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  1. I finally started A:TLA! I watched the first season a few years ago and then kinda dropped it but the hype it's been getting on social media got me wanting to start it again and I'm in love :))
  2. YES I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED OMM: I've been casually playing a gacha game (Monster Super League) for maybe 2 years now but I've recently started playing it more seriously (if that's even the right word) to try to actually level up and I've realized just how rigged this game is. They sell benefit packages for over $100 and people actually buy them, holy crap. I have my fair share of expensive hobbies but I can't imagine spending so much money on a mobile game, damnn
  3. Cereal again. Easiest breakfast food on a school day.
  4. I rewatched all of the MCU movies. That was a ride. Latest one was Spider-Man Homecoming and I loved it. Probably gonna watch Ragnarok this week, I'm pretty sure it's still in theaters.
  5. UMMM HELLO === OMM: My history teacher is making us make these flashcard-like things for like 40 different terms but I have to write like a paragraph for each so somehow I have to write 30 more paragraphs by tomorrow OTL
  6. [oops double post I apologize]
  7. *revives thread* Dear Anon, I haven't been going to practice lately. I know. I feel bad but at the same time I don't see how it's really a big deal. Everyone there is super informal about it anyway. I swear I'm not neglecting it. I hope you're not mad. Signed, sub-guide
  8. La La Land I was so lost at the end... Soundtrack was really good, though. Hacksaw Ridge No words. I loved every second of it.
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