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  1. The pleasure is all mine.
  2. you don't send me gifts on Pokémon Go anymore. T^T


    * sad premium gasps *

    1. Kjeldahl


      How will I send you new gifts if you haven't accepted the old one yet, Premu? ;)

  3. premiumemo

    Aditi's Hall

    Wow. These are super neat and amazing. sugoi..! Keep it up..!
  4. Hohoho..! Looks like someone came back after a long time.


  5. lol. the inactivity. i might actually win.
  6. The New Notification Bar... yumm yumm <3 <3

  7. Hey Vi..! Russia eh..? Cool I have a sister who is half Ukrainian and half Russian i hear it's a great country... Sure, all conan loving people are here..! But we talk about almost EVERYTHING so don't hesitate if you wanna have a dose of lame jokes from us xP
  8. It's a sea of fun... Dive in Don't hesitate to talk to anyone ^^ everyone here will make you feel like family
  9. Yay..! welcome to DCW..! Sorry but the exam season is here so you might not find much people till a week or two... but hakuna matata, just ping to pass time and hear our lame jokes xP great to have you here
  10. Pyramids..! :0 Sorry but whenever i hear about Egypt, that's the first thing that comes to my mind xP Stick around and tell us more about Egypt ^^
  11. Hailoooooo..! Welcome to DCW.! Have a great time here..! it's a great place to ease up and relax and ofc keep up with DC stuff too xP
  12. Welcome to dcw..! have an awesome time..!
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