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  1. Noir

    Cardcaptor Sakura

    Yeah, the anime's ending was a bit better than the manga. xD The manga kind of left it open without having both of them see each other again. The manga also has lesser cards than the anime, making the anime have lots and lots of fillers. xD But I have to say, for fillers, they weren't bad.
  2. Noir

    Fushigi Yuugi

    SAAAAAAME! I don't know the ending. T.T It stopped airing and I'm having a hard time to find a good downloading place. So I just dropped it off without knowing how it ends. :<
  3. Noir


    Is this it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uK29QtW5Ig I just made a quick search on YouTube. It sounds kind of interesting, but I think it's too much for my brain to handle. P.S. BARA HARA - Blood Harassment. Tsk, tsk, tsk, I never knew that exists. xD
  4. Noir

    mystery animes

    Lol, it's on maintenance right now.
  5. Welcome to DCW, and all I could say, I <3 YOUR HOBBIES~ esp. cosplaying! xD
  6. Well, I kind of love to live my life in the forums in the Anime section (of this forum), and there's a pinned topic there all for the sole purpose of just having a chit-chat/discussion about anime. I do like to post a few thoughts on other anime, so is it possible if I could double post there? Of course, I tend to keep myself away from triple posting or more (since it's actually annoying to see unless it's some game guide, which I doubt someone would post in this forum), so basically, I limit myself only to double posting. Then onwards, whether a completely different thought (or rethought), I'd still keep myself on editing my second post, as triple posting is bad (and I doubt it is legal in any way; do confirm, though). In short, is it fine to double post there if I put up my thoughts on other anime? And is triple posting completely illegal in any way (unless it's something like a game guide). Yes, yes, I already got this in my said first forum. I got told about this ten times, but took me a hard time understanding since, even though I got around 1000+ posts, I barely see necro'd/revived threads and I keep on asking around, yet nobody seems to answer me, even a mod, so I ended up accidentally necroing a thread. It took me another few days, too, to get the understanding of a mod. Although I wasn't part of the conversation, he did say something like, "You can necro threads as much as you want as long as it is not <insert 'I agree/disagree' or 'my view of things in one sentence that someone else posted earlier and I didn't see it because I didn't read any of the other posts' posts>, but to add more information and to avoid adding more duplicate topics." It was a gaming forum, so yeah, necroing is rampant there, but I live off in the Off-topic section and it rarely happens. Oh, and the same goes for the Forum Games, right? I see no reason why we should make a new topic, so necroing is pretty legal there, right? Ha, I got told off by different kinds of mods from US to Canada, and took me around 10+ times of scolding to understand what they meant. But unusually, I never got a warning, though I wouldn't think much of the same here in DCW. The mods here are kind of scary, but gentle in a way. @.@ I won't take the risks of breaking the rules. --- Thanks a lot for your efforts of answering me! I can't actually make up my own decision on what's right or wrong, so I tend to ask other people about it. Sorry if I'm such a bother. )
  7. That's hard. I got the answer because I did something. I don't want to spoil the fun though, just because I Google'd it. *ebil laf* No, really, I tried, but I think my brain isn't enough for it. T.T
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