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  1. Dear Anonymous, Thank you for the wonderful message you gave me. I really am touched
  2. Happy Holidays Everyone! ::D

    1. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Hyper Happy Holidays~~~~~!¡!!!¡¡¡!!! :P

  3. It seems I have seen you somewhere before.... :/ I'm from ph too.
  4. I rarely watch movies, but here are the ones that I loved: Cellular(2004) Taken(2008) The Dark Knight(2008) Tangled(2010)
  5. I dreamed of watching this really weird anime. After a while, I came to like it, but then I woke up. It's sad that no such anime exist. Maybe I kinda wanted a story like that~ :/
  6. Dragon Ball is so unending. The characters are never gonna die and the villains will always be there.
  7. Time after time and Puzzle <3
  8. amazing drawings!! You get an upvote from me
  9. I previously hated the detective boys (in a certain period of time), but I don't hate them now.
  10. redangelran

    FBI and CIA?

    And that it would involve lots of character deaths. Gosho doesn't kill off major characters....does he?
  11. thank you for reminding me of this funny scene XD
  12. Update: 1. Detective Conan 2. Special A 2. Kaichou wa Maid Sama - one of the best romance anime out there. ^.^ 2. Hyouka - love the simple mysteries and the animation. Oreki is super cute too. 2. Erementar Gerad
  13. I'm starting to like Sera, so I like scenes where she's seen in action
  14. Dear anonymous, I know you could never read this here, but thanks for helping me out!! Sorry, I'm too shy to tell that to you. -someonefromadistance
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