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  1. Been watching Voice of China lately and all the singers are so talented and good ;-;
  2. New episode of Shokugeki reminds me of Pokemon. XD
  3. Had been watching avidly for swimming gymnastics and beach volleyball (which is all that NBC ever shows). Now that they're over I've been watching less often. ;-; Hated how during this one beach volleyball match USA vs. Brazil, Brazilian fans were booing the American players the entire time. >.>
  4. SG - Steins Gate sorry XD Yeah and as Kenzi said, please finish it! The beginning is always hella confusing and you have no clue what's going on but as soon as you hit like the middle you can't stop watching it.
  5. Thanks! Although I just had lessons today and my teacher completely destroyed me. ;-;
  6. Have a piano performance this Friday and my teacher just told me
  7. Yeeahh I was like this feels familiar. Erased reminded me a lot of Steins;Gate with all the time travel butterfly effect and everything tbh but still liked SG better
  8. The beginning had me hooked tbh but i felt the ending was a little rushed. I read the manga afterwards and I liked it better because of its slower pace. What about you?
  9. You're welcome! Also on a separate note, has anyone seen ERASED? It came out a while ago I think
  10. Nooooo tbh team blueeee I just like the concept of being cool and collected and calculating. More of strategy and planning. Also blue is my favorite color so XD
  11. I think it's a weekly thing though (still too slow for me ;_;) and uh I think it's your choice. Manga and anime were pretty close and accurate to each other; there were only minor differences and small quirks that manga had.
  12. "That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt."
  13. It's good! I just wish they'd update faster though.
  14. Hopefully! What team you gonna be on though? : )
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