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  1. took a mental health day off from work
  2. Hopefully, 10 years from now, I've learned from my mistakes and I'm in a much better place.
  3. Lol the sequel trilogy was just so bad. J.J. abrams effed up badly. They just didn't have any solid plan at all. Wish they made Finn the main character.
  4. I actually liked Bill. She was completely different from Clara and Amy who were both too on the nose for me in terms of their character. (I still like Clara over her though) And the 10th series is probably my favourite season of the show. I just liked the morality that they presented. The whole "Without hope, without witness, without reward." theme recurring throughout all the episodes and the ending.. But, there were definitely bad episodes in that season, I wouldn't lie. (e.g. Oxygen) Anyway, the show is pretty much dead now because of the whole thing that happened... RIP. Doctor Who will be missed.
  5. Inglorious Basterds. Pretty good movie. For some reason, I just like Hans Landa alot. Been watching Tarantino movies lately.
  6. Recently watched Clone Wars and man, it was amazing! It really expands upon the Star Wars Prequels alot and it really made me feel for Anakin. Wish I'd watched it sooner.
  7. Just catching up on movies right now.
  8. Well, DC is pretty much dying anyway. It's sad to say but Gosho lost his touch.
  9. Is it just me or is DCW very laggy/slow recently? Like when I'm posting, it takes like 2 minutes for it to actually get posted. The submit/post button changes to saving and it stays like that for awhile. Site also takes a long time to respond when I view posts or go to a subforum. Hope that can be looked at!
  10. Dear anon, How stupid of me to fall for someone I shouldn't. Maybe this whole thing is destiny forcing us to let go, move on and to do the right thing. But we'll see. Time will tell. Will things still be the same? I still hope to say goodbye at the least before one of us leaves. Yours only for now, Me
  11. Plan failed lol. It's just kinda sad that forums are kind of obsolete now.
  12. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom. Great Movie. Sequel can't come soon enough.
  13. Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, still have to watch it but the hype makes me really want to watch it
  14. One thing about the Classic Who is that most of them are dragging like one story spanning for eight episodes which sometimes is not needed. So like it's hard to watch one story in one single day coz like you'll definitely end up bored.. But anyways, Eccleston is like forgotten right now which is sad coz his Doctor is really great. He's more like the anger/hatred suppressed kind of Doctor which like shows from time to time but I mean if he hadn't left after a year we wouldn't have Tennant. I haven't saw Pertwee's yet so I'll reserve my judgement for now but me being the person who watched/listened to every single episode of the First Doctor's era, I really see similarities between Capaldi and Hartnell. Yeah, that's the thing, she's hot (I admit) but her character is a stereotypical teenage/young girl in modern shows, ya know. Stupid, over the top and rebellious which some people suggest as just her being independent, I beg to differ coz she disobeys the Doctor most of the time just to prove that she is independent. It just ends up getting her into trouble. She's really flirty at least for her first few episodes which pissed me off coz like she's like that girl who like tries to seduce every guy in the room including the Doctor. They even made a joke minisode about Amy's flirtiness. She mellowed and matured out tho eventually after like Rory also became the Doctor's companion that's when I started liking her actually. She actually started seeing the Doctor as her friend, not a love interest. As for Clara, she's the opposite of her. (Hats off to Moffat for creating contrasting companions.) She's like the cool smart mature girl who isn't trying to be over the top or something or doesn't treat the Doctor as some God who came down on earth or her saviour (as opposed to his previous companions esp. Amy who is obsessed with the Doctor). Actually, alot of people disliked Clara for that because well to them they kinda find her boring and well some are just IMO, sexist, they didn't want a girl companion who was almost equal to the doctor and who treated the Doctor as her co-equal. (As I said, the joke "Clara Who?" came to life.) The Doctor thinks otherwise tho, I mean he kept calling her the impossible girl even after the thingy and like went the "long way" to like *spoiler* save her from her eventual death. *spoiler* Btw, it's Sarah Jane not Mary Jane. I haven't watched Sarah Jane's ran as a companion yet but she's a personal favorite to many from what I know. As for Rose, she's my second favorite. As much as anyone puts hate on her for being romantically involved with the Doctor, it wasn't some sort of like visible and lustful Romance as compared to other shows out there. The Romance thingy was merely subtle, purely Romantic and like developed over time as opposed to being forced down our throats. Other than that, Rose didn't play the Damsel in Distress character and actually is pretty independent and strong. She's like a subpar version of Clara. Donna, on the otherhand, I like her as opposed to you. Third Fave. She brought humor to Doctor Who. I mean the Tenth Doctor was already kinda funny but like Donna tripled it when she became his companion. Martha (forgotten Companion) is the one that I dislike just because of her expectations with the Doctor. It's like the reason why she walked out of the TARDIS. It kinda dragged the whole show down. The new companion, her name is Bill. she's actually getting a lot of hate already after just a trailer. I dunno why but alot of people says it's because she seems like another boring companion. I, again, will reserve my judgement first. River Song was just fine to me. I liked her final episode alot. Personally, it's because it showed how she gained the sonic screwdriver and how it loops back, all around, and like I mean there was like this elephant in the room between them being taken out. I mean, what the Doctor really felt for her eventho they were married (albeit forced one) which is actually really sad set off for River altho it was still a happy ending. And as for your theory, I think I know where you are going with that. That River is the original wife of the Doctor or Mrs. Doctor number 1. It's a pretty cool theory but I really dun think so. There's alot of opposing reasons why. A spin off would be nice tho. I also wanted a spin off of Clara's (with Ashildr possibly) Adventures coz I mean Clara's final scene created that possibility. I'll name it "Clara Who" There's actually animated episodes of Doctor Who besides the reconstructed version of the Classics. All of them were Tenth's adventure. It's just a rumour from the Mirror (unreliable source). I really don't want to see Capaldi out. I actually want him to stay for atleast 3 more seasons coz I wanna see how Chibnall (the incoming new Headwriter replacing Moffat) handles Capaldi, if he can actually make him shine and if the problem was really writing. But who I want for the 13th Doctor? I want David Morrisey to play the Doctor. He originally played the pseudo Doctor in the Christmas Special, the Next Doctor, and he plays the Governor in Walking Dead. He actually portrayed the pseudo Doctor nicely that's why I thought he would fit in the role. (As he can also be Dark like Tennant) And also, there's an ongoing theory that when the Doctor regenerates, he copies someone whom he had seen in the past. (e.g. Capaldi; Capaldi originally played one of the Romans in the Pompeii episode) As for Jim Sturgess, I don't know him, personally. I don't watch that much shows so I haven't seen him yet. As for the Doctor regenerating as a woman? Personally, I don't want to but if it happens, then it's fine as long as the Doctor is like a Mary Poppins kind of Heroine. Any lesser than that will be awful coz I mean, let's be honest, most female protagonists are heavily sexualized and that's what I fear and it's gonna piss me off if the Doctor becomes one. The Doctor, first of all is some sort of an asexual character and he is really somewhat gender neutral. Another reason is that, the Doctor is a unique Male superhero-esque. He isn't your everyday hero. Compared to other heroes out there, he promotes non-violence resolution, pacifism and intellect. And IMO, we really need more fictional male role models like him for younger boys out there coz let's be honest, we men, when we are young, are taught by society to act physically tough and to reduce physicality to settle stuffs anything lesser than that is "gay". Just look at how Batman makes his enemies talk. Brutality just breeds brutality as they say, no matter what your purpose is. I'll quote Doctor who is "The Triumph Of Intellect And Romance Over Brute Force And Cynicism".
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