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  1. The Akai family is so sexy. 13/10 would jump any of their bones. 

    1. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Imouto, what is this? 

      JK follow the Good Practices and jump the bones you want, with consent.

  2. This is pretty awesome! What software do you use for your pieces?
  3. How is everybody doing? If you're alive, please interact or give some signs of life hahahaha

  4. Hey, this thread is actually turning 10 years old in less than a year!
  5. After a few years of liking a couple of people (not simultaneously), I've come to realize that I have a type. I figured out that I'm attracted to "cool" people (you know how some people feel warm and others feel cool? like that) who are also pretty smart/nerdy, well-rounded, musically-inclined, and kind at heart.
  6. I relate. After some reflection I think my feelings of emptiness might be stemming from loneliness.
  7. I bought a bunch of baking supplies! I'm trying my hand at making cakes so I got a couple of pans and cake molds plus some piping tips for decorating with icing later on!
  8. I ate puto, a famous steamed rice cake from the Philippines! (Mine had cheese on top hehe)
  9. I ate a coffee-flavored biscuit!
  10. Watched BNHA S4, Read BNHA manga, watched Fruits Basket, made a color swatch for my new gouache paint set!
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