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  1. Hello Premium, nice to meet you
  2. This thread should be revived with all the Kpop craze happening right now. T___T Chaebal.
  3. I just came back from the grave and now I'm winning.
  4. *peeks in* *whistles away*
  5. Watching Game 1 right now. Livingston on fire. Warriors from 20 point lead down to 11 when the starters came in. T____T Curry? Thompson? What happened?? Oh the disappointed look on King James. He is a little passive today. He could a lot better. :/ Congratulations Warriors fans. To the Cavs, there's still 6 more games.
  6. Ohoho. Hello. :3 I never expected Warriors to be able to make that comeback. It was pretty amazing. I also love how Thompson consistently heat up in Games 5 to 7. I don't know how Warriors is going to pick themselves up if it weren't for his threes. He kind of brought the team's confidence back. :B Now I'm looking forwards to the Finals especially that Irving and Love are back (time for Thompson's reunion with his childhood friend). Ohoho. It won't be easy win for both teams but it's definitely going to be exciting for us. Eeepp. Sorry for the intrusion.
  7. Hello there! Welcome to DCW! (And hope you stick around too ;__
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