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  1. Happy Birthday!! (x

  2. HI!!


  3. hello... ok lng ako

    di ako laging active dito eh

  4. hi bicoy!!

    long tym!

  5. hi bicoy!!

    long tym!

  6. ayan na po.. inde na po ako naka blocksa pag aadd ng friends.. nakapag padala na po ako ng friend request..xDD

  7. Bicoy

    give Baby names

    ..THanks!!! now i know
  8. nag subscribe na po ko sayo, di na kita ma add eh :)

  9. sorry po .. inde pa po pala ako puede mag add.. naka block po kc ung pag aad ko ng friends eh..xD

    e2 po ung akin =)


  10. Bicoy

    give Baby names

    ... should i post this here at general??? since i'm not good at imagining, think of good names if DC characters are going to have babies - you choose your own couple you can make it funny or cool, Japanese or English, can be combinations. just want to see good ideas. hehe ex: rachel/jimmy Jamey Chel Kudo wahaha, i can't think of a japanese name .. im realy not good at imagining
  11. - watching conan while eating - watching conan first before assignments - mimicking conan's laugh, his oi oi, or his alele - you have watch all the episodes (not like me ) - wearing eyeglass that looks like conan's - collecting some DC stuffs - while watching you're thinking deeply like conan and guessing 'bout the culprit -you rejoice very much when you have guessed the right culprit - want to learn soccer like sinichi (maybe? ) - at school/ work when something bad happens, you're now making theories - at night, you are dreaming of DC i can't think of ...my imagination is not good hehe!! :razz:
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