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  1. nah ive definitely won now
  2. *looks around* oopsies, it appears i have won this game. ahem, where’s my trophy now?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      HEEEEEEY DOROTHY! Belated happy birthday! Better late than never eh?? ;D

    2. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      ohhh damn you always remember! haha how ya beeeeennnnn

  4. Dorothy! Belated happy birthday! I'm sorry I was absent ):

    Hope it was a blast, or a comparably good flop!

  5. I'm not Chinese, but Happy Chinese New Year~! \o/ :D

    1. Ren-kun


      Gong xi fa cai!

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      Im not chinese either but thank you

  6. Talk to me.

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    2. Ren-kun


      No classes! And no responsibilities left this week... yet, at least. Haha! How are you?!

    3. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      Oh...right. Haha can't say I find that unusual for you :P

      I'm good, I'm good :D and yooouu?!

    4. Ren-kun


      I don't like people who can't say things outright. :P

      Hungry, overslept and kinda grungy. lol

  7. Hey Chelsea! :D I thought the GSA thread was missing or something *chuckles*, and realized you only edited the thread title. That's very thoughtful of you, actually; it's more inclusive :D I also thought it was pinned...guess I was wrong x.x

  8. Dear anonymous, Nope. You shouldn't be giving one hundred percent when it comes to love. I'd say just 0.0008%. But that's just my two cents, ya know. ~ Erza
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