Chosuke Takagi

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Chosuke Takagi

Chosuke Takagi profile.png

Japanese name: 高木 長介
Takagi Chōsuke)
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Occupation: Police detective
First appearance: Anime: Episode 390
Manga: File 450
Appearances: Anime: 2
Manga: 3
Cases solved: 1
Keyhole number: none
Japanese voice: Takko Ishimori

Chosuke Takagi (高木 長介 Takagi Chōsuke?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He's not a relative of Wataru Takagi.


Chosuke Takagi is a police detective and Megure's senior by two years. He was moved from Tokyo to Tottori in order to help with the investigation of a large crime syndicate there.


He was shown to be very aggressive at times in an investigation. Once he grabbed Chiba by the collar and slammed him against the wall just to ask him for confirmation to a question. He is also very efficient at investigating, taking notice of minor details and connecting the dots rather quickly. He suspected Chiba of lying to protect his friend in the first case he appeared in, because he believed that as a police detective he had to suspect everyone no matter how good they are.


Plot overview

He first appeared in one of the police detective love cases, in which the other Tokyo police thought Takagi was being sent to Tottori. He investigated a crime with Sato and Takagi that involved a friend of Chiba's. After the case was solved, Takagi found out that it was Chosuke being sent to Tottori and not him.


  • Altough he and Takagi share the same surname, they are not from the same family but it caused some misunderstanding.

Name origin

He is modeled after the actor Chosuke Ikariya.[1]

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