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  1. Love Dostoevsky Yes, yes.
  2. A L

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    Its an endless loop
  3. Ladies and gentleman, my procrastination level has reached a new peak. I'm downloading old episodes of DCWs Podcast to listen to \o/ Ayy that's great Machine. Working full time is a blessing after barely making ends meet working in retail... though I shouldn't comment on that, I only worked part time for a year before returning to freelancing
  4. I wonder if there's a way we can regain that feature of viewing the repped posts of a user. Nice way to take a trip down the memory lane. Do we still have the mods here? Chekhov? Kyuu? TBD? Akakata? CarpetCrawler? D:
  5. Sure does sound like a piece of cake!
  6. Hot damn, thank you sir!
  7. Currently playing Persona 3 FES on my laptop. Sucker holds up 720p emulation pretty well, despite being old. Gotta love ThinkPads
  8. Are you... The Machine?

    1. machine
    2. A L

      A L

      Is it 3 o clock where you live at the time of this message?

  9. A L

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    Apparently I'm a hellion.
  10. A L

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    Why, God of course. Once all existence perishes, only He remains. :p
  11. I felt that too. The spinoff about Amuro reads better.
  12. Yeah. Oh well. Fanfiction is also stagnant on the DC side ;-;
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