I post pictures? If you uploaded it to a website like deviantart, photobucket, imageshack, etc..., either link to the image or insert the image with . If you do insert the image, please use a spoiler box for large images. If you haven't uploaded your picture online, use the attachments function below the post box when you are in full editor mode. Note there is a size limit. There is also a troubleshooting thread if you are still having problems: How do you add pictures to posts? 3. I changed my username! Tell a mod that you need your name changed in the drawing reference thread. 4. My listing needs updating/correcting! Tell a mod how you need your listing changed in the drawing reference thread. 5. How do I change my thread title to let people know what's new? Edit your first post, select Use full editor, and you will have the option to edit your topic title, topic description, and change or add a poll if you like. 6. How do I critique a drawing that needs ... a lot of improvement? Critique using constructive criticism and common sense. Most people want to learn how to improve and will understand if you point out things that need improvement. If the user starts getting angry though, it is better just to back off. Ignoring good advice is their loss. 7. I think someone is stealing or copying art! What do I do? Before accusing them or getting a moderator, make sure they are actually stealing or copying art. For stealing situations, be aware some users may have a posted their work elsewhere under a different name, so make sure the alleged stealer isn't the same person as the original artist. The fastest way to find out would to post nicely asking if they are artist XYZ on website ABC with a link. If they are the same person, you will get a pleasant response. If they aren't, then you've exposed the thief, provided proof, and were polite all in one post. Point this out to the moderators and you are set. For copying situations, with exceptions, it generally isn't considered stealing if an artist uses a little bit of someone else's work AND ALSO credits the original back. Copying work or part of work of more experienced artists is very common among new artists looking to improve, but this is only allowed if they explain they are making a copy/tracing/whatever and credit the original. The best case would be to also include the original picture too in the post. Improving another fanartist's work without permission is generally frowned on.
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