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  1. Corona tastes best with Whisky.
  2. Ohh I tell you who the troublemakers are :3 WHEN I ERASE THEIR EXISTENCE FROM THIS WORLD :3 (with the help of an admin which I still havent found) *eats a potato chip* OMM : Someone just told me I have a jawline of a woman and now I am sad
  3. Who is an active admin here currently? I feel like reporting some troublemakers :3
  4. Kjeldahl

    Aditi's Hall

    Wow they're pretty good. I especially like the Kaito Kid one Try experimenting with colors too; they might add some extra life to your drawings!
  5. WELCOME TO THE CLUB, MY FRIEND. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH OMM : April is gonna be one hell of a month. Any idea who's gonna sit on the Iron Throne? :3
  6. Welcome to DCW. The community isn't as online as it used to be but we're all very happy when someone joins our family! Hope you have a pleasant time here
  7. Aquaman was absolutely brilliant. First great DC movie. I highly recommend everyone to watch it.
  8. I found severe debilitating mental trauma on DCW and I hope the forum continues to strip away my soul slowly but regularly till nothing more than a shell of my former self remains. Also you can eat Cup noodles for breakfast. OMM: Please end Boruto. Please.
  9. Yes, it should go both ways ;____; People trying to track me down because they miss me will always be one of my top fantasies ;_____;
  10. 10 years later, I will track down all the people I have lost on the internet and will meet them personally. (From my experience, it wont be as good as I think it will be but atleast I'll die without regrets :'3)
  11. Dear Anonymous, You're a great person and you deserve someone so much better than me. Leaving people is easy but staying with them is what truly defines a strength of a person. Unfortunately, I am not strong and I'll live alone only. But still thank you for loving someone so broken like me. Sincerely, Me.
  12. Stay alert playing those Gacha games bro They're all great games and you might just start spending money to get some good characters.. atleast that was I did OMM : Are torrents finally dead? Piratebay is down and I couldnt find a decent website to download my goodies. Also ever since Nyaa went down, I had to turn myself to the Dark manga side. Netflix is full of cringe and my life is going straight to hell..
  13. Does the New DCW allows signatures? I cant seem to find it in 'Edit Profile' :/
  14. Tokyo Ghoul (started out all boring but becomes interesting later on)
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