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  1. Hello Premium, nice to meet you
  2. Yes, this was when I started a "friendly" conversation with someone who, little did I know, preys on the innocent and the young by turning their minds into mini hell and their hearts icy cold as cold as ice can be. On my mind: What happened to the solar farm project which had been supposedly approved four years ago?
  3. 1. What can I eat for breakfast later besides milk and cereal? 2. Am I supposed to say "happy" All Souls' Day when it's not much of a joyous celebration unless we're talking about enemies? 3. I met the coolest, fiercely loyal friends here in DCW. I hope the forum continues to connect strangers so they can find gems I found.
  4. This thread should be revived with all the Kpop craze happening right now. T___T Chaebal.
  5. I just came back from the grave and now I'm winning.
  6. *peeks in* *whistles away*
  7. Watching Game 1 right now. Livingston on fire. Warriors from 20 point lead down to 11 when the starters came in. T____T Curry? Thompson? What happened?? Oh the disappointed look on King James. He is a little passive today. He could a lot better. :/ Congratulations Warriors fans. To the Cavs, there's still 6 more games.
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