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  1. OMM1: I'm getting tired of playing Minecraft alone. OMM2: I was so bored amidst the pandemic that I cleared my MBA entrance exam.
  2. The pleasure is all mine.
  3. you don't send me gifts on Pokémon Go anymore. T^T


    * sad premium gasps *

    1. Kjeldahl


      How will I send you new gifts if you haven't accepted the old one yet, Premu? ;)

  4. My country had blocked horriblesubs along with many other anime fansubbing websites. Today it unblocked for some reason, only for me to find out that they are closing down due to the pandemic. For me, who lives in a geographical location where the most anime production houses (except Netflix) do not support their services, horriblesubs had been an easy and reliable way to get my anime. So, thankyou for your hard work and service. Also, Dao said that his favorite anime is Detective Conan. (Nice)
  5. Among Us is booming up. DCW Among Us group? No? ok.
  6. premiumemo

    Aditi's Hall

    Wow. These are super neat and amazing. sugoi..! Keep it up..!
  7. College can be really hard sometimes. One moment you have absolutely nothing to do, the very next moment you have a pile of work to complete with an unnatural deadline. PS: RIP Yunnie.
  8. OMM: Whenever I listen to an outro/intro on random youtube videos, I get this urge to find the original track ;-;
  9. Hohoho..! Looks like someone came back after a long time.


  10. lol. the inactivity. i might actually win.
  11. OMM: I'm never gonna buy another expensive controller... they go corrupt just after warranty ends :V
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