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  1. Hey there, happy birthday!

  2. Lol thanks, I actually did this for more of a joke a while back. Glad you liked it. And I'm pretty sure you gave me +1 rep by accident, but that's a good thing so thanks a lot XD
  3. I think that Gin and Akai go a little deeper than what's on the surface. I remember Akai saying Gin's real name outloud after sniping him when the BO was targeting the Mouri detective agency. If he knows Gin's real name it might mean they have a history, or otherwise just that Akai got a lot of information when he was undercover. EDIT: Ok, nevermind. I decided to confirm this with the Wiki and it turned out Akai just called him "old enemy". Probably should've got my facts straight... But anyways, yeah I do think that Akai and Gin still got some history we don't know about.
  4. Schwa


    But do the Japanese police even know about the BO's existence? I'm convinced they don't since the FBI is working secretly from them while investigating the BO.
  5. Ah what a coincidence, I also rewatched the clash arc a couple days ago. I didn't fall in love with Akai though :???:
  6. I would crush Conan to dust at video games. I remember him being teased about his gaming skills in movie 6
  7. Quite an interesting theory. While it's certianly possible Toichi could be alive (more so since we don't know the details of his death), I really just can't see it happening. Besides, I'm not sure what disguising as an organization member for 8 years will really accomplish in the long run. Unless he were to make an epic appearence when the current Kaito confronts the organization I also think it would be awesome if the Magic Kaito antagonists were linked with the DC BO. Though it's pretty impossible to determine as of now, and then there's also the fact Shinichi and Kaito are originally from two different universes. And to answer your post on who I think Spider is: I don't have a freggin' clue!
  8. Hi! Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you.

  9. Schwa


    I don't know. While it's definitly possible Sera is Bourbon, I really just don't think she is. I don't really have the facts to back me up but I'm sticking behind my decision of Amuro = Bourbon.
  10. Weird... I've always liked Ran better in terms of pairing with Shinichi. But I voted for Haibara on this one, since apparently I like her character a lot better
  11. Schwa

    James Black & Sera

    Holly crap you just opened my mind to a whole new possibility. James Black being Anokata seems plausible. Though there are probably some loopholes we'll have to work around with him being FBI and leading the investigation against the BO. Also he's like, a character who I wouldn't mind being Anokata. JB isn't really one of my favourite characters, plus he's in enough of a position to really spice things up. Though, anything's possible.
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