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This is a list of main characters involved in Zero's Tea Time. It also lists characters from the Detective Conan franchise who appear in some chapters of the volumes of Zero's Tea Time. The list of characters also include recurring Zero's Tea Time only characters (ex: Reiko Tsuruyama, Haro).

Life as the waiter Touru Amuro

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Rei Furuya.jpg Rei Furuya/Tohru Amuro/Bourbon Rei Furuya Appearances Rei Furuya (降谷 零 Furuya Rei?) a.k.a Tooru Amuro (安室 透 Amuro Tōru?) and codenamed Bourbon (バーボン Bābon?) by the Black Organization is the main character of this spinoff. He specializes in detective work and information gathering. He posed as a private detective and became Kogoro Mouri's apprentice. He is later revealed as an undercover National Police Agency agent working to undermine the Organization.
Azusa Enomoto.jpg Azusa Enomoto Azusa Enomoto Appearances Azusa Enomoto (榎本 梓 Enomoto Azusa?), age 23, is a cafe poirot worker with Rei. She has a cat named Taii.
Sugihito Enomoto.jpg Sugihito Enomoto Sugihito Enomoto Appearances Sugihito Enomoto (榎本 杉人 Enomoto Sugihito?), age 26, is a real estate agent and Azusa's older brother. He was the main suspect in a murder case but was successfully cleared of the crime. He went to visit the cafe once and likes Kogoro's old riddles and Taii. He is really unconfortable to stand with which Azusa approves.
Taii.jpg Taii Taii Appearances Taii (大尉 Taii?), also known as Soseki (漱石 Soseki?) from his previous master who then let him wander at Azusa's house, is a kitten male calico cat who is extremely rare. He was first thought to be a stray cat but was in fact forgotten by his master. He is the cafe's mascot.
Haro.jpg Haro Haro Appearances Haro (ハロ Haro?), is a stray Hokkaido Breed dog that Amuro adopted. He is voiced by Megumi Han[1].
Reiko Tsuruyama.jpg Reiko Tsuruyama Reiko Tsuruyama Appearances Reiko Tsuruyama (鶴山 麗子 Tsuruyama Reiko?) is an elder living in Beika. She is a Cafe Poirot regular client and likes video games.
Takuma Sakamoto.jpg Takuma Sakamoto Takuma Sakamoto Appearances Takuma Sakamoto (坂本 琢馬 Sakamoto Takuma?), age 7, is a student of Teitan Elementary School, class 1 B, in the same class as the Detective Boys. He was recently transferred and as a result hangs out a lot with Maria Higashio, another transfer student. He sometimes go to Café Poirot and is also friends with Hiroki.
Maria Higashio.jpg Maria Higashio Maria Higashio Appearances Maria Higashio (東尾 マリア Higashio Maria?), age 7, is a student of Teitan Elementary School, class 1 B. She was recently transferred and as a result hangs out a lot with Takuma Sakamoto. She is also friends with Hiroki, from class 1 A.
Hiroki.jpg Hiroki Hiroki Appearances Hiroki (浩樹 Hiroki?), age 6-7, is a student of Teitan Elementary School, class 1 A. He and his mother often visit Café Poirot, after the latter developped a strong bong with Amuro.
Hiroki's mother.jpg Hiroki's mother Hiroki's mother Appearances Hiroki's unnamed mother is an original character, and appears as a regular customer of Café Poirot.
Midori Kuriyama.jpg Midori Kuriyama Midori Kuriyama Appearances Midori Kuriyama (栗山 緑 Kuriyama Midori?)is Eri Kisaki's assistant and a regular customer to Cafe Poirot. She is friends with Azusa.
Conan Edogawa.jpg Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa Appearances Conan Edogawa (江戸川 コナン Edogawa Konan?), age 6-7, is a Teitan Primary School student who is in fact the famous High-School detective Shinichi Kudo in his shrunken appearance and the main protagonist of the Detective Conan franchise. He lives in the same building has Cafe poirot and Rei is aware of him pulling the strings of the famous sleeping detective. He has only appeared in pictures and background appearances.
Kogoro Mouri.jpg Kogoro Mouri Kogoro Mouri Appearances Kogoro Mouri (毛利 小五郎 Mōri Kogorō?), age 37, is a famous private detective reknown for giving his deductions during his sleep earning him the surname Sleeping Detective and has his detective agency just on top of Cafe Poirot. Rei is his apprentice and is aware that Conan is the one who makes his deductions. He has only appeared in background appearances.
Yuzuki Fukui.jpg Yuzuki Fukui Yuzuki Fukui Appearances Yuzuki Fukui (福井 柚嬉 Fukui Yuzuki?), age 26, is a bartender at Blue Parrot, a bar owned by Konosuke Jii. Kazami finds her pretty when he and Rei go to her bar take a drink[2].
Katsumasa Ogura.jpg Katsumasa Ogura Katsumasa Ogura Appearances Katsumasa Ogura (小倉 功雅 Ogura Katsumasa?), age 49, is the owner of Ramen Ogura, a ramen shop that recently moved in Beika. He is a member of the neighborhood association and thus is acquainted with Amuro, and is also a member of the local baseball team, along with Amuro.
Sayo Ohashi.jpg Sayo Ohashi Sayo Ohashi Appearances Sayo Ohashi (大橋 彩代 Ōhashi Sayo?), age 28, is an employee of Ramen Ogura. She is a member of the local baseball team, along with Amuro.
EP350-351 Man 3.jpg Café Columbo Master Café Columbo Master Appearances The master of Café Columbo owns Café Columbo, a long-established café shop in Beika. He is a member of the neighborhood association and thus is acquainted with Amuro, and is also a member of the local baseball team, along with Amuro.
Kamen Yaiba.jpg Kamen Yaiba Kamen Yaiba Appearances Kamen Yaiba (仮面ヤイバー Kamen Yaibā?), is a ficitonal hero admired by kids all over the country in Detective Conan. He is modeled after "Kamen Rider". In Zero's Tea Time, he appears on many playing cards and posters, as well in person in Volume 5.

Life as the member of the Black Organization Bourbon

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Vermouth.jpg Vermouth/Sharon Vineyard/Chris Vineyard Vermouth Appearances Vermouth (ベルモット Berumotto?) a.k.a Sharon Vineyard (シャロン・ヴィンヤード Sharon Vin'yādo?) and Chris Vineyard (クリス・ヴィンヤード Kurisu Vin'yādo?) is a black organization member who is subordinate to Rei and tasks him missions. She trusts him and has a strong acting and disguise talent.
Shiho Miyano.jpg Sherry/Shiho Miyano Shiho Miyano Appearances Shiho Miyano (宮野 志保 Miyano Shiho?) codenamed "Sherry" (シェリー Sherī?) was a black organization member who's sister was killed after a failed robbery. She is the creator of the drug Shinichi inhaled to become Conan and was the victim of her own invention since she tried to commit suicide with it but was shrunken like Shinichi and changed her name for Ai Haibara. She is one of Rei's target who constantly run after her.
Gin.jpg Gin Gin Appearances Gin (ジン Jin?) is the black organization number 3 and the main antagonist of the volumes. he is Vermouth's boss but doesn't like her and is reknown to be cold-hearthed and without any scrupulousness. He has only appeared in background. Rei fears him and Gin try to retrace if Rei is undercover.
Vodka.jpg Vodka Vodka Appearances Vodka (ウォッカ Wokka?) is a black organization member who is Gin's assistant. Not much is known about him. He has only appeared in background.
Korn.jpg Korn Korn Appearances Korn (コルン Korun?) is a black organization member in the killing division and a sniper. He only appeared in background.
Chianti.jpg Chianti Chianti Appearances Chianti (キャンティ Kyanti?) is a black organization member in the killing division and a sniper. She is also Korn's partner and somehow likes him. She only appeared in background.
Elena Miyano.jpg Elena Miyano Elena Miyano Appearances Elena Miyano (宮野 エレーナ Miyano Erēna?) was a biochimist that worked for the Black organization. She designed the APTX 4869, the drug that will make her daughter Shiho Miyano and Shinichi Kudo shrunk but it is her daughter who synthetized it. She was killed in a fire along with her husband in the research facility and her daughter was left alone. She helped recurrently Rei when he was young and healed him when he got into fights. She is really kind and Rei always remembered her.

Life as the agent of the Public Security police Rei Furuya

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Yuya Kazami.jpg Yuya Kazami Yuya Kazami Appearances Yuya Kazami (風見 裕也 Kazami Yūya?), age 30, is a Public Security Bureau assistant inspector who is subordinate to Rei. They usually do missions together and Yuya accords a lot of confidence to Rei and is the spinoff's second main protagonist. Although he is superior in rank than Rei, he seems more distracted and less tactical than Rei.
Hiromitsu Morofushi.jpg Hiromitsu Morofushi/Scotch Hiromitsu Morofushi Appearances Hiromitsu Morofushi (諸伏 景光 Morofushi Hiromitsu?) codenamed Scotch (スコッチ Sukotchi?) was a PSB agent who commit suicide by fear of being discovered since he was also undercover in the black organization. He has a strong sense of justice and is Taka'aki Morofushi's brother who is a Nagano Prefecture police inspector. He is a childhood friend of Rei and both attended the same police academy. Rei blames Shuichi Akai for his death and can't forgive his death.
Wataru Date.jpg Wataru Date Wataru Date Appearances Wataru Date (伊達 航 Date Wataru?) was a former sergeant of Tokyo MPD who died a year ago after a car accident. He is Wataru Takagi's best friend and mentor and they were named Wataru Brothers. He was also in good terms with Rei who visited his grave after his death. They attended the same police academy along with Hiromitsu, Jinpei and Kenji and were the five top students in which now only Rei is alive.
Jinpei Matsuda.jpg Jinpei Matsuda Jinpei Matsuda Appearances Jinpei Matsuda (松田 陣平 Matsuda Jinpei?) was a former sergeant of Tokyo MPD who died three years ago in a bombing spree and was a professional bomb disarmer in the bombing squad and then transferred to HQ. He attended the same police academy as Rei and the others.
Kenji Hagiwara.jpg Kenji Hagiwara Kenji Hagiwara Appearances Kenji Hagiwara (萩原 健二 Hagiwara Kenji?) was a former member of the same bomb squadron as Jinpei Matsuda and was his best friend. He died seven years ago when he was killed by the same bomber as the one who killed Jinpei. He attended the same police academy as Rei and the others.
M20 Policeman1.jpg PSB Agent #1 PSB Agent 1 Appearances An unnamed Public Security Bureau agent subordinate to Yuya Kazami. He appeared first in The Darkest Nightmare.
M20 Policeman2.jpg PSB Agent #2 PSB Agent 2 Appearances An unnamed Public Security Bureau agent subordinate to Yuya Kazami. He appeared first in The Darkest Nightmare.

Federal Bureau of Investigation characters

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Shuichi Akai.jpg Shuichi Akai/Dai Moroboshi/Rye Shuichi Akai Appearances Shuichi Akai (赤井 秀一 Akai Shūichi?) a.k.a Dai Moroboshi (諸星 大 Moroboshi Dai?) and codenamed Rye (ライ Rai?) is an FBI agent who was undercover in the black organization until his cover was blown up and who then left it. He is a professional sniper and faked his death after the organization retraced him and is currently under the name Subaru Okiya to protect himself. He tried to help Hiromitsu to leave the organization but because of fear, he commit suicide so Akai faked his death as if he killed him which made Rei hate him since he doesn't know the truth.
Subaru Okiya.jpg Subaru Okiya Subaru Okiya Appearances Subaru Okiya (沖矢 昴 Okiya Subaru?) is Shuichi Akai's fake identity that he uses to avoid being recognized by the black organization. He pretends to be an engineering student and lives in Shinichi kudo's family's house temporarily since they aren't there. Rei has doubts about if Okiya is Akai or not. He has appeared spying on Rei from his house.
Andre Camel.jpg Andre Camel Andre Camel Appearances Andre Camel (アンドレ・キャメル Andore Kyameru?) is a FBI agent who feels he earns a debt to Akai thus trying to sacrifice for him to own bakc the debt after he made the attempt to capture Gin fail. He met Rei in various cases concerning the FBI and the PSB but doesn't really know his real identity. He went once to his cafe and respects him although thinking he is the worst waiter in the world.
Jodie Starling.jpg Jodie Starling Jodie Starling Appearances Jodie Starling (ジョディ・スターリング Jodi Sutāringu?), referred to in earlier episodes of the Detective Conan franchise as Jodie Saintemillion (ジョディ・サンテミリオン Jodi Santemirion?), is a FBI agent who is subordinate to Andre Camel. She questions herself a lot about Rei's identity and is seen in the volumes only once, while talking on the phone with Camel to summon him to return back to work.

Yaiba crossover characters

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Skull-sama.jpg Dokuro Dokuro Appearances Dokuro-sama (ドクロ様 Dokuro-sama?) is a demonic cat from Yaiba who attacks Haro in Volume 1. He reappears in Volume 5.

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