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  1. Hearty-chaaaaan! It's been so long! How are you? :D

    1. Wildheart888


      Omigooosh!! Ching-chaaaaan!!! XDDD I KNOWWWWW!! I'M GOOOOOD!! HOW'RE YOUUUU?? :D

    2. yungching


      Omigoooooosh Hearty-chaaaaaan!!!! XD I'm great :DDD How's life/school? XD

    3. yungching


      OMG I mised your birthday! Happy belated birthday Hearty-chan! >.< <3 And Happy New Year! :D

  2. yungching

    What's on Your Mind?

    What's on my mind? The old days when I used to be active here... I just checked the Overall Top Posters, and I found that, two years later, it's still the same people up there xD Sooooo, how has everything been? When I left, it was starting to become quiet, has it become more active again since? And I miss my old favourite emote: xDDD
  3. Thanks!Best giler guna account yg ni. . . 'TheGunner' tu buat backup la. :P Aku apa kurangnya, dh masuk asrama LAGI x banyak masa TT^TT

  4. Hi nis-aihara! Maaf sebab lambat reply OTL Tak banyak masa macam dulu, PMR tahun ni... D: Tapi congratz on getting your old account back! \o/ :D

    1. nis-aihara


      Thanks!Best giler guna account yg ni. . . 'TheGunner' tu buat backup la. :P

      Aku apa kurangnya, dh masuk asrama LAGI x banyak masa TT^TT

  5. sorila lambat reply tp kita dh ckp dlm 1 forum yg kita x dpt login sbb tu terpaksa buat yg baru

  6. yungching

    Count to One Million [Forum Game]

    More than half a year now since my last post here --> Post no. 9615 on May the 10th, 2012 xD 9876!! Let's do this!
  7. yungching

    What's on Your Mind?

    The old days~ When I was addicted to DCW and logged in everyday including on exam days xD
  8. yungching

    What does ___ rhyme with?

    EDIT: Toe Lol, I was looking at the wrong page xD What does Europe rhyme with?
  9. yungching

    Last Poster Wins

    REVIVE! I shall REVIVE this thread and claim my spot as the Queen! Muahahahahahahaha~
  10. Oh! *facepalm* I didn't realise you were nis-aihara xD Apa khabar? ^^

  11. Happy belated birthday Maurice!! :D

  12. Hi The Banana Exorcist! xD Sure, I've been sleeping late for the past few days, so I'll willingly take anything to keep me awake. Well, as long as you drink some of it first so I'm sure there's nothing in it >:D

    Btw, happy belated anniversary! ^^ And I suppose congratz for your 2000 active posts xD

  13. Hi! Would you like a cup of coffee?

  14. yungching

    Mabel's Art thread

    Beautiful~~~ I really like the 2012/2013 ones ^^ +1 :mrgreen:
  15. yungching

    My drawing for Conan

    Awesome! +1 Do you use a tablet or just the mouse? I especially like the Kaitou ones <333