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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D © Ladem(phantomlady) for reminding. :P

  2. Hello, CarpetCrawler! It's been awhile...

  3. Happy birthday, CarpetCrawler! Hope you enjoyed it, haha..

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Hi birthday bye birthday. \o/

  6. Oi, CC, your age has gone up again. I think it's doin' it every year now.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! \o/ *hugs*

  8. I'm pretty sure he's alive and I'm pretty sure responding a two+ year old topic and not really providing anything to the conversation is probably not a good idea. I am locking this.
  9. well that was one of the funniest hours ever. Time for my long-needed nap.

  10. "I want to see more Call of Duty games." I can already tell you and I will never have anything in common.

  11. Wario just revealed a new game featured in Game & Wario! ASHLEY! Visit #Crowdfarter to help make his game a reality. http://t.co/GQItEQt6gu

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