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  1. Phobias, fun. I never realised I had phobias until this month tbh. lol Trypophobia - Trypophobia of asymetrical holes occurring either naturally or unaturally Trypanophobia - Fear of injections Phalacraphobia - Fear of becoming bald Probably a few more that I can't recall as well.
  2. Wow this is actually still going? I'm surprised. Speaking of boyfriend, they are literally the cutest (not really but close enough kthx) I yell at my dad every time he skips it the ending song for DC. lol I was so surprised when I heard them since they aren't one of the super famous top groups but I'm so proud of them. Their song Janus and I Yah are pretty good for those who want to check them out. *wink wink nudge nudge*
  3. Anyway, who cares about me? How are YOU doing? Summer soon, right? :)

  4. Lol, sorry, haven't logged on for so long... My turn to OTL >< We have exams 4 times a year here, but if by exams you mean national ones then I'll be having one next year. And I'm totally not ready for that. D: Otherwise our next exams are in 3 weeks, so I'm studying already (I don't study this early normally :P).

  5. D'awwww. Exams. Last time I had exams was in year 2. Then I moved. Not gonna have any until next year. Woo! Well, hopefully you pull your grades up next time then. xD

  6. Oh, no worries, I'm not very active anymore either... Anyway I'm doing fine. Just finished my exams, though they didn't go very well and I got really horrible results for History, Chinese and Malay... :/

  7. Ah. I'm sorry. I didn't log on for a long time. OTL I missed you too. How are you doing??

  8. Happy Birthday. <3

  9. Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy birthday!!!

  11. Happy birthday NC-chan! :)

  12. NC-chan~ Long time no see... Miss you... How's life?

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