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  1. Dear anonymous, As expected, you are sooooo COOL. Getting 1.25 in almost every subject is HARD. And my game isnt even worth to be compared with your work. :"> Congratulations! -me
  2. Locked out. There will be plentiful space read or draw
  3. whoaaaaa~ the latest one is sooo cute~
  4. +1 for you! This.....made me kinda optimistic.
  5. Pool (yay for the pool party soooon~) entrance
  6. Recently, I started liking Rei Ogami and Yuki Tenpouin
  7. Saves! *but gives him to Hidemi Hondou \
  8. Phew. Got only a couple of days to enjoy vacation. It's good that I had time to visit here~

  9. sorry sa sobrang late reply. napaka busy ko hahaha XD yep pinoy ako :)

  10. I found out 'J' is really true.
  11. but then again, your friend sends you letters
  12. I wish I had more time (the 3rd time)
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