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  1. plz watch the first yokohama kaidaishi kikou ova it's v good
  2. whoa!!! The bots are gone! And it's not as dead here as I assumed it would be what a nice surprise
  3. ty! My username's 'robotical' on discord actually. Depending on how much overlap there is between here and the servers, I might change my nickname to 'machine' on there though
  4. Thanks! edit: the first link expired I joined the 2nd one though
  5. Weird.. I wonder where it exactly came from then I'd be up for joining it though, Do you have an invite link or remember where you found a link to the server?
  6. Started this early 80s mecha series called Aura Battler Dunbine. It's this really weird sci-fi/medieval fantasy mix that's unique and kinda interesting, but just very.... odd overall. (There's electricity, bio-mechs, and fairies all in one setting and it's a bit much...) I heard about when it looking for series similar to Zeta Gundam (Dunbine's also a Sunrise series that Tomino worked on) and was immediately convinced to watch it when I saw that the mechs are heavily inspired by insects. I'm only 5-ish ep's into it, so I don't have much of an opinion yet, but if nothing else, this is a memorable series for its setting alone. Also started the original Macross anime and I'm almost 10 ep's in currently. (this screencap of all things was what made me to give it a go) It hasn't explained very much yet, but despite that it manages to be enjoyable so I guess that's fine...? One really interesting though is the tone the anime has. Something serious will happen, but 2mins later characters will be cracking jokes and that shift somehow manages to not be horribly jarring. I'm not yet at the part where music gets thrown into the mix, but hopefully that'll make it only better I don't like the music/idol genre all that much tho so im kinda nervous about it tbh. . .. . . "...will premiere in early summer 2018" so far away rip Hopefully the Kase-san OVA will be worth the wait though! ------------ It's good to hear that you liked it! Were there any things you disliked about LOGH though? What was your favorite part? (If it's too spoilery to say, who was your favorite character?) And IIRC there's a few other LOGH OVA's and movies in the franchise; have you seen any of those yet? It sounds like an interesting combination of things that are uncommon in most anime. (Classical music please tell me they don't use any music from The Nutcracker, steeped in political themes, and presumably very dialogue-heavy and moves at a slower than average pace) Though you said it's the best portrayal of politics in anime that you've seen, have you watched anything that portrays political conflict in a similar fashion? On MAL a lot of people apparently feel it's similar to Code Geass, but based mostly on appearances, I have a bit of a hard time believing that, but maybe they're more alike than they initially seem...? And slightly off topic but: just how gruesome was it overall? Assuming the post I saw was tagged correctly, a few months ago I saw a rather gorey gif from LOGH and it piqued my curiosity quite a bit since all the well-known promotional material for the series never gave off the impression it would have content like that. Similarly, do any major characters die the middle of the show? Also ty for breaking it down into arcs! I was considering watching LOGH back in July or August or so, but the long episode count felt overwhelming at the time, so I decided to hold off for the time being. Seeing it divided into story arcs does make it considerably less daunting though. Is one arc noticeably better or worse than the others btw? In other longer series I've watched, there's almost always an arc (or just a handful of episodes) that are generally agreed upon to be slogs to sit through, but considering LOGH's reputation, I'm wondering if it somehow manages to avoid that problem. And to digress slightly, just how much of the show takes place outside of battles and strategy meetings? Perhaps worded better, is any time spent on almost slice of life-like situations? In sci-fi series, scenes that show the characters out of combat and just socializing with each other are really interesting to watch imo, so I'm curious to know if they made time for anything like that. I remembering hearing about a remake a long time ago, but I had no idea its air date was coming up so soon. (it's gonna be a tv series and not an OVA right...?) It's interesting they're only going to be adapting the first arc instead of remaking the whole tv series at once though. That way of dividing the content up into both episodes and movies is a bit weird too, but maybe it just sounds awkward on paper and will actually work out well..? And assuming you're correct about them waiting to see how the first remake's received before remaking the rest of the series, I wonder what would happened if the first arc flopped... And you probably don't care buutttt: The reason the character designs for the Gundam The Origin OVA look so cohesive with the original character designs is because the mangaka of the Gundam The Origin manga is the same guy who did the character designs for the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime. The Origin's also not a remake, but rather a retelling of the original Gundam with some new material added in, which is what the OVA's focusing on, so it's not most equal comparison --But yeah the character designs for the remake were much more generic than what I was expecting... The original designs had a lot of character imo so it's kinda disappointing the new ones don't seem to have any....
  7. I wasn't aware there was one. Did it originate on the DCTP forums or something similar?
  8. OMM: I think I'm getting a cold :c
  9. not technically a song, but Space Channel 5 makes for solid background noise
  10. happy halloween happy last day before the holiday season unofficially begins ------------------ OMM: I'm so excited for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! Though unlikely, I hope they'll allow QR code clothing at some since it was one of my favorite parts of New Leaf. I wonder just how much variety it'll have (Specifically how many of the villagers and how many furniture items will be included in the game). I kinda doubt the game will have much longevity though, since it looks similar to Happy Home Designer in the sense that it's mainly placing furniture around, and no one really cares about HHD anymore... but nonetheless ------------------ A complete beginner pretty much. I've actually already gone a bookmarked a couple video guides, tutorials, and getting started tips that looked helpful, but I had some stuff suddenly come up a couple weeks ago, so haven't properly gone through all of them yet. Though I have some vague ideas of what I want to try to do, I don't really have a goal in mind, so thanks for the tips of stuff to potentially look into. And also thanks for the heads up about competitive programming, I'd not heard of that before and it seems interesting! ikr irl nerds are liitterrallyy the worst. hanging out with or even just associating with them in public would be social suicide (^: --Joining a college-based tabletop group was actually my plan, but going in entirely blind seems a bit naive. Like I just wanna know what kind of atmosphere to expect, to what extent the 'socially awkward tabletop player' stereotype rings true (I lurk /r/DnD every once in a while, and the last time I did I saw like a PSA post about someone reminding people that if they join a new group, they should ask the group to go over boundaries at the beginning of the game since the OP joined a new group without being told that some of the members used their DnD sessions as a way to RP sexual fantasies, and subsequently had a really negative experience. It didn't even occur to me some people might be drawn to tabletop games for that reason, so I'm curious just how typical that is, and if most people who do play that way at least have the tact/courtesy to be upfront about it.), how beginner-friendly players tend to be, how common non-medieval settings are, and if there's any sort of unspoken, but generally well-understood etiquette I should be aware of
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