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The Spanish Magic Kaito Manga started in 2004 published by Planeta DeAgostini Comics (since October 2014 Planeta Comics, a Planeta company) with the 3 only available volumes at that time. On 2008 they published volume 4. On March 2016 a republishing called "Nueva edición" ("new edition" in Spanish) was made, but the only changes where the company name (Planeta Cómic instead of Planeta de Agostini) and the price. Volume 5 was released in 2020.

This version is translated by Nacha Medrano and Ran Fukui (vol. 1-3), Maite Madinabeitia (with corrections of Daruma S.L. and Sandra Velencoso) (vol. 4) and Jesus Espí (vol. 5). This version is sold in Spain and Andorra.

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