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  1. Is the Amuro X Shiho ship popular? No? Okay...
  2. My recommendations: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (952-954) The Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (971-974) Chiba's Difficult UFO Case (847-848) The Promo Video Shooting Case (629-630) Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (901-902) Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (983-984) Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (724-725) The Scarlet School Trip (927-928) The Heartfelt Strap (925-926) The Suspects Are a Passionate Couple (822-823) Memories from Sakura Class (853-854) The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1000-1001) Conan Disappeared on the Cliff (869-870) But there are way more exciting two-part episodes than the above.
  3. If we're talking 700+ then 1001, because it's a remastering of Moonlight Sonata Case.
  4. Japanese: 私 和 まだ まだ です. Romaji: Watashi wa mada mada desu. English: I still have a long way to go.
  5. "たった 一つ の 真実 見抜く、 見た目 和 子供、 頭脳 和 大人! その な 和 名探偵 コナン!"
  6. Hyoue Kuroda: He's just helping PSB officers infiltrate the organization. Rumi Wakasa: It's most likely she's Karasuma. Kanenori Wakita: Rum.
  7. "I... have no team. I have no one on my side either. And my only friend is... an enemy. The worst kind of enemy." -Shinobu Wakamiya
  8. Episodes: 12 (misunderstanding) 96 (partially correct deduction) 795 (misunderstanding)
  9. Zero (Amuro) is infiltrating the Black Organization as it is his duty as a Public Security Bureau officer and he only hates Akai due to a misunderstanding (see episodes 866-867).
  10. Conan Edogawa (NOT SHINICHI) (Case Closed) Ai Haibara (Case Closed) Amuro Tooru (Case Closed) Jinpei Matsuda (Case Closed) Eri Kisaki (Case Closed) Miwako Sato (Case Closed) Kogoro Mouri (Case Closed) Sonoko Suzuki (Case Closed) Heiji Hattori (Case Closed) Loid Forger (Spy X Family) Anya Forger (Spy X Family) Yor Forger (Spy X Family) Damian Desmond (Spy X Family) Shinobu Wakamiya (Chihayafuru) Theoto Rikka (86 EIGHTY-SIX) Vladilena Milize (86 EIGHTY-SIX) Shinei Nouzen (86 EIGHTY-SIX) Raiden Shuga (86 EIGHTY-SIX) Anju Emma (86 EIGHTY-SIX) Kurena Kukumila (86 EIGHTY-SIX Frederica Rosenfort (86 EIGHTY-SIX) William James Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot) Sherlock Holmes (Moriarty the Patriot) Mycroft Holmes (Moriarty the Patriot) Ran Mouri (Case Closed)
  11. Case Closed; mystery, action, romance, Holmes... I love it! Spy X Family; I mean, it brings happiness even if it's about saving the world and all. Zero's Tea Time; I love Amuro and with his backstory, I can't not watch this anime. 86 EIGHTY-SIX; lots of battles and sadness, but the characters are awesome. Barakamon; it makes me laugh with its light story.
  12. Case Closed (obviously) Zero's Tea Time (Amuro's daily life) Spy X Family (action in life) 86 EIGHTY-SIX (lots of battling but the characters are amazing) Moriarty the Patriot (for Holmes otakus) Magic Kaito 1412 (for Kaito's sake) Chihayafuru (if you like games and drama...) School Babysitters (...daily life) Barakamon (Live to laugh) Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (no story, just silly youth)
  13. If I have to choose between those, I'd say the 6th. But my all-time favorite is the 25th.
  14. The current prime suspect is Rumi Wakasa, but I don't think it's that obvious.
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