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  1. Kinda late, but allow me to explain. Yes, ごめんなさい means sorry. The quotation marks you're talking about are called "dakuten", and it's only used on a few of the hiragana and katakana characters. They're used for the k-line, s-line, t-line and h-line. So that means: k-line: かきくけこ (ka ki ku ke ko) becomes がぎぐげご (ga gi gu ge go) s-line: さしすせそ (sa shi su se so) becomes ざじずぜぞ (za ji zu ze zo) t-line: たちつてと (ta chi tsu te to) becomes だぢづでど (da ji zu de do) h-line: はひふへほ (ha hi hu he ho) becomes ばびぶべぼ (ba bi bu be bo) Similarly, there is also "handukaten" but it's only used on the h-line. In that case, はひふへほ just becomes ぱぴぷぺぽ (pa pi pu pe po) All of this is just for the sake of creating a larger variety of consonant sounds in Japanese characters and they're used in the same way for katakana characters. In fact, some hiragana and katakana charts do have dakuten and handakuten characters as well.
  2. Welcome to DCW! I hope you enjoy your time here Unfortunately, this forum is kinda dead. Lol the Conan hype is probably the same as it always was but there just aren't as many active members here now as there used to be. Im pretty sure there are still a few active people tho!
  3. I'm actually more creative when I'm asleep :|
  4. Well. *pokes*

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      Well yeah, you're rather antique now, aren't you?

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  5. Premium thats super awesome ;____; Thank you <3
  6. ^this A moth of like 3 inches pooped on my window and got inside my room the other day :v Speaking of which, we also found a fat rat dead inside the washing machine :| Or shoot dishwashing liquid at them and watch them suffocate to death
  7. Dear Anonymous, Destroy them girl, destroy. You can't keep living like this. Stop being so stupid -Zubat Dear Anonymous, Yus yu vil get yar parsoman. -Zubat Dear Anonymous, Please, its rays not rayses. -Zubi
  8. Yo! Its been reeaally long, people :3 So Im back with some drawings! >:3 No wait...its a drawing ;__; well. Anyway, here it is~ Finally got a tablet, but damn, this is difficult :V So messed up :3
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