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    FBI and CIA?

    I didn't know they were rivals in real life as well. Thanks! That explains the mixing up, I guess...I wonder of Japanese law enforcement knows what's going on?
  2. Since Ran's 'Conan is Shinichi!' theory somehow seems to get deflected every single time, I doubt that she'd even think of doing a DNA test. Besides, don't you need the parent's consent? 'Fuyumi Edogawa' (Yukiko's alias as Conan's mother) is alive, and the Mouri family are not Conan's legal guardians,so who's going to sign the consent form?
  3. The scenes where Ran suspects that Conan is Shinichi! He looks really cute when he gets all panicked!And also whenever Heijji appears. But a particluarly nice scene was in the First Love xase where Asami said that she got rejected by Shinichi because he likes a stubborn and strong-willed girled who cried a lot, but Ran was completely oblivious. Conan was blushing away and Sonoko had a silly look on her face.
  4. I find the entire detective boys squad annoying...maybe because they just get in the way. But I have to admit that they are useful too,once in a blue moon...
  5. Hi, I'm new here, I just started watching the Detective Conan Anime. It's great to meet other fans here ^^
  6. Ocean97

    FBI and CIA?

    Hi, I'd just like to ask your opinion, why do you think both the FBI and CIA are separately involved with the Black Organization? I mean,wouldn't it have been easier for Goshi to just bring in one, instead of both of them into the story? And wouldn't they coordinate with each other,being intelligence agencies for the same government?
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