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  1. The Day Kogoro Mouri Ceased Being a Detective (Ep. 540-541) Two Days with the Culprit (Ep. 547-548) The Partner is Santa-san (Ep. 566)
  2. Finally! Someone agrees with me. I like Conan because unlike Shinichi, he's cute with his ahlele~ and all that... Anyway, I'm forced to like Conan.
  3. My other theory (spoiler from files 1051-1054):
  4. I agree, for now Sailor Moon is the worst anime I have seen so far.
  5. I'm thinking whether Mira Julietta Vespaland from Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan needs her own page or not... Doesn't she?
  6. My favorite opening: Miss Mystery My favorite closing: Doing all right
  7. Actually, the number of TV original episodes is increasing and lots of canon plot chapters are not being animated, so it's safe to say that the anime isn't ending now.
  8. I think Sera is a useless addition... I mean she is a "detective", but we already have too much detectives. Other than useless, I would say quite annoying, because she's always trying to expose Conan. I mean, if she wants the APTX 4869 antidote, she can still keep quiet about Conan being Shinichi. Also, out of Sera, that approach is more antagonistic than heroic.
  9. Lupin 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie Movie 25, The Bride of Halloween Movie 16, The Eleventh Striker Movie 17, Private Eye in the Distant Sea Movie 11, Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure Movie 9, Strategy Above the Depths Movie 6, The Phantom of Baker Street
  10. Movie 25, The Bride of Halloween, is my favorite. For now, anyway.
  11. Agatha Christie's Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot series - Sherlock Holmes' Mysteries
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