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    first post in this thread for 2019 and it's already almost february looks like victory's mine fellas
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    Latest updates (2019-01-30)

    The social elements of the DCW forum may be dead, but it was good to see so many concerned people come out of the woodwork when the wiki went down. Thanks for your work as always Maurice!
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    because of the file size limit, I can't post 90% of my best webms and mp4s orz at least some of these have YouTube mirrors
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    What's on Your Mind?

    Assuming you're looking for a serious answer, I'd recommend eggs. Boiled eggs are quick and mess-less to cook, though you should limit yourself to just two a day (and perhaps only eat the yolk of one if you need to watch your cholesterol level). You can supplement this with fruit; apples and bananas are good if you want to take a bite out of something, or if you'd rather have finger food then blueberries and grapes work fine. If you'd rather not deal with anything too sweet in the morning, unsalted mixed nuts (you can get these at Costco) are a good morning snack too. As for beverages, a cup of milk should work fine. I personally have tea for that caffeine kick (I save my daily cup of milk for dinner), and coffee's not a terrible option either if you can stomach the taste. -- OMM: o fuck, signatures are back I don't have anything in my pictures folder except for shitposts, so this motivational image will have to suffice for now
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    What's on Your Mind?

    happy e3 week you hecking nerds
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    Last Poster Wins

    Tag yourself I'm authoritarian right. .. . or don't and let me win the game thank you very much
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    By complete chance I found myself watching "Blue Valentine" on Valentine's Day and even though it's been over a month since I watched it, just thinking back to that movie fucks me up so bad..
  9. Akazora

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Never watched Yu Yu Hakusho, but this song is such a jam
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    Latest update

    The bot invasion has been suppressed! Thanks for all your hard work as usual, Maurice!
  11. Akazora

    What's on Your Mind?

    After thinking about it for some time, I've reached the conclusion that Kimi no Na wa is my favorite movie. Ever. I know there are flaws and that it could have been better, but watching that movie in theaters for the first time was a pseudo-religious experience for me, and every subsequent viewing of the film makes me love it more and more. Because I liked the movie so much, I can only see any adaptions/re-imaginings of the film failing to meet my expectations. There are maybe one or two things they could do better than the original, but scores of things they could screw up, and I don't like those odds. I also worry that the adaptation might be the next Dragon Ball Z live-action in terms of notoriety, or at the very least stir up controversy like Ghost in the Shell and Death Note did with "white-washing." Hopefully, the movie turns out more like Edge of Tomorrow and less like the other three. I really liked Edge of Tomorrow. Yo, I'm so glad that Animal Crossing mobile game is finally coming out! I watched the announcement stream live, and while it doesn't look like something I'd enjoy, it's good that it's actually being released. I've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes since launch day back in February, and it's the only Nintendo app game that I've stuck with up until now and it's a ton of fun. Addictive as hell since it's a gacha, but fun as long as you can control your urges to spend and not get too upset when rolls don't go your way. Hope you derive enjoyment from Pocket Camp! I can understand your concerns, but there's no better way to learn than to just try! If you really feel uneasy, maybe try to find someone part of the tabletop club to voice your uncertainties to? E-mail the club president and ask what you need to ask; I'm sure they'll be happy to respond. -- Also, @machine and @Ryo, let me add you dudes on Discord. I don't use Discord to join any groups, since I'm too busy to go down that rabbit hole though I've been tempted to, so I won't be joining the DCW groups. But I'm cool with adding you guys, if you don't mind. @machine, I've sent you a friend request already, since your info was on your About Me page. @Ryo, do you mind sharing your username? -- OMM: I gave myself diabeetus gorging myself on sweets during Halloween. I can't wait to give myself a heart attack eating a whole self-cooked turkey on Thanksgiving.
  12. Akazora

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    Hmm, I don't know if I'd say I have any favorite parts, and the ones that stick out in my mind are too spoilery to share. But my favorite character by far is Yang Wen-li, honorable mentions going to Oskar von Reuenthal, Julian Minci, and Katerose von Kreutzer. I have favorable opinions of just about every character, and at the very least like all of them for their roll and the dynamic they brought to the series. Also, I'm aware of those OVAs and movies, but I was so burnt out from binging the whole of the series as it was, and with school coming up I decided to defer those for later. If I ever get an LoGH itch, I'll see if any of those OVAs or movies are worth checking out. There are two things about the anime that I didn't really like. The first is that the directing can be really flat sometimes. Things move at an almost robotic-like speed, which is nice since the plot is constantly moving forward, but at the same time I wish the anime would just slow down and make things more "dramatic" when it's appropriate to. I understand that with a limited musical score it's difficult to draw out certain tense moments, but sometimes it feels like scenes just transition to the next without any sense of artist storytelling. It's probably hard to imagine what I mean, but it's like having someone with a monotone voice read a poem. Obviously it's not good to have someone super over-the-top milk every line like it's the most emotionally riveting thing ever, as that would be unnecessarily cringey, but some artistic liberty in the delivery wouldn't hurt. The second thing I didn't like was that the narrator would strait-up spoil later scenes in the anime. The narrator tells the story from a future perspective, like a historian telling a "legend" from years gone by, which adds to the documentary-like aesthetic, but sometimes he insinuates things too obviously. It's good to weave foreshadowing into the narrative naturally, to give people "aha!" moments when they rewatch it, but to have the narrator say certain things so on-the-nose just detracts kills the mood. This seemed to be a problem more so in the later parts of the anime than the beginning. Hah, I don't believe I heard any portions from The Nutcracker, otherwise I would have surely remembered. The thing is, I don't actually think I've actually ever watched any anything that handles politics quite like LoGH, though I guess Game of Thrones comes sorta close? LoGH in the broadest sense is an exploration of the conflict between two entities, the authoritarian Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance. That backdrop may seem corny, but the show doesn't make a strawman out of either. Both sides are presented with their benefits and flaws, such as the corruptibility of democracy and the efficiency of central control, which sets it apart from other things I've watched. GoT is similar-ish, but doesn't put politics as a literary theme in the spotlight in the way that LoGH does. If you ever watch LoGH (since I believe you've already seen at least some of GoT), you'll know what I mean when I say they're similar but still markedly different in ways. I haven't watched Code Geass in years, so I only vaguely remember it. This was back during the days I watched anime almost exclusively for the cute anime girls, so my judgement of the show boils down to "it was fun I guess and Kallen is best girl." I can kinda see the similarities though. From what I remember, Lelouch in Code Geass is trying to change a corrupt authoritarian regime from the inside out, a regime that's at war with a rebel faction. That's similar to Reinhard von Lohengramm's aspirations in relation to the Galactic Empire, and the Free Planets Alliance that they are warring with just so happened to have been formed decades ago as a result of a rebellion. Both are also strongly motivated by their desire to protect/save their sister (younger in Lelouch's case, and older in Reinhard's) for one reason or another. Those are the only spoiler-free comparisons I can draw, but even then the execution and the overarching themes of the anime are drastically different. They just seem to share the skeleton of a premise, and that's ignoring all the Geass power stuff in Code Geass and the whole of the Free Planets Alliance perspective in LoGH. There were some violent, bloody scenes in the anime, but nothing gory or gratuitous. Nothing too graphic, and seeing as you've found your way on this forum, it's nothing I'd think would bother you. Those scenes were also few and far between, which is why people don't usually mention them when talking about LoGH. As for main character deaths, there are quite a few characters that would be considered important or even main that are offed during the show. I liked the arcs all pretty equally, and I don't think I have a favorite. All were pretty good in their own right, though the consensus is that the first is probably the weakest since it exists to set the scene, tone, and pacing for the rest of the show. It's not as high stakes as the other arcs, but it's not bad either. There are definitely moments spent for "slice-of-life"-like moments, but I don't know if they're as substantial as you're looking for. Like, there are never entire episodes devoted exclusively to the cast just chilling and being care-free. Every episode is mostly driven by politics and war, with a couple of scenes spent developing characters in more laid-back scenarios sprinkled in there for a brief change of pace. I feel like the current model of how anime is made makes it difficult to have long-running shows anymore. Aside from the shows that are already established long-runners, most new anime these days rarely get more than two-cour confirmed at a time, with the vast majority falling in the one-cour range. Maybe it was just like this back then too, and LoGH was a freak accident, but then again I'm no anime historian. I'm hoping the best for the show though, since I'd like to see their take on some of the later scenes, even if the character designs are really throwing me off right now. Also, thanks for the clarification on the whole Gundam The Origin and Mobile Suit Gundam situation, that's interesting to know! I'm not at all familiar with the Gundam series, so you'll have to forgive me for my ignorance.
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    Last Poster Wins

    @machine I was deadass going to post that exact same Conan trap picture only to find that you already did it... .. .. :thonking: -- Blend-S is the new meme-flavored anime of the season isn't it?
  14. Akazora

    What's the last movie you saw?

    The latter. If your "friend" is looking for an inoffensively enjoyable movie to watch on a slow Saturday night, I'd recommend it.