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  1. aiya~ have i finally won
  2. *looks around* oopsies, it appears i have won this game. ahem, where’s my trophy now?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      HEEEEEEY DOROTHY! Belated happy birthday! Better late than never eh?? ;D

    2. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      ohhh damn you always remember! haha how ya beeeeennnnn

  4. Dorothy! Belated happy birthday! I'm sorry I was absent ):

    Hope it was a blast, or a comparably good flop!

  5. all my life i thought i was a good singer.... until they made me sing Bohemian Rhapsody.
  6. is it me or the site kinda looks different now??? ((idk but on mobile it does))
  7. I'm not Chinese, but Happy Chinese New Year~! \o/ :D

    1. Ren-kun


      Gong xi fa cai!

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      Im not chinese either but thank you

  8. Talk to me.

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    2. Ren-kun


      No classes! And no responsibilities left this week... yet, at least. Haha! How are you?!

    3. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      Oh...right. Haha can't say I find that unusual for you :P

      I'm good, I'm good :D and yooouu?!

    4. Ren-kun


      I don't like people who can't say things outright. :P

      Hungry, overslept and kinda grungy. lol

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