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  1. I liked this song before that shark girl sang it, but now everyone just associates the song with her hololive was a mistake orz
  2. Your Name was so good, and most of Makoto Shinkai's works are pretty solid; I don't know how Weathering with You missed the mark so badly :/
  3. Attack on Titan is fucking dope, especially in later seasons. I know everyone and their grandma has see the first season already, but rewatch the first season and then watch the rest. It's my absolute favorite anime of all time. only good thing about that show is the aesthetic :'^)
  4. Met machine and Kenzi irl but tbh I'd be down to meet anyone here that I've interacted with to even a small degree
  5. Can confirm, we started talking on discord a ton in November 2017, things snowballed to a miraculous degree, and the rest is history c: But it's really crazy to see some old school members check in even during a pandemic. We're all older and wiser and we've seen our collective share of shit these past few years I'm sure, but it's honestly wonderful everyone is doing well. ---- OMM: I've been studying for the CPA so I haven't had much time for video games or anime.
  6. did anyone ever guess your name from that riddle in your 'about me' btw

    1. Akazora


      I think Kenzi might've solved it years ago but tbh I don't really remember lol

  7. first post in this thread for 2019 and it's already almost february looks like victory's mine fellas
  8. The social elements of the DCW forum may be dead, but it was good to see so many concerned people come out of the woodwork when the wiki went down. Thanks for your work as always Maurice!
  9. because of the file size limit, I can't post 90% of my best webms and mp4s orz at least some of these have YouTube mirrors
  10. Assuming you're looking for a serious answer, I'd recommend eggs. Boiled eggs are quick and mess-less to cook, though you should limit yourself to just two a day (and perhaps only eat the yolk of one if you need to watch your cholesterol level). You can supplement this with fruit; apples and bananas are good if you want to take a bite out of something, or if you'd rather have finger food then blueberries and grapes work fine. If you'd rather not deal with anything too sweet in the morning, unsalted mixed nuts (you can get these at Costco) are a good morning snack too. As for beverages, a cup of milk should work fine. I personally have tea for that caffeine kick (I save my daily cup of milk for dinner), and coffee's not a terrible option either if you can stomach the taste. -- OMM: o fuck, signatures are back I don't have anything in my pictures folder except for shitposts, so this motivational image will have to suffice for now
  11. happy e3 week you hecking nerds
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