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  1. Why, God of course. Once all existence perishes, only He remains. :p
  2. Man, I want the option back to see the repped posts on our profiles.
  3. bioscience major here: depends on ur immunity. 3rd world countries like Im in got resilient people that managin', while in Europe and West (US) athletes cant even make a full recovery after contracting it, suffering permanent respiratory consequences.
  4. I felt that too. The spinoff about Amuro reads better.
  5. Yeah. Oh well. Fanfiction is also stagnant on the DC side ;-;
  6. Hey stranger

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    2. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Yep, hanging in.

    3. -The Rising Angel-

      -The Rising Angel-

      So! How have these years been? Man I feel like it's been too long!

    4. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Been a long while. Got into stuff, got out of stuff, got perplexed, became a writer, health goes up and down. Trying to find a job so I can focus on life now. How about you?

  7. Hey all, how is it going? Long time since I posted something, but it's a start. Maybe someone might be tempted to visit DCW with the quarantine taking place around the world.
  8. Dear Anonymous, I sit here, awake. I wonder what I ever did to deserve someone like you. You went all in. Not a shred of doubt in you. I only wish I hadn't done what I did, ignorant and foolish as I was. I try to make it up to you, but you just smile and say, what is there to even make up for? That I don't have to feel like I owe you? Perhaps love is stupid. Perhaps love is wonderful. Perhaps, we're both in it. Signed, Aster
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