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  1. It makes me sad every time I see people talking about the manga quality getting so bad. I understand where they're coming from because you definitely can't deny that it hasn't dragged on long, but I still find myself looking forward to Conan chapters because I just feel sooo attached to the series. To be fair though, it took me years to catch up to the manga, so maybe I'll start feeling the burn out in some time? I hope not loll
  2. I finally started A:TLA! I watched the first season a few years ago and then kinda dropped it but the hype it's been getting on social media got me wanting to start it again and I'm in love :))
  3. Cereal again. Easiest breakfast food on a school day.
  4. I rewatched all of the MCU movies. That was a ride. Latest one was Spider-Man Homecoming and I loved it. Probably gonna watch Ragnarok this week, I'm pretty sure it's still in theaters.
  5. *revives thread* Dear Anon, I haven't been going to practice lately. I know. I feel bad but at the same time I don't see how it's really a big deal. Everyone there is super informal about it anyway. I swear I'm not neglecting it. I hope you're not mad. Signed, sub-guide
  6. La La Land I was so lost at the end... Soundtrack was really good, though. Hacksaw Ridge No words. I loved every second of it.
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